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  1. So what you're saying is other people have to behave or fuck off, but because it's your thread, you can behave however you want? Yep, that fits perfectly with the extremely self-centered and immature picture you've been painting for the last 4 pages. Enjoy the solitude, "bro".
  2. Yes, according to the population of the internet, 50% of those who try to lose weight and fail have hashimoto's or some other auto immune disease preventing them from losing any weight whatsoever despite being at a huge caloric deficit forever. Wait, there's even a picture explaining that. As stated, a lot of people are either misinformed, imprecise or downright shitty at calculating, use the wrong data, bullshit themselves and finally, a lot of people simply want easier fixes, easier (more bearable) answers and yes, excuses. Less than 1% of the US pop actually suffer from hashimoto's, but if you spend some time surfing and "doing a quick google search on people who can't lose weight", it seems more like 50%. I won't even bother responding to the nonsene about respect. Your entire behaviour reeks of disrespect and immaturity.
  3. The reason for this is that between the two options, 1) calories are incorrect / 2) you're an enigma, the latter is incredibly unlikely, so people tend to stick with 1). Waldo also posed a bunch of questions to help you eliminate further problems, but so far you have ignored them. I would guess that people have as much a problem with your "weird case" as they have with the way you present it and behave. A normal person that has clear and complete data and makes this case without all the hostility will likely attract better reactions than what you've been doing so far.
  4. Those "tons of people" come down to people who are shitty at counting calories, shitty at estimating their TDEE usually through overestimating calories burned from exercise and/or lying to themselves and/or are not aware of certain things. Using "autistic" as a derogatory term to try to insult me just further reflects your incredible immaturity. My initial post was intended to further back what others have been saying in the hope that you come to realize that the problem isn't with those giving you "shitty advice", but with you. Also, the "scrub" you are insulting has managed to lose 50lbs and halve his bodyfat within 10 months, so the "scrub" seems to have been doing something right.
  5. That's why I said either. You obviously bullshit yourself if you believe what you stated could actually be true and wouldn't be erroneous on some end. Also good on you calling those people scrubs and telling those people to fuck off who actually have had success doing things exactly the way they advise you to do them. You're the posterboy immature asshole who thinks he and his methods are infallible and when criticized based on all the facts given lashes out instead. Telling people you feel full after eating 600-1200cals with a TDEE of ~3500 yet still not losing weight at 115kg and plenty of bf screams one of two things: Total BS / scientific wonder. The likelihood to encounter either of these, especially on the internet, is not the same, especially combined with your overall behaviour, so it's no surprise what kind of answers you get. In the end you're probably sleepwalking and eating 2 packs of donuts with a gallon of milk each night or are drinking a case of coke every day and "forgot" to add them to your caloric intake. Matter of fact is you waste everyone's time with this, because if you are the rare .0x% with a freak metabolism that's unlike anything except for a handful people on the planet, then a forum of nerds surely isn't going to be able to help you either, hence, the advice to let people research your unique situation.
  6. Haven't read such an obnoxious know-it-all that supposedly longs for advice, yet puts down anyone giving advice, in a very long time. With the information you have given: "Im 24 in august. I'm 6'2 and 115 kilos. Karate 2x a week. Tae kwon do 2x a week. Boxing twice a week. Strength training 4x a week and HIIT 2x a week." "I aim to hit my defecit as normal (2300 cals) 5 of those days. I usually fail and hit 1200-1500 On extra fail days I only hit as low 600 which is usually up to twice a week" The answer you have received: "You are estimating your intake wrong. There is no other possible explanation, period. You're not going to get any solid advice other than that. I'm not sure what you expect, that intake is low enough that little girls will drop weight easy yet you're 6'2" 250ish, doing martial arts 6x a week AND strength training 4-5x a week. Come on man, you realize how ridiculous this looks, right?" Is spot-on and either you are bullshitting yourself or bullshitting us. There's just those two options: 1) You're a troll or 2) you're a scientific wonder and should follow Waldo's advice and be "calling your local university so that the researchers there can study you."
  7. Brief question on this since it seems to fit: I've been doing my first pull-ups the other day and have been really sore for a few days afterwards. Sunday I did some again, this time even managed to do a couple in a row a few times and whenever I felt like I didn't have enough power I went and did inverted rows and my lats were absolutely killing me afterwards..probably because I never used them much before that. Everything else felt fine though. What I'm wondering now is whether that soreness is my indication that I should "rest" even if that means not working out for 3 or 4 days or is that just something I should try to ignore as best as I can and after the "scheduled rest day" just work out again even if it's painful? I wanted to go for a run today, 3 days after, but I still felt that pain in the sides of my upper back with every single step, so I stopped. I'm really not good at having longer rest periods, I've been regularly working out for a year now and everything above 2 days of rest in a row annoys the shit out of me and has me restless..also I feel like I eat way too much now because I lack the exercise. So, advice?
  8. I've not seen a mention of dairy yet. Can you eat dairy?
  9. Actually I do. Honey doesn't fit everywhere as a sweetener, so I use simple table sugar to sweeten some things and, ever since I started to pick up baking as a hobby (cooking in general really), I use even more of it. Examples are yoghurts with fruits that by themselves tend to be not all that sweet like strawberries/sour cherries/raspberries, yoghurt with flaxseeds that could use a little sweet punch, using sugar to caramelize bell peppers and onions and counteract red vine vinegar, adding it as a topping to pancakes, the spiced vanilla/cinnamon rice pudding I made yesterday and for the rare occasion where I drink some coffee I usually put at least one spoon of sugar in there as well. I feel doing this has given me a much better perspective on (and control over my) sugar consumption, especially given that I used to eat nothing but processed food with the contents about as unknown to me as their health benefits or risks and I doubt that the amount that I use on a weekly basis to sweeten stuff "manually" even comes close to the amount I used to ingest without even realizing it. Now excuse me while I stuff my face with the remainder of my 3 selfmade chocolate cupcakes that contain exactly 60g table sugar.
  10. Alright, so my problem is that I try to get to 150-170g of Protein each day, but sometimes simply don't get there through my normal nutrition, especially if I eat at my Mom's place or if friends invite me over. As an example, I'm at ~80g right now and its 10 p.m.. I'm planning to chug two cans of tuna(2*39g) right now which puts me at ~158g for the day. Is that okay or does it have any negative effects if I consume most of my daily protein this late and this way to get to my desired intake? Note that this is the exception to the rule. Usually I have a pretty protein-heavy diet with tons of eggs, meat, fish and dairy, but as stated, if I'm eating at someone else's place and I don't bring my food prepared with me, things sometimes end up being more carb heavy leaving me low on my daily protein.
  11. Show it to him, seriously. That video is what finally made me start with the program and I'm not exaggerating when I say that it changed my life. Also I've yet to see a person not at least feel motivated/moved after watching that video. Well except for my Dad who simply said "it's fake, that's not the same guy", even though it clearly is, but that's my Dad...
  12. As counterintuitive as it may sound, abstaining sweets will make the cravings for sweets go away. When I started losing weight, I cut out carbs almost entirely, except for those from vegetables, and my craving for candy and the like simply vanished - as did my overall hunger pangs. I'm pretty sure it's a combination of how sugar and the brain are interacting (dopamine release, sugar acting ike a drug) and how sugar and insuline are interacting (low amount of sugar intake = much less insuline spikes resulting in less cravings). Of course that doesn't provide a solution right in the moment where you have said cravings, but if you can abstain longer, they might just be gone when you wake up the next day, or the day after. This way I was able to not eat anything sweet at all for 2-4 weeks at a time and this worked every time I attempted it. Also, every time I caved after that time, it was more difficult to not eat something sweet than before I caved, meaning the candy right after caving was much harder to resist than the initial candy. Note that this is only if you really want to cut hard. If you're strength training, you need some form of sugar anyway, might as well make that a treat to keep you sanity. To me, it was simply easier to abstain sweets completely for a set timeframe instead of trying to limit myself to a little amount - the stuff is just too addictive (by design, by the way - "Salt, Sugar Fat" by Michael Moss is a great read on food engineering).
  13. It's not sad at all. I'm doing this for a year now and sometimes I still lose balance during lunges. In many of the videos you see guys/girls fall over, collapse, lose balance, it's absolutely normal, don't worry about it.
  14. Gotta agree here. A friend of mine quit smoking and that motivated me to also give it a go. Well, she relapsed after ~2 months, I did not and carried on. Now I'm 2 years smoke free and she's still smoking. I tried motivating her to give it another try, offering her all my support and the knowledge I've gained, recommending all sorts of things, but it almost feels like the more I try to push her forward, the more I push her away (from the idea, not me thankfully). In the end, people simply need to be ready for those kind of things, no matter what big change it is, it needs to come from within first.
  15. While a valid concern, I don't really feel as if I'm trying many things at once. Distance running really was something that just "happened", because I had injured my shoulder and couldn't do any yoga or bodyweight exercises for 10 days and really, running 7-8km every other day in 45 minutes hardly qualifies as that in my book anyway. The 10k in September is a neat goal, but my priorities are clearly defined and lie elsewhere: Gain strength, lower bodyfat, improve form/difficulty of my yoga (which comes down to improving strength anyway just like the pull-ups, handstands and whatnot as well as improving flexibility) and keep feeling great physically in general. I'm also an all or nothing guy. When I quit smoking I did so not by slowing down, decreasing the amount slowly or work around with nicotine patches or meds. I just decided it's time, read a book and quit for good. Same thing with my nutrition - I knew I had to do a 180 and so I did, went from eating total garbage and tons of refined carbs (easily 70% of my diet) to eating an atkins-ish lowcarb diet (below 40g a day) for a good while, then slowly progressed to a more paleo-ish diet and now was at a "real foods and not so many carbs"-point, at least until I decided to up my caloric intake again. I've also learned a lot about myself, about what I'm able to ask of myself and what not and I've also created great, long-lasting habits which are easy to modify to my needs. For now that will mean yoga 3 times a week, strength training at least 2 times a week, and going for runs every other day (more relaxation than anything really). I've also really learned to listen to my body and adapt, so if I feel particularly sore or tired, I've got no problem to add an extra day of rest without the danger of having my exercise routine completely fall apart simply because it's become absolute second nature and I start missing exercising after a maximum of 3 days rest anyway. Lastly, even if I end up not having changed much in the course of the next month or so I'll still be where I was initially which for me is a great place anyway and I can then use what I've learned to make further improvements to help me get where I want to be.
  16. When I was 19 and had a 2 week break from work I was curious and wanted to know what real hunger actually felt like. So I didn't eat for 2 days and 8 hours. Then I ate 2 slices of bread with salami, felt about as much joy as I've felt in my entire adult life (barring very few exceptions) and afterwards felt like I had eaten an entire cow. If you can afford it, give it a try, but you need to not work, drive or otherwise control potentially dangerous machinery and should be in otherwise relatively good health. I started to feel quite dizzy on the second day and hallucinations started beginning the third which, combined with stomach cramps, was the reason I caved and ate something again.
  17. I've pondered both those things actually. Guilds sounded fairly interesting at first, but after reading more about it I didn't really find the way it's implemented all that appealing and while I like the idea of challenges, I'm not the guy to be overly meticulous about it, at least not meticulous enough to give it any sort of sense. I like things simple most of the time (KISS ). Starting a battle log sounds feasible enough and I'll probably do so sometime this week. Lots of things changing, lots of new things, had my dietary and fitness life shaken up more this week than during the last 6 months. Guess that's what happens when you dive headfirst into a new environment aka forum.
  18. I've had wrist problems for several years and it became a lot worse once I started working out on them regularly (push-ups, down dog during yoga, attempts at handstands) and I've also been at the point where I couldn't even lightly lean on it on a table while standing. The answer for me were wrist wraps. It seems they're usually used by weightlifters, but to me, they were an absolute godsend and are in no small part responsible for my continued success, because without them, I wouldn't have been able to do much. They alleviate the pain in the typical positions to the point where it is not even there anymore and through strengthening the wrist throughout I have now gotten rid of one of them for good while still relying on the other until I feel safe with my left wrist as well. They're not too expensive either and certainly a great investment. I bought mine from amazon, note that this is from the German version of the site: *click*.
  19. Yeah, this + this has preworkout written all over. In other news, in working my way up to pistol squats I tried bulgarian split squats for the first time today. Great stuff for so many reasons and I felt like this could actually get me to do pistol squats someday. Tomorrow is windsprint day and it will be glorrific. Yes. Exactly. Oh I totally got that reference. Staring at Kvothe's progress-bar in his sig in awe all the time. Thanks.
  20. Well, I don't know whether it was the two pieces of self made Raspberry New York Cheesecake, the Malteser's I chugged down or the two beers I had, but after a little birthday celebrating of a friend of mine, I decided to visit the playground and attempt a pull-up. Well, attempt isn't a fitting description as I did not one but three deadhang pull-ups. Boom! Now on to the delicious two cans of tuna awaiting me here to get the remaining 79g protein in, heh.
  21. My doorframe seems to be completely incompatible with those things, otherwise I'd have gotten one months ago. That mini-ledge above the frame where you clamp/attach them in my case is way too small (less than 1cm) and the doors themselves are too wide (92cm). Also, the only frame that doesn't have a wall directly next to it (blocking where you would set the bar on the side you pull up on), doesn't have such a "mini-ledge" at all, nothing there for whatever reason. Pretty much all the bars I've seen require standards like this. There might be some that are better/different, but those will end up being far above the $20 price class which already is pretty much the maximum I could afford right now anyway. I also thought about simply drilling a bunch of holes in the wall and using screw anchors/pegs, but the walls in this apartment are extremely problematic, to the point I almost couldn't put up my kitchen (wall)cupboard, hell it even destroyed (completely bent it) a drilling head when I tried to force things. Still, I'll be able to do all the push-, leg- and core-exercises here, already intrigued to finally learn how to do pistol squats (which I saw a few years back and deemed absolutely impossible for me to ever do realistically) and for the pull-ups I'll just need to find an alternative at home or visit said playground whenever I can.
  22. Yeah, I'm starting to really rethink a lot of things. Instead of going to bed at 12:30 in the morning I spent another 2 hours reading on Waldo's site and especially the Born to Bulk, Losing Weight vs. Cutting and When to take a Diet Break articles really hit a nerve. "Really start building" sounds like a great idea.
  23. First thing Monday morning, this is exactly what I needed to hear, especially coming from a gorilla! Thanks!
  24. Haha, I don't have a pull-up bar and have to go to a playground a few miles out of my way where one is located so I couldn't try yet. What I did try today though was sprinting. Holy hell my lungs were burning, but it felt great. Got me some stupid looks, running as fast as I can karate chopping the air. Totally worth it though. I noticed Waldo already due to his frequent and pretty great posts and also read some of his site and will certainly use it as one of my ressources. Assisted handstand pushups though, against the wall. I've only recently started practicing that and I still lack a lot of balance. Anyway, the new diet will give me a lot more leeway in terms of what kinds of food I can eat, because before, rice/potatoes simply were too calorically dense to eat more than every other week and now I can basically eat them every other day if I want to. Just opens up a lot of good things which I'm sure is part of the reason for the high.
  25. Awesome stuff. I was somewhat aware of this "afterburner effect" and increased metabolism after anaerobic exercise, but somehow didn't translate this into more fat calories burned, just more calories burned in general, which led me to believe that the amount of calories from fat the body utilized was still greater during aerobic exercise. Thanks for not being lazy this time ( ) and providing that very informative article. What it states about interval training only encourages me to try it out even more and the adaptation conundrum really gives a new perspective. On a side note, I've eaten a bunch more calories yesterday (2.4k with 146g protein), also upping carb intake quite a bit and I've done one of the best and most impressive hours of yoga this year. I was sweating crazy amounts, having to drink 1.25l of water just to get through that hour. It seems my body was telling me all along to ramp it up a bit (food and carb wise) in order to be able to accomplish more. Which I probably did, because for the first time in a long time, I feel really sore from yoga. Guess the adaptation was creeping in there too and I just wasn't physically able to push farther without the right amount and kind of fuel behind it. I even did the vast majority of the slow push-ups with elbows tucked which usually was extremely difficult and only lasted for the very first two or three couple of times where this time I managed to do all but the last two (30 second and 60 second push-ups) this way. I also managed to do some handstand pushups against the wall after said workout which seems crazy compared to before where I could barely hold a handstand afterwards. I can't thank you enough for the advice. After stagnating about a month and feeling rather directionless I now feel that I have the tools and the path to eventually lead me to the goals I've set for myself, much appreciated Kvothe.
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