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  1. Hi, just a shout out to see if anybody is in the Urbana Champaign area of Illinois!
  2. That sounds beautiful. There is a similar saying in Thai 'Gai Ngam Pro Kohn: Kon Nham Pro Tang' which means similar thing. Update Just finished a very satisfying workout today! But the food is still a struggle. I have to put priority on work, so I can't cook everyday, but I would have to find a way to not over consume sweets.
  3. Thanks Rurik. Week 3 had been great-- I've been trying to get off sugar and cut down some calories. Sometimes successfully, and sometimes not. Thanks, Xena. I agree with that. I know it's cheesy when you have a 'makeover' collage in movies, but a change of style can improve someone's looks if they need.
  4. 58 km this week!? Amazing. Your sleep stat looks great too!
  5. Great weekend. The force is strong within you!!
  6. So, the story for the third week: Defense Against the Dark Arts!!
  7. Week 2: Aside from noticing a giant flaw in my diet this week, I don't make any big mistakes. I worked out 6 days this week, but walked everywhere instead of cardio. Only ran for a mile. A session of Muay Thai was fun. We were learning clinching, and my neck felt like I was carrying watermelon on my shoulders for the next two days. For creative writing, I finished another competition to write a story in Thai about a teenager who embodied the knowledge of Thoth by accident. Now I have to wait until the end of February to see if I get to the next round! I went to Chicago for the valentine's weekend, just to hang out with a good friend. We went and saw The Big Short. That movie was thought-provoking. I didn't get easy entertainment, but some life lessons. It taught me a fair lesson about American economy, and another knowledge. With certain haircuts, clothes, grooming, and posture, superstars can look like average people. Christian Bale looked like someone's uncle, Ryan Gosling looked like a charmless bully (he doesn't make a good looking brunet.) So, if these things can be adjustable, I can some times swap myself out to look like a superstars when I need to! Needs a few trials... and probably a few pounds off my waist though.
  8. Thanks, Xena! I have liked Hufflepuff for a long time, and I don't think they get enough credit in the story. Pomodora was just a suitable name. Since the next one is Defense against dark arts, so it might be Ravenclaw next time. Hi Briniel, thanks for the good wish. The rest of the week went decently. Some bumps here and there-- but I will move into the third week with some more strategies!
  9. I agreed with everyone that with all the factor, this pace is victorious!
  10. Sorry about missing Judo. We got bombarded by snow south of the great lakes, so I imagine it might be harsh up north. Stay warm!
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