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  1. @VellaMal - another awesome looking recipe; thanks!! Didn't realise it could be three days in advance, so that's a game changer!
  2. Hi @VellaMal When I do swoodles, I tend to stick them in the oven rather than frying them - they seem to stay together ok. I'm going to give zucchini noodles a go - my grandfolks grow lots of courgettes, so they need using up! Your recipe sounds rad.
  3. That actually sounds fabulous! Thank you.
  4. I hadn't thought of that! I have decided that I am going to start tracking my food more - who knows what I will find? XD
  5. Oh wow. Truly, thank you so much. I've been yoyoing between feeling like I'm making progress to feeling like a failure. I needed to see this. Thank you. ❤
  6. I'm sorry to hear that people aren't being so supportive. the folks above are right - cups is a good start for portion size. I know it's true that you can't outrun your fork, but in these situations it's hest to focus on what you can control rather than what you can't. So, as the others have said, you can't control what your family buy but you can control how much of it you eat. You can also control how much exercise you do. I know that it's not possible to outrun your fork, but it still helps. I'm not sure how much six dollars would buy, but maybe pick
  7. Hi everyone! So the Hedgehog bought a spiraliser! Got it reduced in a sale for £8. Best £8 I've ever spent! Just wondered if anyone on here uses a spiraliser and if they had any recipes they can recommend? So far, I've made sweet potato noodles with goats cheese, caramelised onion and pine nuts and I've also made parsnip noodles with prosciutto ham, sugar snap peas and parmesan, flavoured with a little garlic and chilli flakes - delicious and both myself and other half have decided to abandon pasta in favour of these spiralised vegetable things.
  8. Thanks folks. ☺ my motivation is back and I'm feeling loads better. Really appreciate the support!
  9. That is a really great point! Thank you for that! I will give that a go until the weather starts to cool down - I'm pretty sure that's half the problem. When it's hot I don't even want to move, let alone hit the gym... Thanks for your help!
  10. Brilliant! Thanks for the tip on the bread.
  11. Thanks Garris and PaulG. Much easier than faffing around - and you have ordinary bread in those sandwiches? Raincloak - not at all the obvious. Basically, my partner and I live in separate towns with our respective parents. He preps his own food all the time and I can control my breakfast and lunch but my mum cooks dinner and usually this is very healthy - however there aren't always leftovers. When there are, I happily take them. This is for the days when I am sans leftovers.
  12. That sounds pretty good! Certainly not a meal that would leave you hungry. Do you eat that on days when you work out too? Thanks for the idea!
  13. Hi everyone! So my partner and I are looking to create a meal plan for 2 weeks (to repeat so we don't get bored but also don't get swamped by choices). Dinner isn't usually an issue - I enjoy cooking and have recipes that are my go-to healthy things. Breakfast is ok - overnight oats. Sorted. Bacon etc on the weekends. But lunch is something I am struggling to find inspiration for. Ideally, something that can be chucked in the freezer and grabbed on the way out of the door would be best. Both of us have access to microwaves at work.
  14. So there I was, smashing PRs (not high ones as I was new to the gym anyway, but I was doing well) and now all of a sudden, my motivation is knackered and I'm knackered too! Any ideas? I've been going to the gym 3 times a week - this week I've slipped up (had a job interview to prepare for - doesn't sound major, but there was a lot of prep and stress and nerves) and now I've only been once this week. I'm going again tomorrow morning - I barely had the energy today to take a walk down the street, let alone to go to the gym. I'm house-sitting in a different town and I'm a bit further
  15. Perhaps not relating to the food itself so much (everyone else has covered that pretty extensively). I had a habit of buying coffee from coffee shops when I really didn't need to - I can easily make coffee at home. So, I worked out the average cost of what I was buying each time, and every time I was tempted by coffee while I was out and resisted, I would put the money I would have spent on coffee in a jar (I should have used an empty coffee jar for the lols). If you have something in mind that you're saving for this can be another little motivator. The money stacks up quick.
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