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  1. 1/28/2014 -- just updated main post. I haven't given up, just been too distracted to update here ;p still going strong
  2. Hope everyone rocked day one! Stay excited, stay motivated!
  3. Seconding the "you should totally try quidditch" sentiment. Alright nerds, hope everyone's ready to start kicking butt tomorrow!
  4. @Ray, any sport can seem complicated from the sidelines if you're new to it! Understanding quidditch is kind of like understanding football; you either have to play a lot or watch a lot to fully get what's going on, but once you do it's pretty intuitive
  5. Thanks, guys! Yeah I'm pretty stoked about quidditch, the folks on the teams are really cool and our A team actually almost qualified for the World Cup last semester!
  6. Starting with bodyweight and a little cardio! Also trying to get on the quidditch team, which is actually a pretty intense workout in and of itself at my school. Tackling getting started with my first six-week challenge
  7. becoming a heroine: challenge one: the spring semester grind Yo, nerds! So, midpoint update: At the start of this challenge, this thread was very long and over-complicated and maybe a little over-ambitious. Meaning I forgot that I would actually have a lot of work to do and a lot of friends to catch up with once the semester started. However, I'm pretty stoked with the way my semester has gone so far -- it's currently the start of week three of the semester, and week four of the challenge -- and I'm doing great. I'm not playing quidditch because I realized it would be too big of a time sap,
  8. Hi there. It's nice to finally join this awesome community. I've been following the blog for about a year now, but unfortunately I have a horrible habit of Underpants Gnoming, so I've done little more than just absorb information since I started reading. But I recently realized, when I came home from my first semester of college and went on a total blog binge, that I've reached the point where I have more underpants than I know what to do with and I'd like to start putting them to good use. Okay, enough with the underpants analogy. I won't go too deep into an introduction because I feel th
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