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  1. Thank you THoT. You are right with the Trekkie reference, the Borg were my favourite bad guys, not bad guys! I have 7 boys and I used to call my youngest 7of7
  2. Thank you Thom Thank you Thom, after seeing you had come back it kinda got me thinking, maybe I should too!
  3. I'm coming back after a large hiatus from NF but not such a large hiatus from lifting, although since December 2018 it has not been as frequent or the quality that I wanted. To put it simply, since December 2018 things went to shit! Buuuuuut here we are, closing out 2019, with an application put in for the January 2020 Novice Powerlifting Competition in Perth WA, (my 3rd) hoping to not truly embarass myself, and now having a very solid goal to work towards. A goal to become consistent with training once more, to take that leap and find a coach, to not sweat the small stuff and let it derail everything, and move forward without looking back because "we aren't going that way". My training program starts Monday the 23rd of October but I am starting the Challenge now, with a shed clean up and a couple of days just getting under the bar, moving and finding my bearings again. Looking froward to meeting new and old NF riends and working towards success.
  4. So here we are, after an absence of years, I have come home to where most of it began. Since last treading these boards, we have had success and failure, death and new life, summer, winter, autumn and spring, lost religion found a new one, and just recently cut people from my life who although family were extremely toxic. I am back in here to find my motivation, my mojo, my tribe. I have signed up for my 3rd novice powerlifting meet and need to find some like minded people, as there is no one remotely close in physical proximity that lifts like I did/do/want to. To new beginnings and finding old acquaintences! G'day and Cheers
  5. The beginning of the beginning! https://instagram.com/p/BPUzdDgDNm3zI-YMafpeYbBZj6-LbnarOCCfAk0/
  6. Wednesday and 40 degree C heat, Friday we have 21 degree C heat and the kids I am trying to teach swimming are bordering on hypothermia because some of them have 0% body fat Did a sneaky weigh in and this morning I was down 2kg, from Sunday. Water weight, the rest is going to be a lot harder! The Lads also go back to work on Monday so back to 0400 starts for the day. Oh well the sleep ins were good while they lasted. I also dusted off the first CUBE block that I did and this is my start point Monday! Woohoo goals...........
  7. Good Luck with 2017 and your goals. I'd like to think at least I am not the only one out there struggling with a few of the same things! We can get this shit done
  8. On Wednesday we had 40 degree C heat, people were melting, today, we reached 21 degrees C and kids were crying because they were in the pool doing swimming lessons and suffering hypothermia, what happened Summer, you wanker, teasing us like that!
  9. Well you're no fun then! This yo-yo weight thing is like a roller coaster, every time you step on the scale is a small amount of apprehension followed by a huge "woohoo" or a "WTF just happened?"
  10. I love you, you are awesome and my inspiration!
  11. We survived and I couldn't be more proud of my Lads and their Girlfriends! They conducted themselves like gentlemen and the GF's reflected respect in what they wore and how the handled so many people in their faces. So so a new year begins, time to try and find some ambition, motivation and attitude change, maybe it's hiding in a cup of coffee, better go and see!
  12. Hahaha, so bold yesterday and then had an anxiety attack.............crying, and snot, and just general blubbering, all over a funeral for Roly's brother in law. The funeral is tomorrow, we have already been told, but not told that the family don't know where to put us for the overnight stay as all the brother in laws friends have taken over the place. Now we have to travel 3.5 hours out to this bloody nowhere fucking backwater, with a population on any given day of 100. The brother in law was actually a really good friend of Roly before he married the sister, and they remained quite close and now even though we are family they are rolling the eyes and muttering about how inconvenient we are. I tried to lighten the burden by saying I would stay home with the two younger boys, but Roly wants his family with him and it was their uncle, so I go with the distinct feeling of not being wanted. I am still at home and will travel tomorrow with my eldest and his fiancé because I just can't........... My eldest boy turns 23 tomorrow. I want to sing him Happy Birthday and give him candles and cake like we always do, but it would be innappropriate. I feel for him because as always he just said, "That's ok Mum, we can do it later" nothing phases the Lad, he seriously has the most chill personality and I wonder where he gets it at times. And now Debbie Reynolds........WTF!
  13. Carrie Fisher and the whole bloody year of 2016. Suck a bag of D#cks 2016. You took Bowie and Coen, you wanker!
  14. Oi, Oi, Hey everyone, yes I'm here and feeling a lot better since my last attempt at getting things going again! Still a bit fuzzy on a heap of shit but at least I gotta give it a go right. Sadness news today Carrie Fisher. And with that please be aware I am going to dump a lot of my shit right here. I don't cutsie journal, I don't have a diary, but I think part of my problem is I internalise a lot! I also struggled with our Winter this year, so many months with no direct sunlight, really nearly killed me, I have never felt so low. Just giving you a heads up, it might get ugly. Big step forward, I brought myself a 12 month membership to our tiny little gym here in town and next time I am in I will get some photos, just don't laugh too loud, it is pathetic.......... I start work next week for Vacswim and I get my first lessons with my special needs client in the following week, totally buzzing for that, and I carry on with my lessons with the shire, so things are looking up and the best thing is I am in the water and hopefully the sunshine. So with two workouts under my belt and a better diet and a bit of sun I am beginning to feel like a new woman!
  15. I think this is my 3rd Daily Battle Log throughout my time here on NF. I am coming off an 8 week hiatus, or mental health break, just saying life got hard, shit got left gathering cobwebs and functioning to a level of breathing, keeping kids fed, clothes got washed, the rest is just a blur of WTF happened? So here I am starting over and giving life a go and getting fit and mentally healthy again.
  16. Hey, hey, how you doing? Some of us have been on a hiatus, for myself, mental health break! I noticed things have slowed down too. As everything maybe we are just hitting that part of the circle of life............. I do however look forward to reading your parkour adventures.
  17. Sooooooo let's be honest here. I was not mentally ready to make "THE" come back this time, but that is ok, I can see that. That is not to say that come December I will be throwing up my hands again and saying "fuck it" I feel in a good place right now, kind of like when the calm settles around you after an epiphany. So so even though I tried here, it was only half a try. I definately feel ready to get back into it. So bring it December!
  18. Wow, glad you made it through all that! Never heard of thick skin before, but the events leading up to it would definately be a contributing factor. Hope your recovery is speedy!
  19. Yep, totally understanding this at the moment.
  20. Finally catching up! Woot, on the cut PR for your OHP! Just pure awesome!
  21. So let's be honest here, Week 1 was a bust. Why is it I cannot seem to get my shit together.............feeling extremely pushed under, still not a lot of sunshine and work is pissing me off, due to the feeling of being descriminated against because I am a volunteer. However did a wee workout last night, which basically means half of the program as it is written, went with the squats because the blister has dried up, peeled off and left things a little raw! Explosive Squats: 8x3@68.5kg Front Squats: 2x5@40kg Pause at Parallel: 3x8@63.5kg (the last set was hardly a pause........more like a thought!) The rest will have to wait, but at least I got out there, a win right? I did however manage a walk yesterday, 5km in the morning, but not today, need to stay close to the house in case we get a transfer. Why is it I cannot get rid of this funk..........far too long!
  22. My mangled thumb is giving me jip! Silly place to put a bloody blister, The return DOMS haven't been too bad though, that wee bit of self care after the workout seems to have worked!
  23. I have been gone for a little while, but have come back and now we have another one from 'Straya! Junior was on here, he's from SA, but he comes and goes depending on how his work us going. He's awesome strong and I think he was doing a meet before the end of the year. Just need to ask, where you workout, is that in your backyard?
  24. Hey, hey, just dropping in to say G'day, and hope you don't mind an Aussie following, to gain tips and awesome!
  25. "The Cube" Monday 31.10.2016 Heavy Deadlift Warm Up: Skipping, stretching, dislocations, BW squats and 1x10@30kg RDL's then DL's, 1x5@50kg, 1x5@70kg, 1x3@80kg Heavy Deadlift: 5x2@98.5kg Block Pulls: 2x3@103.5kg Deficit Deadlift: 2x6@91kg Chest Supported Rows: 4x10@6kg RDL: 4x10@30kg Barbell Row: 4x10@25kg Leg Extension: 4x10@30kg Leg Curls: 4x10@20kg ABS: Lying Leg Raises: 4x10 Fuck me, Halloween workout kicked my ample butt! My hands are so sore, I ended up with a beauty of a blister on my thumb from hook grip, the blister burst on last set of Deficit Deads, now my callouses are burning, and my fingers are really stiff, if this is what arthritis feels like, they can have it! After such a long hiatus, I dug out my first round of "The Cube" and started there, yep, it was definately challenging, but not impossible, but made me work in the final sets! I feel pretty good, satisfyingly fried!
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