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  1. Hey, it's really nice to talk to you, but look at the time! I really need to go into a broom closet and shut the door for a few minutes. To be serious, I usually say I had other things to do... work, meetings, assignments, bus, errands, restrooms, etc, and excused myself. Anybody know a way to handle friends with 1) clinical depression and 2) mild social anxiety?
  2. Welcome to the Writers' Guild! And welcome to the ESL world!! I struggled with writing in English a lot because I think in Thai. What works in my native language doesn't work in English. It just creates a whole lot of confusion. My way out was that I read and listened a lot-- until I'm familiar with the way it was written and spoken. Instead of following grammatical rules, I read things to myself and ponder whether that's the way a 'John/ Mary' would say it. Hope this helps, and good luck writing.
  3. I think we agree that no book has been translating into a movie all that well. Ha! One way I guess is to send the robots to different space stations, and have humans wear sensory responsive suit on the Earth Station that can control the robot real time. Now humans could travel the spaces but still can pee and eat McDonalds any time they want.
  4. There's an asexual porn. It's food porn... Plumber: That will be twenty dollar. Homeowner: But I have no money... Plumber: Then how are you going to pay? I need to eat! Homeowner: How about fire grilled ribs marinated in rosemary-pineapple sauce, sided with grilled asparagus and avocado puree. Served after sweet pea salad with Asian ginger-grapefruit fused dressing. With Creme Brule' for dessert? Plumber: How can you afford to make this food? Homeowner: Oops (Dropped the oven door and caught it, giggled)... Don't mind me. I'm so clumsy these days. Much later Plumber: *Moan* Homeowner: Oh
  5. Sounds like you have a stream of writing project coming along. Congratulations. For me, I plan to publish my work online. I want to create a few fans of my book in the US before flying back to my country. Having some fans who know me here can help me sell future books even though I'm no longer in the US. It's just a hope. I still have to finish a book.
  6. Hi, just a shout out to see if anybody is in the Urbana Champaign area of Illinois!
  7. And this is for Jason (Flagwaver). It's a good piece. Although, I think if you bring us a smaller piece at a time, a crit would be much easier!
  8. So, this is for Oramac. As before, feedback is more than welcome! That is an intriguing beginning of a story. So now we know Johann was older, and a father to a this girl. Seems like Oramac has gotten involved with something serious and has accidentally accepted the power of Paladin. Over all, I really want to follow along, but there are some unclear points you can make better with descriptions. What I really like: the flow. I think the pace of the story is good. You keep giving us some answers, but keep promising it to be more. Now we know that Oramac will be given a job to be the H
  9. Flagwaver, that looks like a long and beautiful piece. I began, but won't have time to finish tonight. I'll come back with feedback!
  10. So... for option A. I have this idea stuck in my head for a while now... about how to make an immortal. My story follows an Indian girl living in Chicago, Satya. She who grew up reading mythologies across the world. She really liked the stories of the gods. And she marked similar patterns across cultures. One day, when her father was diagnosed with terminal cancer-- Satya saw the patterns across the all stories and come up with a theory of how to become an immortal. She set out with an idea to become a healing goddess in order to prolong her father's life-- with some help of an Ambassad
  11. This is an intense opening scene. Quickly turned from a teenage crisis in to an Oh Shit moment pretty fast. I really enjoy it. Your way of describing magic makes D&D fans follow pretty easily. One thing I noticed was that we didn't get to know how Johann is related to Oramac. Is he his best buddy? Love rival? Kind uncle? Lover? If Johann is just a farmer who lives down the road, how is he important to Oramac? Or is it justice that was more important? Because if I was Oramac, my best bet was to sneak back to the woods and get help. His reason to get involve so quickly has to stem from his
  12. From what I understood from the story: - Anna and Tommy are doing something in the mall with a machete when Tommy senses a... zombie? - This is a post-apocalyptic world fallen to a virus Overall, it's pretty gripping. The pace is exciting, and Anna's voice serves her well. Your grammars are on point.Since this is the first time we're in the story and the world, having no orientation of where things are can be confusing to me. I'd like more description. Is it bright? Dark? Hot? Cold? What kind of a scene are they in? We don't know much of the characters to relate to/ care about them yet. W
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