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  1. Terah - It was never about the food

    My dad lost all his teeth. You definitely want all your teeth I'm so glad you had such a great day!
  2. Snarkyfishguts: A Battle Log

    This is wise
  3. DrFeelgood - Starting Over

    Momoa is not for me. But i respect the room's admiration for him.
  4. DrFeelgood - Starting Over

    Wait do shoes really matter that much? I'm learning so much!
  5. Slow Down, Snarky!

    Today I plan on being very busy with all the chores I neglected this week. Cleaning and laundry all day. Next week I'll be getting ready and traveling, and I'm really excited for it! I'm also experiencing some awesome PMS, so that "Everything I do is wrong" feeling is strong today. Cleaning is so perfect for these kind of days because I stay active and moving and there's results immediately. With that in mind, this is my last update. I'll post a link to the new challenge when that's available and I'll still leave silly comments on your threads. but I'm acknowledging that I will be not at my best for the next few days, and then I'll be taking a break from the internet while I'm on holiday. This challenge has been a very healing one. I feel an increase in my self-worth and find I can be kinder to myself on difficult days. And that's really thanks to each of you who have been here and listened to all my thoughts and feelings and created a safe space for me to be vulnerable in. So…. Thank you. Very much.
  6. Discipline!: Tanktimus Takes a Gif from a Movie

    It's waiting for when you least expect it. It waits.
  7. My mum used to chase me up the stairs saying "I'm gonna get you!" and I'd having nightmares about unseen things chasing me up the stairs saying just that in creepy voices. It wasn't until my youngest nephew turned around and roared back with a monster pose that I felt any kind of healing. I was like "I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT!" I definitely recommend stopping and turning back and giving your best Monster roar. Muggy days are awful, but it sounds like overall yesterday was pretty nice! I'm glad you had a better-than-expected day!
  8. DrFeelgood - Starting Over

    Did I forget or was I hoping you'd remind me? I have forgotten the monkey shorts
  9. My dad's nickname is "Ghost Ninja" because he's a champ at quietly sneaking up on people like this. Good thing you didn't have your workout knife on you! You ARE a butt superhero. Migraines suck. I hope yours knows not to come back
  10. Discipline!: Tanktimus Takes a Gif from a Movie

    It sounds like a good day! I come from a line of women who shudder at pressure cookers with tales of "Then it exploded in her face, and she's never been the same" kind of stories. I love hearing about how you cook delicious meals with them, but there's still a part of me that hears "And then all the ingredients were in, and he thought "This is so easy, it's almost TOO easy!" And then he was never seen again. All we found were his shoes." (So I'm glad you're proving that wrong )
  11. Shello's Back to Basics Food and Fitness Challenge

    I second this sentiment. Spill all the beans
  12. Terah - It was never about the food

    You and I are on the same schedule still You'll feel better again. You got this!