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  1. It sounds like it was a good day indeed! Tomorrow’s workout will feel extra good because you had a chance to miss it a bit. what a happy reunion it will be with the kettlebells!
  2. I am not patient. 😂 i will strive to be patient. Yay! We dont have to deal alone! Thanks! And you’re right. ♥️
  3. I earned my dollar with Ring Fit Adventure today. Tomorrow its supposed to rain. But if its like today and doesnt, I’m back in the garden. My muscles are recovering nicely. i went from 267 to 270 overnight. My period is due soon and my feelings of “everything is awful, lets eat all the carbs and cheese” Is in full force. So far I am resisting the siren’s song of pizza. Ahhhh pizza, you beautiful food....
  4. Thanks! I love it. That muddy area drives me bonkers. The vinca should take care of it. But if it doesn’t, I’ll look into new Plants next year and maybe just mulch down there too.
  5. Hey, its totally okay. I’m not disappointed in you at all. Sometimes the mind can only handle so much input, and you made solid choices in your priorities. Your health and your family are important, and dealing with everything that is happening in our country right now is a lot. It takes up a lot of energy for me too to find that balance between keeping my family safe and supporting Black Lives Matter and the protesters. And just like...watching the world demand change, and praying that we’ll have significant change this time. Thank heavens for cell phone cameras and connectivity
  6. Garden update! this is the bed we are working on now. Its the largest one, and we’ve removed a lot of the vinca which covered the whole thing. We left it by the house to absorb rainwater until the last day we are ready to rip it out, and put the dirt in here is the vinca that is left. Its so thick! This is how it was over the whole bed. Its hard work, but the bonus is the dirt we are freeing from the roots is very fertile and beautiful. We’ll be able to plant some nice shrubs in here, eventually. this is a finished bed. This was the easiest one. No vinca! We do need to trim the holly shrubs, but we’re going to lay down tarps and do that later. here is where we are planting new grass seed and the front bed. We had to pull up the small border rocks, clean leaves and weeds, then replace them, we got more rocks from the backyard to put along the border and fill in the gaps. Later on we’ll transplant some of the salvia to the beds closer to the house. under the deck is a muddy mess . We’ve dug trenches and planted large cuttings of vinca. It’s doing well so far. It will hopefully grow down there and absorb a lot of rain water to prevent this yucky muddiness. If not, we’ll find another solution once the vinca is done, theres a gravel pit to deal with In the back yard and some beds along the side of the house. The yard is huge. But with staying at home, its also my favorite place right now. I love its challenges, and I love feeling strong and accomplished in taking care of it. And its harder this year because we have let it go for a few years. My dads blindness and my grandfathers death put a cloud over us for a long time, and this year it feels like we are back to living like normal people, and I’m really happy about it. After we figure out what we want to plant, its going to be not easy, but a hella lot easier to maintain the beds. although looking at these pictures, I am adding like five more Things to the list lol. 😂
  7. Theres something satisfying is ripping out a flower bed. And theres something satisfying about taking a house that needs a little love and walking through its transformation. You’re gonna be so happy when its done. 😍
  8. Oh good idea! I’ll get some pictures tomorrow!
  9. I am destroyed. I have been out in the yard for 2.5-3 hours for the last three days. We’re not done, there’s so much to do, but my mom hurt her foot, and my muscles have had it. I did fitness boxing this morning to just warm up and keep my muscles from being sore, but my muscles are so tired all over my body that I feel wiped out doing small, simple things like Holding a video game controller. But once I’ve had some proper rest, you can bet that I’m going to evolve into a stronger Snarky. And thankfully I’m just exhausted, not injured. thankfully its going to rain for the next few days, so I can do some easier exercises and let my muscles recover. Then its back to work. We have one more bed in the front, then we need to address the side beds and whoever thought “lets surround the house with flower beds!” Is a true villain. And then maybe we’ll get to the back yard and its gardening needs, I have decided Gardening days are two dollar days. the extra dollar doesnt factor into the double dollar time of five days or more. It’s jusT bonus dollars for shit this is hard. I need to figure out what I’ve earned so far, and I’ll report back! * i am so proud of myself. This is difficult work, but I can do this! ♥️♥️♥️ *looking back last week, I didnt get my consistency bonus, but I did get my “yard work is hard” bonus, so I’ve earned 6 dollars. total dollars earned towards coat= 19 dollars.
  10. Your parents are magical. Also I love the plan for the Andre the Giant shrine. Sounds like cleaning out the soace was three types of yuck and you have my deepest respect i’m not going out right now either. I chose to support BLM through donations and lofting the voices of others, since words absolutely fail me right now. But I cant afford to get sick and bring that Near my dad. Weight gain is absolutely normal during a chronic stress situation and 2020 is a chronic stress situation. And its not like 2019 was a parade. You are loved. 💜
  11. I earned my dollar! we decided to rip out the vinca. my whole body is tired, but we’ll go back out and keep going. I imagine after three days I will be destroyed or evolved. We’ll find out!
  12. Thanks! I love haikus and silly ones make me happiest.
  13. quantity is a huge thing for me. I’ve noticed this especially in the last year, I think we’re about the same age. Also, same thing on alcohol tolerance. Maybe its related to having less food in the belly, but one glass of wine, ad I’m ready for a nap. and spaghetti with meatballs is also one of my MORE PLEASE foods. Its basically perfect food. this is awesome! i cant wait to follow your pasta adventures! What are some pastas you want to make?