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  1. Yes! I knew I sent this to someone before! Do you have the video by chance? (but I'll be uploading it today, too just in case) It's the bees knees. This seems like a pretty good description, but I know what it is so I may be biased. When you hook the foot behind the knee of the ankle you're working with let your body weight be the pressure - instead of pushing my foot against my knee or anything I just let myself feel like i'm falling forward (if that makes sense) - that'll also help it not be strenuous on the shoulders or arms. OH! And make sure you actively push the heel down. When I first started I felt like my achilles was going to explode. I also feel it in the top, outer portion of my foot/ankle. So yeah, it's majorly intense but it helps A TON... even when you think you're totally a mobility ninja (like I did) haha So here's hoping! Glad the gentle yoga helped! Sounds like a lovely evening!
  2. YAS! Pull up!! That's awesome! I'm also not surprised. Woot to the hoot!
  3. CHICKENS! I have friends who have raised chickens with reasonable success. Fingers crossed you'll lose no more and things continue to go well. CHICKENS!
  4. Glad to hear it's improving!! I couldn't find the video NL sent me so I made one. I just need to like.. upload it and stuff and then I'll send it your way! Nice work checkin' off all those goals!
  5. Totes magotes! Send in dat form check!
  6. So, I have a stretch that @Nightlight sent me that's legit the best thing I've ever done for my ankles. I'll try to find the video she sent me and send it to you. Or, I'll see if I can record and send it. I can't describe it accurately with words sooo yeah.
  7. HI GUYS! <3 I don't think I'll be doing a real challenge... probably just going to try to keep up with cheering y'all on. Goal: don't ghost! 1. LOLOLOL um yes, that's some cardio shiz - great job! 2. I don't think I mentioned how much I love that you're shadow boxing! Get it!
  8. Not sure, really. I might do an informal challenge that involves checking in on muh nerds consistently throughout a challenge instead of ghosting again Y'all. Y'ALL. I put the beef recipe in my crock pot last night, right before bed, plugged it in and MY CROCK POT IS DEAD! IT'S DEAD! My heart. It hurts. This! Or I'd be more than happy to be part of another messaging form check, too. Totes. Squats - perfect time for meditation practice!
  9. Girl, you rock a Disney themed challenge like no other. #respeck I've been pretty absent, too... though, not with any good reason like a baby or anything Welcome back! Kick ass!
  10. haygurlhaaaaaaaaay Here's a recipe for you: http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-to-feed-a-crowd-slow-cooker-barbacoa-beef-165301 I'm unreasonably obsessed with it. Since you're doing the good ol' AIP I won't suggest the cilantro lime quinoa I usually use, but I will suggest plantains. You can make them into tortillas if you like (I like to add 1 tsp of lime juice to this recipe, fyi) OR you can just saute some plantains up and eat it in a big ol' bowl. So good. Much yum. ETA: And I just realized I mega ditzed. Yeah, that recipe is not AIP. Nevermind... so much derp.
  11. A challenge full of Supernatural gifs?!?!?!?! of happiness.
  12. I missed the whole nationals thing. That sucks! But I suppose, a couple months out from it, you're hopefully a little less bummed. I have no idea what to make of your bench thing. That's nuts. I mean.... what? Sweet jesus.
  13. Hey guys, sorry for going MIA. I got knocked out by a sinus infection How was it? Let's plan another!
  14. Um, so, I see my last post didn't actually post! Derp. Special. Anyhow, Boyf and I, I believe, are available for brews and board games this Saturday! And I think Thinking Man is a perfect location since it has good (free) parking options and also has some games (though admittedly they're more standard issue). tl;dr - sounds good.
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