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  1. that is aweful!! i hate reading about that kind of stuff - it's funny though that something as life essential as food can mess us all up. for so many different reasons
  2. i'm sorry you won't make your goals. i had to duck out on my last workout this week due to ilness. but you've made amazing progress! can't wait to see where you go next
  3. as long as you're planning the next challenge then it was never really a full fail. i've had many stumbles this year - it's taking learnings and moving to the next thing that is important
  4. wahoo!! welcome back i hope i don't miss your trip update - i'm just about to head away myself
  5. i'm sorry about your domestic problems. i hope whatever they are they get better soon and you can come out of your room again wings and beer does sound like a very awesome plan to help you feel better thou
  6. damn triple digit bench is amazing!!! well done
  7. thanks guys i haven't had much of a chance to film anymore, but i'm going on holiday tommorrow so hopefully will be able to grab some nice sites of Vanuatu for you all. sadly no walking to mordor this weekend, i'm still recovering from a nasty tummy bug and it seems the weather has decided to match how i feel - it's miserable out there. i'm looking forward to a break from the gym, but will still be keeping active in other ways. walking, swimming, hiking, abseiling - i'm not one to sit in the sun and do nothing i hope i'm back for the next challenge in time. on the 15th sept my work is starting a 10K steps a day challenge - so will be adding that to my next challenge as well as more 5x5 and training for my grip - boyfriend brought this stuff to help strengthen your grip. off to do a final sweep of the forum, but otherwise will see you all in a few weeks
  8. well, my last week didn't go entirely as planned. cut to the end - i didn't get my third day in this week as i got a nasty tummy bug on thursday and just don't have the strength to get back into it yet. the last time i had one i wasn't right for almost a week. i'm hoping i feel much better tommorrow as i'm flying away for my holiday! but all things considered this challenge is complete and done! it's been a great six weeks. i haven't finished a challenge in a while so i'm pretty stoked to see it through. looking back at the last week. Monday was awesome, but the weight for bench press and row was a bit tough. i managed to do great reps of 3 for each one. wednesday was interesting. for those who don't know i have minor ulnar nerve damage. if i lean anywhere from my elbow to my wrist it all goes numb right up to my fingers and my wrist gets weak. when i sleep i need to sleep with straight arms, this is cos i can't bend my elbow too much or again numbess. and it seems i slept weird on tuesday night as i kept waking up with my arm numb - which lead to a really weak wrist on wednesday morning. which long story meant i bombed on my OHP - wrist was much too weak to hold the bar. move onto deadlift. now that the weight is heavier warmup has gone from zero to two full sets. i did my second set warm up of 165 but had trouble holding the bar. i couldn't lift the 175 at all. but in the last six weeks i've made really good progress - so really happy. went from squatting 24 pounds to 125 pounds bench press started at 45 pounds now 75 pounds row went from 65 to 95 OHP went from 45 to 60 and deadlift from 95 to 165 any way you look at it i made really good progress. and it isn't over yet as i said i'm off tomorrow for two weeks, the gym at the resort doesn't have weights so won't be able to keep going. but when we get back ready to jump back into it. the next challenge will be pretty full on and i can't wait!!
  9. 259 points sounds amazing for only 30 days!! well done
  10. nice pics!! i just posted a video of a walk i did to a waterfall near where i live. it's in my daily battle log if you want/have time to check it out. those videos are awesome!! damn those guys are amazing. and my comment at 1.27 - oh jesus!
  11. first thing you buy with your money is bacon - i like your style that heroes vs villians thing looks awesome, good luck! and good luck on your final week! you can smash this!
  12. i agree, weights on boobs is not appealing!
  13. so last week i recorded some of the walk if you want you can view a quick 2 minute video from my gopro below http://youtu.be/g0BMMs-cbDk?list=UUPVwIdZvxxHnwHn2IHVsKwg Yesterday (being Saturday here) we went on another massive walk, 10KM (6.2mi) we decided that this will be our saturday walk, it's a massive loop that we can go in either direction from our house. Last weeks walk was going up one side of cannons point hill, then we came back down. Yesterday we went up the other side and walked all the way across and back down the way we walked last week. It took 2 hours 55 mins in total - climbing up the hill is a bitch, no matter which direction we go. so what we're going to do is each week alternate which direction we walk - one is steeper than the other. and we will record each walk and hopefully we will always be improving our times. i will be setting up a spreadsheet to track these times, and also hoping to find a nice map from hobbiton to rivendell so we can show our progress. After yesterday, on the first leg from Hobbiton to Rivendell we now only have 446.8 miles to go! if anyone has seen such map please let me know, otherwise i will be googling at some point this weekend to set it up
  14. so week five is over, damn how this challenge has flown by! it was a week of ups and downs - and not just from the lifting and squatting i made good progress on the bench press and OHP, realising that it's ok if for the first time i do a weight i only do 3/4 reps. as long as i do 5 sets i'll complete it the next time. and we're up to the 35 pound weights on each side of the bar for squats. it seems with every lift each time you reach a new weight size it feels like a great achievement. but pendelay rows, ugh! so i know that i break form slightly on the 4th and 5th rep. but last week - it seems by the third set my body said nope you can't do this anymore, it's too heavy - do a deadlift instead. no shit, i go to bring the bar into my chest and my legs decide to push up to help me with the weight. so massive fail on that, will have to take my time and only count the real full form ones. at the end of week five (ss link btw) i am lifting: squat 115 pounds - wahoo!!! bench press 75 pounds barbell row 95 pounds (big fat fail bum on 100 pounds) overhead press 60 pounds (failed on the 65) deadlift 165 pounds one more week of this challenge to go and unless something really out of it happens i'd say i've got this one wrapped up - first challenge in a long time i've passed too. i have an update for my side challenge so popping over to the daily battle log hope you all had a good week
  15. damn those are some nice photos!! looks like you went on a really beautiful hike
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