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  1. Squatting with the bar/tiny weights again, as opposed to just lunges/leg machines. Glutes are TALKING today!

    1. Lita


      Just wait until they complain at you tomorrow. :P

    2. lyricalsharon


      Haha this is the day after! My legs are like stiff wooden boards!

  2. The world lost a little bit of gold today. RIP Robin Williams. :(

  3. That time when someone gives you a set of computer speakers for free! Woot!

  4. Joining the Rangers for this challenge!

    1. Barfly
    2. TheCrimsonFist


      Welcome to the fold, Sharon

  5. On schedule for tonight: Eat soup and watch superhero movies. Yesssss!

    1. TheCrimsonFist


      Just make sure not to mix the two up. While soup can be exciting to watch, superhero movies taste horrible.

  6. Assigned my first 10 attribute points. BOOYA!!!!

    1. The King of Lame

      The King of Lame


      I remember when I did that.

      I remember as if it was a few weeks ago.

      Keep moving and never quit. Stay rebellious!

  7. I <3 NF. That is all.

    1. Ba'sini'on
    2. The King of Lame

      The King of Lame

      Caaaaaan you feeeeel the loooooove tonight?!

  8. Great run this morning. Add to delicious spinach salad w pork and caramelized onions, fresh cherry tomatoes and strawberries. Glorious.

    1. Bekah


      sounds like an amazing day!

  9. I start my first official challenge tomorrow! Yeah baby!

  10. Debating on staying home tonight or going out. Both have merit.

  11. Watching Star Wars V on Blu-ray with surround sound. I lurv housesitting.

    1. The King of Lame

      The King of Lame

      A movie for every occasion.

  12. One thing I love about NF/the Rebellion is seeing all the different people express their inner nerd. No trying to be "cool" or put up façades here. Just real. LOVE IT.

    1. The King of Lame

      The King of Lame

      "Cool" is but a mask. Lame is your true self! Give yourself to the Lame!

  13. Feeling yesterday's Angry Birds workout. Sanding and painting my office today: awesome.

  14. Eating carrots and dip instead of chips! Huzzah!

  15. Quest posted! Race and class figured out! Signature done! Huzzah!

  16. Complete newbie alert! Trying to get a hang of this and figure out how to post stuff!

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