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  1. So I'm trying to lose some weight and I've changed my diet quite well I do have the occasional naughty thing but I have given up all takeaways, chocolate, biscuits and crisps for lent and so far I've lost 3lbs. But I used to run a lot and now it's so cold out I can't bring myself to go out [emoji28] I was wondering how other people motivate themselves to go out in the cold. I have some thermal clothes but I'm still always too cold to enjoy it.
  2. Ha that could be an idea! I don't know how well I'd do! Nutella has become my Achilles. Despite the fact that I ate at least double my daily calorie limit whilst I was at the German market and ate two boxes or biscuits and 2000 calories of malteasers on xmas day I didn't gain any weight over xmas so there was that silver lining. I have realised lunch is what messes everything up for me! If I have a filling and healthy lunch in golden for the day. Im trying to steer clear of ham though cause of nitrates and all the bad stuff but I have no idea what else to put in my sandwiches also I get very b
  3. Yeah I guess so... Hard to eat healthy on a student budget sometimes. My main goal is to lose weight, when I set the goal I was having real issues with not snacking on malteasers. I'm buying some more thermal running gear over xmas so when I get that I can run outside again - I hate treadmills - I found it really easy to give up fizzy drinks when I set my mind to it but at the moment with the cold weather etc I'm finding it hard not to eat everything all the time [emoji28] I hate being fat but at the moment I don't have the motivation to do anything about it which is really stupid
  4. I use my fitness pal and it helped for a while but I'm just so fed up I don't care at that the time and now I feel shit for eating the whole house. I suck with protein. No matter what I do I cannot get it to 100g which is 30% of my daily calories. I struggle a lot with lunch though cause if I buy something it's not healthy but I have to take cold stuff if I go to the library or uni and I can't eat bread cause it makes me bloat and look like I'm pregnant [emoji23]
  5. I'm just 100% done with this year. I'm just over it. I have three more full days of uni work before I can see my mum. I don't tend to emotional eat I boredom eat I know that but I'm always hungry like all the time. I can eat a full meal and then eat more straight after. I had blood work done so I know there's nothing wrong physically like a thyroid problem so it has to be psychological [emoji53]
  6. I can't stop eating everything at the moment [emoji24][emoji24] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. I am sorry everyone. I failed in my quest....
  8. Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 All no chocolate [emoji57]
  9. Day 6 no chocolate and I'm feeling extra proud of myself for resisting doughnuts, fudge, sweeties, burgers, chips and all the other junk food that was at the Xmas market this evening [emoji123]🼠Turtle I'm giving it up until Xmas day (only cause of an Xmas tradition with my mum) it's actually starting to feel easier. I gave up fizzy drinks and forced myself to drink water so now I have a banana or a red apple if I want something sweet. I find that it's only for a small moment I have to be strong and then I feel better. And I've lost 1lb since my last weigh in, I don't think it's linked to t
  10. Day three no chocolate - didn't post yesterday as I had a migraine Day four no chocolate
  11. Day 2 no chocolate. My friend is not supportive... She left chocolate biscuits in my room so I gave them to my house mate [emoji123]ðŸ¼
  12. Very sorry about the multiple posts tapatalk does NOT like me posting from my iPhone apparently... and nerdfitness doesnt have a delete button for threads...
  13. I am going to 100% give up chocolate for 1 month starting tomorrow morning. My aim is to post here every day to say if I have eaten any or not cause if there's a small chance anyone is or had read this then I think it will motivate me to keep updating. If I do fail and eat some then I will be given an exercise punishment (I hate push ups and intervals). It was really easy for me to give up fizzy drinks so I'm praying it'll be easy to give up chocolate. Wish me luck! (And self control!) I have a question-- does Nutella count as chocolate?
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