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  1. My big goal is to force myself to do more of the exercises that I avoid. In short, more leg work and more stretching. Also now that we are finally entering warm weather I want to incorporate my workout more into my daily routine. I have a running stroller and hope to make that my primary means of transportation when I'm in town!
  2. The fact that you have made improvements in all areas is the most important thing. I look forward to your progress!
  3. My second challenge is complete! While I didn't do the greatest job of keeping up on my posts for the last half of the challenge, I did keep up with the workouts. I don't have time to write out a full story but here's a final update on all my goals. One Handed Pushups: Starting Max: 7 per arm Final Max: 25 per arm - It was awesome to see the gains here. I feel like I am ready to try for a new pressing exercise in the next challenge. Maybe planche pushups? Handstands: Starting: Able to kick up against a wall Ending: Kick up and hold for 5 seconds with no wall - While I definitely improved, I think I can still get a lot better, so work will continue in this area. Running: I never got in very good initial or ending tests, but based on my last few runs my 5k time is probably a little under 23 min, still a long way to go to hit 21. However the weather is warming so I am only going to run more! Book Study: I've been keeping up with the book club, though I didn't get in as much outside research as I'd like. Blood Sugar: At the beginning of the challenge my numbers were consistently bad. At week 4 I had a checkup with my doctor and began using insulin. Since then I have finally seen some improvement, and right now my blood sugar is consistently in my target area. I've also noticed an increase in energy and I finally managed to put on a couple pounds. For me that is a good sign as one of the first indicators that my blood sugar is running high is that I start to loose weight. All in all a good challenge, I look forward to the next adventure!
  4. For my next challenge I think I need to mix things up a lot more. I feel like I am falling into patterns of repeating workouts that I like and as a result am not pushing myself as far as I can go and am also ignoring some real problem areas. I'm happy to crank out a bunch of push ups but I'm so inflexible I can't reach my toes!
  5. I had a really good workout tonight, despite some bumps along the way I think I can finish this challenge strong! I had my first experience of a real drop in blood sugar today since starting insulin. It's bee so long I had forgotten what it felt like. If this starts to happen more often there is a good chance my doctor will have me drop one of my other medicines which would be awesome. Workout: Conquer the neighborhood park circuit, 3 sets of the following: 10 thick bar pull ups (the swing set has the only bar high enough, and it is a lot thicker than most pull up bars so the grip is a little tougher) 15 dips 200 meter run (approximate) 4 hill runs, 20 pushups at the top of each hill 200 meter run I was happy to enjoy the park while I could, it looks like we are going to get dumped on for the next couple days, but at least it won't be snow!
  6. I've had 2 pretty bad cheat days in the last week but other than that did pretty good. However I am tanking pretty bad on keeping up with my running. The few days of warm weather have completely spoiled me so the last few times it has dropped to near freezing I whimped out didn't run. I'm ready to reset and go for a new challenge as well, one in which winter is completely behind me!
  7. I have now completed 1 week on insulin. My blood sugar has been FAR better than it was before. I'm noticing a definite change in my energy levels as well. Hoping for continued improvement! Tonight's workout: 3.0 mile run Max out on 1 hand pushups: 25 on each arm, new PR! Feeling strong!
  8. After a few days on insulin the blood sugar is continuing to look much better! Workout: Two 1 mile runs with a stop at the park in the middle 3 sets - pullups x10, dips x10, box jumps x10 One hand pushups 14, 14, 11, 11, 10
  9. Yeah make sure you are getting some solid sources of protein in there!
  10. So far this week I have not done a great job running. That brief bit of warm weather has completely spoiled me and now I never want to go out in the cold. On the other hand I've had 2 good workouts on the heavy bag the last two days. Last Night's Workout: 12 x 3 min rounds One Hand Pushups: 12, 12, 10, 10, 12 Yesterday was my first full day on insulin, it was still high at lunch and dinner (over 200) but was down to 157 in the evening. This morning when I checked it was 79! That's the lowest it's been in over a year! Here's to hoping that trend continues.
  11. I'm in! My last doctor's report was not good so I am starting insulin shots (rough week for this Knight as well). I'm hoping that combined with the good diet can finally get these numbers to start coming down. I think my diet falls in the "primal" category, since I am avoiding all processed sugars, sticking to meat, veggies, limited fruit but also allowing some dairy (dammit I like cheese!).
  12. I have been away for awhile but I am back! Although I haven't been posting I have been keeping up the workout. I'm not going to rehash every day but here are a few of the main points. Running - I have not done a great job of sticking to my original plan, but I have been getting out on the road. Last week I finally fixed my running stroller so I am now taking the girls with me on more of my runs. An upcoming goal is going to be to make this my primary mode of in-town transportation once the cold days are truly behind us. One Hand Pushups - Did a test yesterday and got 23 on each arm! However I feel like on a few of them I didn't get as low as I should so for the homestretch of this challenge I am not going to go strictly for numbers but work more on the form. Handstands - No other Disney property has been destroyed or even threatened. I had one handstand that I held for 10 seconds, but that was a few days ago and I am not doing so well in repeating that. Still way ahead of where I started. Finally the blood sugar. It's been bad. I saw my doctor on Friday and my A1C has actually increased. As a result, I am now going to begin taking insulin shots. The extra expense kinda sucks, but if it is what is necessary let's do it. Frankly I've been getting really tired and frustrated of working out and dieting only to see my sugars spike anyway. Here's to hoping for some positive change. Glad to be back nerds!
  13. Spidermans are basically where you do a pushup but bring your knee to your elbow as you move into the down position. That said, I'm all for the burpees!
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