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  1. Have a pulled muscle in my lower back - frustrated that I cannot hit the gym hard!!!!

  2. Thanks Tennis Geek, Moving to Adventurer as a holding guild may be the option I go for on this next challenge. Do you ride off road, or on road?
  3. Thanks I'll give that a look. Earning strength points as rewards sounds cool.
  4. That's a good question> I've not really thought that far ahead
  5. Well that went quick. Quite happy with how I got on. Hit a couple of the goals and missed a couple of the others. Plus I've added a few new exercises to my routine so - all is good. How I did. Goals: To hit 210lb from a starting point of 219lb (4 week period) - Well I dropped but not quite to 210, I've finished off at 215lb (which I am happy with as I think I have added some lean mass). To be 40" Waist from a starting point of 42/43 - I am currently at 41" and it's still dropping so almost! 25 clean push ups in a row. - I have managed 27 good ones, plus 2 ropey ones which I didn'
  6. Way to go. I'm just starting out on lifting squats and deadlifts. I will definitely take inspiration from your post. Keep lifting heavy dude.
  7. I've just started on the whole squats with weights thing myself and you're right it's a rush. Well done and enjoy the journey (plenty of rest to let the muscles recover - weights rest that is, you can still do HIIT, Cardio and Sprints and even Morris Dancing if you so wish).
  8. If you've lost that amount of weight be careful of where its coming from! You may be losing if from your lean mass (muscles, bone, connective tissue, organs). If your eating a deficit of 3500 cals weight lose will invariably look like this depending on where your losing it from: 3500 cals = 1lb if lost from body weight 3500 cals = 1.7lb if lost from 50% body weight 50% lean mass 3500 cals = 5.8lb if lost from Lean Mass Make sure your eating healthy. A high protein diet with resistance training will be more muscle sparing than a high carb diet. Have look into it! A couple of great sourc
  9. I have been gearing up for this now for about 4 weeks. In fact I am a nerd now because of my goal of being able to chin and pull up with ease. I was trawling the NET for how to do a proper chin up and I stumbled across Steve's Youtube video - which inevitably led me to where I am now. Here with you great guys. So on Friday - after a lot of inverted rows, and assisted chin ups I managed my first one from a full hanging loose position. It felt great!!! I was so stoked that I thought I would 'go big' and try for the full pull up. Well that I am still working on - in fact I was so far awa
  10. I'm playing at very least twice a week. At our club we do a mix of things. It's mainly matches and it's split between singles and doubles. Fitness wise I like singles, but for a good laugh you can't beat doubles (as long as you're in the right 4). Our courts are outside so we are playing in about 4oC (which is brisk). Once it hits 3oC I will swap from wearing shorts to long sweat pants (nothing worse than looking down and seeing 2 blue sticks holding you up). 3 - 4 times (I am Jealous). I think I would play everyday if I could. Cheers, tennis buddy - good luck with your game this wee
  11. Update of Challenge. Things are going well. On Friday I ticked 1 clean chin up off the list - WOOT!!! I felt really confident so went big for the 1 full pull up - I was that far away I could barely see the bar. Focus for the rest of the mini challenge is more assisted pull up and inverted rows. The belt is still getting looser - another big WOOT - I think I might hit the 40 inch mark by the 4 week period or at least be really close. Weight goal I have dropped. I am seeing all this improvement on body composition and strength, but not much is happening on the weight loss - YET! so I'v
  12. Thanks. I must confess it has been hard not to keep jumping on the scales (even though I know with the increase in exercise and my new diet I am probably generating more lean muscle). Still that being said I jumped on them (again) yesterday and I've dropped down some more. The belt is still getting looser - so all is good in the world. Still shy of that proper chin but still working on it.
  13. I have been looking to add these to my weekly routine for a couple of weeks now and finally when with them over the weekend. Man there HARD!!!!!!!!! I chose to do the bike sprints and set myself the goal of 5 x 20 seconds (sounds really easy). Well I managed 3 x 20 seconds (100% effort, which was probably a mistake for the first go). After them I felt totally drained, but glad I did them. As I am only going to do these once a week I'll aim for the 5 x 20 seconds again at the weekend, but I think at 85%. I think I'm going to have a LOVE/HATE relationship with them - I loved doing t
  14. Thanks, the smaller goals seem to be helping me stay on track. I'm still a little way off with the weight (it's moving down slowly) but I'm happy to just let that one do what it's doing as I am definitely seeing results with how loose my belt feels. I'm also moving it DOWN another notch. I've cracked the push ups mini goal, but still a bit short on the chin ups, but still persevering.
  15. Thanks for the feedback. Funny you should mention nut intake. I was just staring at the bag of nuts on the desk about an hour now and calculating how many I have been eating - guess what? The answer was probably too many. I've already cut back on fruit (not veggies though). I'll see how the next week goes with a reduced nut intake. Cheers.
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