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  1. Good morning! This morning was scale check-in and it was unremarkable. Yesterday was my 100 day streak of logging food on Lose it! I think I may celebrate by taking a day off. It's been a helpful app for me, and I've lost 15 pounds since using it consistently. But I'm not done. I'm at 227. 5 and I am aiming for 225 for the end of the month. And then for October, I'm aiming for 218. I'm not mentally caught up to being 227 yet, but if I think about it too much, then I don't do the work. This is true for everything in my life. If I think about it too much, I don't do the work. Knowing this, I just gotta get up and get going. This was a good week! Everything I was looking forward to happened, and then some. I don't think I could ask for more. My nephew's marching band festival was great! His band was not the best, but it was also the youngest. Most of the kids in that band are 7th graders, so they're not at the same level as high school bands yet. I'm really proud of him. Mom and I did buy a lot of nice tops for the fall, and the best part is it all mixes and matches with all my pants so I have countless outfits but not a stuffed closet. It was really fun to take a whole afternoon and just go shopping like we used to. Dad is getting used to being more independent. That's a whole journey too. We watched Only Murders and I loved this week's episode and am completely stumped. It could be anyone! The house is cleaner, and I'll be doing more cleaning today. Mom and I are deep cleaning mode, which is weirdly fun. It's different than regular cleaning, so it doesn't feel like drudgery.
  2. I hope LTL is okay. congrats on the strength leveling up!!
  3. My Fitbit wants me to walk 250 steps an hour and I had 246 when the hour changed and I was so mad. 😁 it’s good enough. I’m giving you your points! ⭐️🌟✨⭐️🌟
  4. Aargh!! I felt this in my bones!! I think you handled the disruptions of guests well!
  5. I did watch it. It was…weird. I’ll probably watch this latest one when it’s available to rent with adjusted expectations
  6. That sounds like an awesome week coming up! How did the Boyz like the Batman trilogy?
  7. What I'm looking forward to this week: 1. My nephew is going to be in a marching band festival tomorrow so we're going to cheer for him. There will be 11 high school bands playing and sometimes they have a guest band from a local college play. Ernie plays tenor sax. He refers to it as "his instrument". Which now that I think about it. Bert referred to his drum as his instrument too. I think the teacher must say "Get your instruments" and my nephews just think "That's my instrument." lol. 2. Shopping for new shirts. cleaning out my closet has revealed that I have a shocking lack of smart casual clothes. I need some new blouses. I've got a budget so I don't buy anything I don't need, but enough to buy what I do need. 3. cleaning the house. It's very dusty. It's like someone is not doing her job around here... 4. Watching Only Murders in the Building. I have no idea whodunnit and I love it when I'm stumped. What are you looking forward to?
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