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  1. Wasn't able to go to the gym Thursday or Friday. But I do intend to keep going. I ought to be able to go quite consistently Mon-Wed. Which would be great. I am still sore from working out this week though. I'll take that as good news
  2. Hooray for weight training while still sore! 5 min interval warm up on treadmill 3 x 10 leg extension 100 lb 3 x 10 chest press 80 lb 3 x 20 lunges 2 x 10 + 1 x 5 pull ups 120 lb (my weight of 220 - 100 lb assisted by the machine) I think I gave my muscles plenty to think about for a few days. My triceps had so much to think about that I could not reach the back of my neck after this workout. Must be doing something right.
  3. I just did interval running on a treadmill for an episode of Parks & Rec. 1.57 miles in 25:40. I hurt and it feels good.
  4. I'm not doing any formal challenge but today I did start what I hope is the beginning of a great habit. Before I even went home I went to the gym. No room for distractions. Dedicated time for me to do whatever workout I want. This is something I hope to do 4 or 5 days a week. Can't do circuits on workout equipment since it gets taken almost as soon as you walk away, so I decided to do each workout as close to the bbww as I could. Which resulted in: Interval running 10 Min (while watching Man of Steel on my phone) 3 x 10 Leg press (150 lb) 3 x 10 Shoulder press (150? or 100 lb). Can't remember. 3 x 10 calf extension (100 lb) (not sure what to use to work what lunges would work) Few minutes of an ab machine I called it good after that. Just realizing I forgot dumbbell rows. And there wasn't any room to throw in some jumping jacks. I'll have to work it out. But if I do this 4 or 5 times a week. That is great! Hope all of my NF friends are doing well.
  5. I plan on approaching the diet from a different way. Before I started the week with an "A" for my diet goal and would go down every time I ate outside of my diet. I've seen some people use Points instead of grades. I think I'll try that. Awarding myself points for when I do eat within my goals, and earn the grade each week. I think it will be less depressing. Also not going to expect perfection. CK, I think you said yourself in a message to me that it took you a year of trying before you actually removed meat from your diet. I could be misquoting and sorry if I am. But for me, I shouldn't expect to flip a switch and change what I want to eat. So I plan on being more gradual with the process. Reward myself for making better choices. That way I don't drop out this time.
  6. Got two circuits in today. Basketball was cancelled so I was pRobably going to not work out at all. I did work out but it was after a heavy dinner. My stomach started hurting and I was drained after two. Better than nothing.
  7. Thanks guys! I was hoping to go running today but went and helped a neighbor pack up their house and move. I wasn't aware that this neighbor was some kind of geologist. So the entire time I was there I was moving giant crates full of rocks. That's all I did. Moved rocks. You can imagine my surprise. And my workout!
  8. I stepped into the shower after my workout and felt dryer than i was before.

    1. Thom Stépan

      Thom Stépan

      Some days it is nice to dry off in the shower.

  9. I waged war tonight and came out the victor! 3 circuits of bbww 3 x 20 squats 3 x 15 pushups 3 x 20 lunges 3 x 30 second plank 3 x 20 weighted jumping jacks (i dropped this down for the sake of pacing myself) I'm dead tired. good night.
  10. Thanks guys. I stopped tracking for a few weeks so I couldn't even guess what my grades are. I'm just going to take my lessons learned and dust the rest under the table. I do need to set some different goals and approach them differently. I'll have to contemplate this over the week. While keeping the workouts going of course.
  11. That is a great idea Lilith. I will do just that.
  12. I saw this while I was away from NF. It is now a solid goal in life to never go more than 3 days without any kind of exercise. No excuses!
  13. Progress is progress, just like a win is a win. Therefore, I submit progress = win! Got through 2 circuits of BBWW. And no light head. Just utter exhaustion in that amazing way. 2 x 20 squats 2 x 15 push ups 2 x 20 lunges 2 x 20 rows 1 x 30 sec plank + 1 x 25 second plank 1 x 30 weighted jumping jackx + 1 x 20 weighted jumping jacks I need to grill some more chicken for my tacos at work tonight. It makes a great lunch.
  14. Thanks CK. Nice to know I don't go down so easy. Weather and family plans cancelled my run so I did a little warming up inside and then took the time to animate a little. Ought to be well rested for another go at the bbww again tomorrow night....If I don't attempt a pre screening of Cap 2!
  15. I did eat right today, and I did work out. I only got through 1.5 circuits before I got a little light headed on the second round of planks. But no big. Looking forward to tomorrow.
  16. First time doing the BBWW in 3 or 4 weeks. Made it through the first circuit okay, got to planks on the second circuit and got light headed. Big tasty dose of humble pie. Small run tomorrow and try again on Wednesday. Onward, upward.
  17. Hi Knights! I went on a hiatus of fail. I don't even know how long I've been gone. But I'll be kicking my butt back into gear starting now.
  18. Week #......What week is it now? Hello NF. I've been gone for 2? 3? weeks now. I don't even know. I can't even specify what my excuses are for disappearing and taking a hiatus from my goals. I do know that the road back to where I was will not be a happy one. But it is something I have to do. I refuse to give up for good! As far as my goals are concerned its a flat 0. I haven't stuck to my food goals, and I've barely exercised. I think I went on a run or two, and schedules for everyone I play basketball with haven't worked out except for this last Thursday. But dwelling on that won't do me any good. Over the last few weeks R (how I will refer to my other half from now on) and I keep asking each other when I am going to get back to diet and exercise. Earlier this week we decided that would be tomorrow. I've grilled up some chicken, and I have gluten free tortilla shells ready to stay at work for me to make some tacos, or whatever the end product will be. I'll pick up with the body weight workouts tomorrow night. This challenge is kind of a bust. I don't intend to advance a level. But I have between now and the start of the next challenge to reestablish the habits I had going for me. Otherwise the same thing may very well happen again next month. The rest of this has nothing to do with my goals. Just something I felt like tossing out into the internets. No idea why. Feel free to skip, or feel free to read on.
  19. I finally got out and ran a mile. First time working out in over a week. I don't think I'm going to go back and log each day. Just going to give myself grades for last week and this week and start logging again tomorrows. I did do a zombie run and I managed to outrun a mob of zombies. Left me winded for the rest of the run though. Good times.
  20. My mini boss for this challenge. Represents my giving up dairy. (Leche being spanish for milk, in case you weren't aware.) Read the original challenge post for installment 1 of the story I need to make a post for the end of week 2 and week 3 ends in a few days. better get to writing. I have been off the train for a week now. Tonight is my night to get back on it. My grades are going to suck but that doesn't matter. Onward and upward.
  21. I got a little lazy on the workouts but didn't go too crazy with my food habits. Looking forward to kicking up the exercises again.
  22. Day 60 Dag gum! A little tired at work today but I survived. Also, I have arranged a little overnight get away in 2 weeks so I'm looking forward to that now. Get Fit: Played some basketball tonight. Get Health: I didn't eat the best quality of food but i stayed away from wheat and dairy. Loophole. I know. Lunch: Pork enchiladas w/ gluten free tortillas, sans cheese, w/ refried beans lettuce and pico de gallo. Dinner: beef tacos. Get Rest: Negative on the 7 hours last night. And I wake up for work in a little over 5 hours from now so bummer there too. At least its Friday.
  23. Far out job on everything Tea. Haven't said Hi in while. I enjoyed reading about the night of revelation. Looking forward to seeing what comes to light in your future. Awesome job on the reverse squats!
  24. Haha. Awesome job on the 600. Ask people around you how many reps of calisthenics they've done in the last 2 weeks. When that answer is 0 you can smile and say "nice." But they won't know why.
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