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  1. Howdy Do All - Update - finding out about the boxing gym today. Yikes! Should I? Shouldn't I? I just don't know! What I do know is one of the owners & trainers is a woman who also runs an youth assistance organization in my town AND she is a yoga teacher.
  2. For this move I use a yoga strap (or hand towel) between my hands and I inch my fingers down the strap to my max stretch for the day then hold
  3. Today's post is brought to you from the floor of my hotel room. Stretching for the day is done.... and much appreciated after close to 4 hours on the road. In town for a training with a company that is known for their lavish meals. I don't think push ups will be appreciated in the dining hall so this weekend is going to require focus!
  4. Well now, 3 updates in one day... can you tell I'm done with my work for the day? This post is about fleshing out my goal achievement plan. 1.) I know clean eating is important to weight loss. Although I keep a pretty clean diet I do have some bad habits, coupled with some insulin issues, that keep my weight high. My doctor says "NO CARBS", research says "NO CARBS", my favorite food CARBS. My work has a huge box of chocolate, chips, cookies and other snacks that sit just feet from me at any given moment. I've tried simply "not eating" from there. Doesn't work. What I have found, in pas
  5. Annnndddddd Horse Pics! Introducing Cally:
  6. Hahaha - Nuala - pics coming soon! So this morning I decided that today is it. "It" referring to the day I clean up my diet. Later in the morning I read one of my very favorite blogs and the lady said she quit drinking coffee earlier this summer. That one morning she got up and said that's it! And drank a cup of tea instead. The next day she drank tea and the next and the next.... A decision made in the moment and a choice that happened every day until it was no longer a choice but rather matter of course. I like that concept... that if I choose to eat clean for enough days in a row it n
  7. Just sayin.... I'm super excited about this challenge!
  8. Oh this is my very favorite time of year! The air is crisp in the mornings and evenings while the days stay warm. The trees are changing colors and it seems everything is ready to snuggle down for the winter. Ahhhhhh. I'm plugging right along on my main quest: Win the non-pro championship at next year's (Nov 2014) NW Mountain Trail Challenge! Thus far I've: Bought a horse and put her into training with 6 time National Mountain Trail Champions. She will probably stay with them until February. I've put myself into training with them - which is a challenge in and of itself as they are 4 hour
  9. Woop Woop - Update time (I know it's supposed to be weekly but I've been too busy out doing instead of on the computer ) Got my girl home (Pics when I figure out how to use the my media bit - or you can click on my blog link in my sig) - And promptly started our program. Then she got her shots and had a reaction as was out of commission for over a week. But that didn't stop us and we just spent this last weekend at a clinic where I spent about 12 hours riding. Sore sore sore today! AND I have a lot of physically weak areas where I need to spend working on strength development. I left he
  10. I just bought a horse! Woop woop! After 2 years of being horse-less (after having horses continuously since I was 3!) I finally have a horse again and will pick her up this Wednesday. However, it has been 10+ years since I've ridden consistently - so I am way way way out of shape for riding. Quest: Win the non-pro division of the NW Mountain Trail Championship - November 2014.... approximately 66 weeks from now. First 6 weeks July 29-Sep 8 - 3 main steps: 1.) Get to know my new partner! Work together (riding or ground work) 5 days per week including 2 days per week away from home. 2
  11. I'm Back! 3 surgeries and recovery took up the first half the year... But I'm strong and back now! Excited to get started with this challenge!
  12. Summary Time Overall - B-ish 1.) Maxed out at 10 pushups per set - short of my goal (25/set) BUT maintained my pre-surgery count. C 2.) Jogging a 5k - Zero'd out on this one! F 3.) Eliminating processed foods - Really happy here! A 4.) Writing space - Another success! A Lesson learned - Goals are achieved DAILY. It's amazing to look back and see that I didn't get my jogging in - For 6 weeks! Those weeks were made up of 42 daily choices - and those choices add up to goal achievement, nor not. I rocked 2 really important goals - yeah me! I overcame my post-surgery fear of attempt
  13. Summary time: 1.) Maxed out at 10 pushups per set - short of my goal (25/set) BUT I did maintain my pre-surgery count. C 2.) Jogging - Zero'd out on this one! F 3.) Eliminating processed food - I'm really happy here - A+ 4.) Writing Space - Again, another success area! A Lesson's learned - goals are achieved DAILY - It's amazing to look back and see that over 6 whole weeks I didn't get my jogging in... 6 weeks! Those 6 weeks were made up of daily choices... and those choices add up to equal goal achievement, or not. For almost 42 days I said "no" to going out hiking/walking/jogging. A few
  14. Updates! Most importantly = I've found my exercise drive again! Woo Hoo! I was so pumped at the beginning of this year, then 6 weeks of sickness, a surgery, flu for a week - I had lost motivation big time. BUT this time, I let life happen instead of fighting against it.... kept a positive attitude and now that I'm feeling well, my desire to get stronger is back! 1. Pushups are great - going to start on burpees now! 2. Jogging - need to work on it... BUT I did hike our fence line (steep incline/decline) in about 10 minutes. I believe that is 8 minutes off the last time I timed myself. WOO
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