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  1. Right, I do it for fun when playing basketball and backyard football. Do you increase your caloric intake on those days?
  2. Is it necessary to cut out cardio when bulking?
  3. I am, but I wasn't sure if you aimed at cutting down certain areas in particular (like carbs) or simply ate a caloric deficit. Also, what's your opinion on doing cardio (like basketball) while bulking? Should I be eating something calorie-heavy before to counteract the exercise, or simply avoid regular cardio?
  4. Awesome, thank you guys so much. I'm going to start utilizing your advice today and go with the 8/2/1 week schedule you laid out. I won't have to worry about cutting for two months, but I know very little about it (other than the general idea of "cutting" down caloric intake). What are your methods?
  5. Nice. How long do you bulk/cut for? I'm also concerned about bulking and then losing muscle while cutting, and ending up back to my original fitness level. How do you guys pull it off?
  6. So you guys can personally vouch for using foods like ice cream, rice, and cereal to bulk? Also, how long do you usually "bulk" and how long do you spend cutting afterwards?
  7. For those of you who have successfully bulked, what are some good healthy high-calorie foods to eat on a budget? I currently eat a good number of eggs, drink a lot of milk, and frequently eat walnuts in addition to fruits and vegetables (which, of course, don't contain many calories). PS How about peanut butter? It's high-calorie but it's not considered paleo, so I don't know if it would have an adverse effect.
  8. I currently do diamond push-ups for presses, but I don't feel like I'm getting much out of them. Are there any good BW presses that come to mind? Thanks Chives
  9. Recently started using coconut oil, it changes everything! Delicious!
  10. Wait, I thought trans fat was banned. But I mean, are those necessarily "empty" calories like potato chips?
  11. This is a great article for you, it certainly helped me. Remember, diet is the most important part of bulking. http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2013/07/17/a-skinny-guys-guide-to-building-muscle-and-bulking-up/ Personally, I do a Bodyweight workout using increasingly difficult exercises to increment up as opposed to a weighted workout that simply adds weight. I've already seen results using the pyramid pullup routine in my workout (which goes against steve's general "12+ reps only get you muscular endurance" rule, since you disallow a buildup of lactic acid). Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck
  12. I'm a big fan of movie theatre, butter popcorn. It's relatively low-carb (4 to 5 carbs a cup), but how good is it really for you?
  13. I think it's good to have just a ziplock bag of either carrots or pea shoots on you. You can really enjoy them when, as stated above, they're not sitting in contrast to something like delicious pot roast.
  14. Okay, great. I was worried that I wouldn't see any gains in such a routine.
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