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  1. More sets of fewer! Heavier weight, better form, better stimulus. Fatigue does become a major issue. However, every now and then do the reverse and do fewer sets of more. Works like a treat for getting the best of both worlds. I like 8 week cycles. 6 weeks of more sets fewer reps 2 weeks of more reps fewer sets. Change it up to suit.
  2. Not quite sure how to answer this. The hormone profile will be completely different to both a Man and a Womans. To be honest, it may just be best to do a lot of cardio to simply reduce weight while getting the diet into line. After the body becomes more used to the transition (e.g. longer period on the drugs) then perhaps further steps can be taken. Can I also recommend talking to doctors and those who have actually gone through the transition? There are people who are far more experienced and knowledgeable about this issue than we are.
  3. Link is here to the actual Member Spotlight Forum http://nerdfitness.com/community/showthread.php?3568-Member-Spotlight-Crooked&p=41090#post41090 If you have anyone you want to learn a bit more about, Nominate them! (By sending me a PM)
  4. Name: Liz Age: 22 Vital Statistics: Gender: Female Height: 5’4.5†(the half inch is really important) Weight: Unknown (probably around 140 but I threw out my scale during the challenge) Are you involved with any sports? Do you compete at all? I was a competitive figure skater from age 5 to age 18, but I “retired†when I went to college. I was in a dance company during college. I also spent far too much time compulsively ellipticalling, and during my senior year I started to run occasionally but had to stop when a doctor (erroneously) diagnosed me with a stress fracture in my fo
  5. I'm currently thinking about investing in some skins type underlayers. Mainly cause it's bloody cold in my bedroom where my rack is. The enthusiasm for squats isn't that high when you're frozen!
  6. Hi Vintage, Isolation exercises are not a complete waste, however they should not be the basis of your regime. Stick to the Big Compounds as the initial exercise in your workout and then work the isolation exercises afterwards. A lot of people have had a lot of success with bodypart splits but often those plans still include the big compounds they just follow them up afterwards with more isolation exercises. Hope this helps.
  7. Good stuff. There is no "right" way to be "fit" If things happen. Adapt, move on, and excel at what you can do
  8. Hi Second_Aura Welcome to NF, good to see some more people who don't completely hate the Monarchy. I've posted a reply to your thread in the "muscle building forums" which should be a bit of a primer. In terms of eating. I do want to point out here that Paleo is NOT for everyone. Paleo tends to be quite an expensive option and it requires support from others if you are doing communal cooking. As she has stated she is a student then it is quite likely that she is A) financially limited in terms of food choices, limited in terms of communal cooking and C) It requires extensive preparation
  9. Hi, and welcome to the boards. Hope you don't mind but I'm just going to summarise your information. 1. Want to begin strength training 2. Currently running and beginning yoga 3. Doesn't want to get "fat" In terms of help or tips I like to follow KISS or Keep It Simple Stupid. To begin with we can go over a few basics before going into more indepth information. (I'll work in list format for easy reference) 1. The BMI is not a good representation of a specific individual, it is used for statistical purposes when comparing large populations. 2. You cannot actually "spot tone" i.e. reduce fat in
  10. Ummm Whey Protein is NOT the be all to end all... It's just marketed like crazy as it's easy as shit to make. To Build Muscle. 1. Consistency 2. Food 3. Progressive Overload of Heavy Weight.
  11. I was planning on posting the benchmarks in the WOD section. Difficult since not everyone is doing the same shite
  12. The list of exercises is good. The one thing about BW exercises is that the progressive overload requirements of a workout program are much harder to satisfy. Increasing resistance is usually done via decreasing leverage. Thus, it'll work and the principles are sound. Just know that when you adapt you will need to change how you work out.
  13. Correct Crooked, Currently trying to bully Spezzy into doing it as I don't do crossfit. I know that different crossfit gyms have different WODs though. If this doesn't work out, let me know and I can remove it. An alternative option is to post all of the WOD's. Then when people complete them with their own gyms they can post times and weights etc. Thoughts on the best option? Daily updating or pick and choose from what's there.
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