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  1. Snarkyfishguts

    The Desperation of Snarkyfishguts

    I missed abs day yesterday because of a migraine. So it just means I’m doing core workouts today, amd I’ll do arms tomorrow, i may skip my rest day on sunday and do abs again. That’s still two days between each muscle group i think I only needed an extra rest day for that first upper body workout when I overdid it. I bought too many shorts and capris for my vacation in a couple weeks. I’m trying to decide if I need to return some. I have three of each now, and it might be nice to have this summer. Or wil, they be too big and I should return them and look for my size later? Mmmhmm. Returning them is winning. These are the kind of deep troubles going on right now
  2. Snarkyfishguts

    The Desperation of Snarkyfishguts

    You know, I did immediately feel better after reading this. Thank you for halving my suffering. I hope yours is halved too.!
  3. Snarkyfishguts

    The Desperation of Snarkyfishguts

    You are a force of positivity and I’m glad for your presence.
  4. Snarkyfishguts

    The Desperation of Snarkyfishguts

    Today was ab day. Tomorrow was a rest day. I am switching them because I am NOT AT MY BEST TODAY. i hate hormones.
  5. Snarkyfishguts

    Habits for Life - Rising with the Sun

  6. Snarkyfishguts

    The Doodlies are hanging in there

    Eeeeeeee! What are the words? This is so suspenseful!
  7. Snarkyfishguts

    Habits for Life - Rising with the Sun

    Yeah, the brain has a funny way of neutralizing the effect of something like Shia, lol tornado mind. Maybe try again after getting some things done. My mind always feels most busy in the morning, until about 10am. Way to wake up at a nice time!
  8. Snarkyfishguts

    The Desperation of Snarkyfishguts

    I DID IT! Exercise is done! I just did it. And it was easier than expected. I did two sets, 10 reps then 12. That’s when my knee made a sound like a plastic bag crinkling in the joint, so I said “okay, I’m done.” My weak spots: hips shoulders my cracking spots wrists knees
  9. Snarkyfishguts

    The Desperation of Snarkyfishguts

    I am clumsy, moody, my nose is runny, and I’m really tired. Given the time of the month, I say a migraine may approach in the next day or so. Stupid hormones, stupid sharks I think the second week of working out is definitely harder. It’s like “THIS AGAIN.?” and hormones. I hate hormones. also, I am eating too much still. BUT yesterday I bought clothes for the beach, and I could buy smaller sizes. It’s working Today is lower body day. I dread it. But first, I need to get some cleaning done and try to get the heck out of this funk. Okay. I don’t know about the funk, but I’ll at least have a clean toilet and floors. And one day closer to a toned ass. I am freaking out. Okay. Time to get busy.
  10. Snarkyfishguts

    The Desperation of Snarkyfishguts

    It did help! Not dead yet
  11. Snarkyfishguts

    The Desperation of Snarkyfishguts

    I hope thats true for me too My arm is good! I did some of the exercises with ten pounds for a set, and it just felt awful. I could barely do a set, so I’m down to 5 punds and it went a lot better. My arms were tired after each set, but feeling mostly good. I thought this might happen after the Hulk of thr first workout, that everything would be a little tired still. But, I did it! I’m just gonna go die a little on the couch for a minute.
  12. Snarkyfishguts

    The Desperation of Snarkyfishguts

    Today is a rest day! I’m going to do a Rodney Yee beginner yoga, because the stretching feels good, and I find his voice ultra-soothing. My arm hurt so bad last night from my shoulder down to my thumb, so I massaged my neck and shoulder, and wrapped my arm in a blanket so I couldnt sleep in my side or move my arm. the warmth and complete rest with ibuprofen worked, i could sleep and heal. I’ll be ready for tomorrow’s upper body day. I also am taking the day from too much typing and drawing, because that REALLY makes my arm hurt, yikes okay. Have a great day!
  13. Snarkyfishguts

    spooky figures shit out

    Congratulations on graduation! I know you worked really hard for it. I am really sorry about your dad passing away. That’s a lot of stuff for a year and stressful as heck. I hope this challenge helps you deal with the daily stuff. I’m rooting for you!
  14. Snarkyfishguts

    Terah: Building blocks

    Grimm looks good. I might start Flash. I have a soft spot for comics