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  1. Snarkyfishguts

    Shello Kicks Names and Takes Ass

    Sounds like a really good day! You fed your Hungries some really good food
  2. Snarkyfishguts

    Deffy Feels the Power... of the GLADIATORS! (Deffy # 43)

    I love this response so much. Good for you! Fingers and toes crossed that he doesn't have to go away.
  3. Snarkyfishguts

    Terah: Fit and Nerdy

    Hi Terah! Following along. I like your challenge goals. I think you've made so much progress here since we've met, and that's definitely worth celebrating! Let those brain weasels sleep in while you conquer the day!
  4. Snarkyfishguts

    Deffy Feels the Power... of the GLADIATORS! (Deffy # 43)

    Do you think that holds you back? I find that I am trying a lot of things at once, and so I'm just mediocre at a LOT of things instead of being awesome at a few things. Maybe for me, it's indecision? I can't decide what it is. I really misread feeling that you were wading through treacle. I thought "Ooooh she's got a lot of treacle! lovely!" and then I realized what you were actually saying. I hope things calm down in your schedule. YAY for cute new outfits. That's so important. What a nice evening with TH. He sounds like he's feeling a lot better too.And you too! Have the sharks migrated away for the month?
  5. Snarkyfishguts

    Shello Kicks Names and Takes Ass

    Oh man platelet donating sounds rough. I’m sorry it didn’t go well. I hope you feel better soon. I pass out when I donate blood, so you are awesome amazing in my book.
  6. Snarkyfishguts

    Formation, Integration, Application: Tanktimus' next challenge HUFFLEPUFF WINS!
  7. Snarkyfishguts

    Shello Kicks Names and Takes Ass

    Deffy said it best. Trying to be right instead of helpful. Which is a lot more annoying than using the term “clean eating” you’re asking for nutrition help, not applying for a degree in the subject.
  8. Snarkyfishguts

    Deffy Feels the Power... of the GLADIATORS! (Deffy # 43)

    My brother is the same way. Once he can address it and solve the problem, he feels empowered and then starts taking on what's really bothering him, and it's always surprising. Sometimes it's just cleaning out a room, sometimes it's buying a nice outfit for work, and sometimes it's taking a day off and cooking and hanging out with his kids. I hope TH works it out. I know I couldn't do it long term working in the clinical population. I would become a client really fast. It will probably be a lot that, but I think you may get a lot of people who are struggling with shame, recovering from bad relationships, feeling uncertain in their identities. Hopefully enough to balance out the porn addicts
  9. Snarkyfishguts

    Snarkyfishguts: A Battle Log

    Checking in a little early this week. This weekend is busy with cleaning out old man house and then having family over for a picnic. Right now I'm sitting and waiting for an electrician to finish fixing things in the house, so this is a perfect opportunity to check in. I had a hormonal migraine for a couple days this week, but no need to take the migraine medication. It was not severe enough-YAY! Eating less junk food has had a positive impact on my body and how it functions. I don't think we need details, but I'm happy. I'm going to start exercising now that my brain isn't trying to escape. I'm still not my best self, but honestly, I'm not sure what my best self is, so I'm my best-at-the-moment self. That works. One more pound lost this week! That's really great news considering I ate more than last week and definitely more cookies. So five pounds down and only 110 pounds to go! I'm not being funny or self-deprecating, I'm genuinely happy to be losing weight after steadily gaining for the last few months.
  10. Snarkyfishguts

    Deffy Feels the Power... of the GLADIATORS! (Deffy # 43)

    WHAT?!?! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! And it's such a good field honestly, all joking aside. So many people could benefit from your help. I hope you go for it!
  11. Snarkyfishguts

    Shello Kicks Names and Takes Ass

    That sounds like a really satisfying day!!
  12. Snarkyfishguts

    DrFeelgood - Get Crazy With the Cheez Whiz

  13. Snarkyfishguts

    DrFeelgood - July

    we need to talk about the jeans on sale. I mean, is there anything better than getting something that fits so well on sale, AND THEN ON SALE AGAIN?! So wonderful. How do you feel about cooking? My brother started cooking some meals at his house because he was tired of his wife's cooking, and he really enjoys trying new recipes out and works at it like a puzzle. It's hard to find a reason to work hard and make your life and body better when you're not enjoying your life. I don't know that videogames, ice cream and pizza are really holding you back as much as your body telling you that you need a break from always working hard on everything. Right now, it's a numbing and escapism device, but maybe it can just be something you enjoy along with other things Big air hugs! I'm going to your next challenge.
  14. Snarkyfishguts

    Deffy Feels the Power... of the GLADIATORS! (Deffy # 43)

    maybe he just figures that he does routine inspection so he knows there's no spiders in there. Don't be sad!