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  1. It's leg day!!! =)

  2. Nice! I'm originally from Los Angeles but moved here 20 years ago and loved it...ok not right away but I found out that I didn't want to live in L.A. anymore. I do love living here now
  3. Hello there, hoping to find some fellow nerds here in northwest Arkansas No need to meet up necessarily, but correspondence on here with local people would be awesome. Thanks everybody
  4. I have also been a lurker on NF for a while now, and I also want to become more active in the forums....and participate in challenges and what not. I could use your encouragement with these things and I would be more than glad to cheer you on and offer advise if you would like it =) let me know
  5. Ok so today I count as my 1st day after being "killed" in training. On January 14th I broke a rib during training for my 1st MMA fight...in addition to the broken rib I also "dislocated" it AKA rib head subluxation. Well today was my appt to put that wily little character back in place. Turns out I had 2 count em 2 ribs that decided to go allwilly nilly on me haha. I am glad to report that they are back where they should be, but I was told to lay off upper body exercise for a while so I can heal properly. Now that I am back to the rebellion after a hiatus I have changed classes to become an
  6. You got this, little steps every day. Soon it will become habits and in no time you will be on track. I am also making my come back so to speak and it seems overwhelming right now...we just have to be patient
  7. Decided to try some TGU with my kettlebell today...my still healing rib does not agree with my plans haha

  8. Ok rebellion I have made it back...haven't posted much at all really and haven't posted anything since '14!!! Yikes!!! Ok so here is a break down of goings on in my life: I joined an MMA gym here in my home town...love it, been there for about 1.5 yrs, decided I would train to fight...at least once. Lets be honest I was 38 when I walked through there doors and realized that it wasn't exactly going to be a long term hobby of actively competing. So after 6 months of training I was given an opportunity to fight in a muay Thai match yay! The plan was to go from 185# to 155#....I had all of 2 mon
  9. Oh sweet mother of pearl, I have only tried Tabata protocol 1 time. I just want to relay my story and hope you dont dive right in head 1st like I did...trust me you would be sorry. I had heard/read about tabata a few years ago and decided to give it a go, so being the impulsive person I am I grabbed 2 35# kettlebells and decided thrusters were the way to go! I had my wife tell me when my work/rest times were and went all out....yeah. So at the 2 minute mark I was damn near dead, dumped the kettlebells and grabbed 2 15# dumbbells...which I struggled with for the remainder of my time. After I f
  10. Batman Arkham Origins, Battlefield 2-3-and 4, Ghost, Tomb Raider (awesome game BTW), GTA 5. I have several others waiting but thats ok...I'll get to them
  11. Bonus level workout today. Got to the gym at 6:30 am (what was I thinking) Decided to do some front squats...haven't done any since BEFORE THANKSGIVING!!! Well turns out that I am weak as a kitten now and nowhere near as cute. 3 sets of 3 reps @ 135 lbs followed by 2 sets of 4 @ 115 lbs for grins I threw in 3 sets of clean/front squats @ 95 lbs extra credit went to shoulder presses 4 sets of 5 @ 95 lbs, one set 4 reps @ 95 finished with a last set of 3 reps @ 95
  12. BOOM! 30 pike push ups done! 3 sets of 10 Now off to bed, more adventures tomorrow!
  13. Alright! Last night I completed my kettlebell clean and press ladder 1,2,3 reps for 5 sets. 35# kbells each hand. 30 total reps completed. Wasn't too bad. Starting out slow till I get back into the grove of doing these again. As a side note I have been doing the "Waterbury Challenge"...google it haha. I am on day 10. Tonight after work I am hitting Pike push ups 30 reps http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sposDXWEB0A
  14. So first time trying a six week challenge. Main Quest! To finally do at least 10 reps for handstand push-ups! I can do a few pretty shaky ones, but I am determined to get this! 3 Goals/plans 1. Do 5 body weight workouts per week. 2. Kettlebell clean and press ladders 3 times a week (easy, medium, hard) 3. do yoga some yoga as often as I can, always makes me feel better (I'm not as young as I used to be ) Life Quest: Would like to take up boxing, there is a martial arts school in town that offers it so now is a good time to check it out
  15. I am, just signed up to the rebellion yesterday
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