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  1. Ha! Fair enough! now I feel like I need to schedule some dinners with myself in the future. β€˜I have dinner plans πŸ’™πŸ˜‚β€™
  2. YES! One day I'll be able to do it without the joy of knowing it will annoy him, but personal growth is a process πŸ˜‚ We are going to eat fish and vegetables and it's going to be DELICIOUS! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Now you're just ego stroking. I'm happy playing checkers. Because then you can shout stuff like "KING ME, FOOL!" I'm so glad. Honestly, it made me a laugh a lot, and helped me get into the right mindset of taking care of myself, even when someone is trying to bring me down. Whether he's annoyed or not, or it if has any impact on him or not, it will have a huge impact on me. Also, I love it when the Grinch's heart grows and after he's really nice to his dog.
  3. I'm in a terrible mood after Thanksgiving and the Visiting Uncle, so I'm going to Grinch this up to get into the holiday spirit... Is it working? well.... GRINCHY IT IS!!!! For this challenge: 1. GO AWAY!!! One hour a day, I'm going to shut the door to my bedroom and practice the uke, embroider, read, meditate. Just an hour a day to myself where I don't interact with anyone and recharge my battery so I don't lose my mind by Christmas morning. 2. NO PRESENTS !!!! I buy presents for my family from me, and I also buy presents from my parents. Mostly stuff for each other, but I'll also buy presents for my uncle from them. I've done it a bit this year. but I've said no, and I'm saying no. Buy your own presents. 3. Go for a walk. Grinches love going for walks. I'm going to collect 35 miles during this challenge. I will be grinchy and mean the whole time. BONUS GRINCH WEEK!!! My uncle is staying from December 23 to January 3. So the week between Christmas and New Years is going to be a wonderful opportunity to really practice stress management and annoy my uncle at the same time. Because Grinches are petty AF. 1. Exercise daily. In the morning. With the volume up. Just as long as it's after 9am. I'm not a monster. But I'm not going to give up my fitness goals because the guest room is next to the TV room where I work out and he can't be bothered to get out of bed before noon. 2. Plan healthy meals that have easy prep ahead. Because we all have healthy goals, and we all gain 5 pounds when he's here from stress eating and so if I plan and cook healthy meals, he'll make excuses about having other plans and then go make them because he doesn't like fish, vegetables, or anything nutritious 3. Walk away when he's bitchy. Even when my mom asked him not to be bitchy, he was bitchy. and I can't do anything about it, because I just make him more bitchy. So I'm walking away and not listening to that bullshirt. That will irritate him, but he can't complain because I'm not arguing with his bullshirt. 4. Enjoying one adult beverage each evening. My uncle hates alcohol so he won't drink it, and let's face it, I'm going to do my best, but it'll be a lot easier with a glass of wine every night.
  4. If it ain't broke... I'm really happy that you're finding what works for you. It's going to be a great month!
  5. You were really sick, buddy, and that's not something to recover from easily. I'm glad you gave yourself space for a cozy day and YAY on a bigger stockpot! You won't regret it!
  6. Your decorations are beautiful! I can see why you love the tree and mantlepiece. And Albert Finney IS the best Scrooge. Plus...singing! I'm glad the stress is melting. and SNOW! Fallen trees are never fun, but I'm glad it didnt' cause any significant damage. ❀️
  7. 244.2 This is expected. Between Thanksgiving salty foods, stress-eating sugary foods, and rebounding after the restricted diet from the week before, I am thrilled this number isnt bigger. And its still doable to get under 240 for 2021
  8. I was definitely a curious cat on the fence. Do you have a favorite Christmas decoration that puts you in the festive spirit?
  9. I didn't go for a walk today, I could barely walk when I got out of bed. Between the sugar and the salt, and the stress of being on my feet all day, I just...needed a break. I put my feet up, wrapped myself in a blanket and just chilled out for a while until it was time to go to my brother's house for my nephew's 11 birthday party. Tomorrow I'm cleaning and writing up my 2022 goals. I'm really worn out from family time. I really need more introvert time, and it's just a challenge to get that over the holidays. I didn't get through this week very well except for walking. So I have Christmas and New Years to try again. In the meantime, I'm just going to focus on gettign back on my feet and not losing too much progress. I'm going to wait until Sunday to weigh in after a day of really healthy eating and active stress management.
  10. The scales are all broken today. It's National Broken Scales Day.
  11. 2 miles today. It's raining but I got out early enough and beat the rain! WOO!! the good stuff from this week so far: 1. My nephew doesn't have COVID and so my brother and co, don't need to isolate. They bought a Thanksgiving meal just in case, and are now giving that to the family down the street who is isolating and waiting for Covid test results. I'm really proud of them. 2. The staff from the GI lab at the hospital sent me a "Thinking of you" card and they all signed it and drew a smiley face on it. It really made me smile, and I'm going to make them a christmas card after Thanksgiving. 3. A clerk at Target talked about how he felt really good and some people were just negative and you can't let them bring you down and ruin your day. And he looked at me like "ARE YOU HEARING ME?" because I was trying really hard to be cheerful, but it was very clear that I was having a hard day, and his pep talk really hit home, and I appreciated it. 4. Everyone is healthy. All the covid tests are negative and life may proceed as usual. 5. My stupid whiny bitchface uncle is leaving a day early because he forgot he has a doctor's appointment Monday. He called to see if they could push it back a day and the nurse laughed at him. I heard the whole thing. My mom danced, she was so happy. And yes, he's gone from The Visiting Uncle in my head to Uncle Whiny Bitchface 6. My hair looks GOOD. The waves are flowing and not frizzing ! Have a wonderful day!
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