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  1. I love this challenge! I hope you feel great after spending time away from your phone
  2. Ooh I have these on my list! Dark and magical can be fun too. But I may opt for a little fluffier first. I'll check it out! I like the title! I read this! I am looking forward to hearing what you think of it! Addie LaRue was probably my favorite work she did, but this trilogy you're reading was pretty cool!! T.Kingfisher is a pro at fluffy darkness. She wrote some amazing slowmances that also featured severed heads. The Hazel Wood! I read that one after my brother recommended it. It was good. Really interesting. Oh I really like her stuff. She wrote Aru Shah and the End of Time! That was a series that was really enjoyable, especially if you enjoyed Percy Jackson books. Thank you! It kicked my butt today, but I'm still loving it! Y'all, my day has been made with this book talk
  3. Update! It's been a rough couple of days, and I'm tired. BUT I did get my squats in! I'm really loving this challenge. Today I boxed, went for a walk and did 50 squats. Yesterday I just did the squats. It's been good, and I'm getting a smidgen better at it. Tomorrow I get a filling, so I am squatting earlier in the day. There is a new dentist in the practice so instead of waiting until January, I can get the filling tomorrow. They really needed another dentist, they were just way backed up and couldn't keep up with the patient load. I'm looking forward to meeting her. I feel like I was gonna tell y'all something else, but I'm super tired. What is everyone reading? I need a new book. Anything fluffy and magical out there?
  4. Thanks! It’s just been something that I started doing in 2021 and going from there as life stays messy. It feels like sending my future self a map.
  5. I mix it up. I've done it once in one go, and after my soul returned to my body, I've broken it up into smaller chunks throughout the day. I think you would definitely find participants! I didn't know him well enough to feel that I could carry the torch, but I confess that Squatmas was always something I looked forward to reading about and thinking "One year I'm gonna do that!" Thank you! HA! My knee sometimes makes a plastic wrap sound and that's when I know it's time to take a breath.
  6. I laughed out loud when I read this,and thought "Is he reading my mind?" I use The nice thing about houses is you can skip a year on a LOT of stuff, and it will wait until you get to it. There are few things in a house that don't, like getting your furnace checked out before winter. OR A GROUNDHOG DIGGING HIS EFFIN SUMMER HOME NEXT TO YOUR HOUSE. But everything else can wait. YOU know what I do? I have a bullet journal for the house. JUST for the house and yard. I have a list of Fall Chores to get the house ready for winter and a list of Spring Chores to get ready for the rest of it. Then I have the year and a series of checkmarks for completed, and X for "Didn't do it" So I can see easily "I didn't change the smoke detector batteries last spring. I gotta do it now." Recently, I added a table for monthly stuff like "Clean the washer" on the 5th, and I can check that off and see easily the last time it was done. It's simple, but the list format makes it easier for me to see what's next than even a traditional calendar where i'm tempted to add visual clutter like dancing hearts I'm clearly excited to talk about organizational systems rooting for you this month!
  7. I LOVE this. My mom did the same with us. I recently started cleaning out my desk and it's been a good reminder for that things have been really hectic and I can be a little kinder to myself about the mess. I hope you feel that way when you tackle the papers. I am super excited about your chip up programs!
  8. Honestly, your year looks really good when you look at the numbers. I know you may not hit your two 300 numbers, but you are gonna finish pretty close, and the purging items is awesome! Do you feel like you have more freedom and less stress with less stuff?
  9. My legs may do this. Today was enlightening! I ended up finishing but the last thirty were little wee squats. I am hoping by the end of then challenge I will be a SQUAT QUEEN beautiful and terrible as the Dawn! Treacherous as the Seas! Stronger than the foundations of the Earth!
  10. If it is any comfort, my list ten long and I told myself to choose one I thought of him. Thank you
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