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  1. Week Three: It has become apparent that I will not be able to achieve my goal for this challenge. I have fallen off track and neglected the specific goals. I didnt take into account the days I already knew I would be going "off plan." Even if I had followed the plan exactly for the rest of the challenge, it still would have been difficult to achieve the goal. However! I am back on track now and am motivated to stick to it! I enjoyed all my celebrations and no longer have the excuse days coming up. I will still be going out with friends, but will be ordering food that is Weig
  2. WOW! Last week was a whirlwind! Literally no time to update! And completely forgot about my life goal until just now!! Oops!!! Week One: Weight Watchers: Eh...decent...I need to get into the habit of tracking as soon as I eat something rather than waiting until the end of the day because I end up forgetting to do it and having to remember everything the next day. I tracked during the week, but Didnt do well Friday-Sunday because of temptations at work - I tracked Friday even though I went way over my goal for the day, but that didnt continue through Saturday and S
  3. Yay! Welcome back! I just got back after a two year hiatus, too! I dont know if I would say I progressed...I've lost some things I was doing before. I did get this new thing, though. My old adult gymnastics coach quit and moved away and they changed the structure of the class. Now, the adult "gymnastics" class doesnt actually involve any gymnastics...its basically crossfit...So I dont go there anymore. This gym's class is structured similar to the old one, but more laid back and more open gym time, so a little harder to build the skills without the specific instruction. Still fun!
  4. https://youtu.be/LMYxnozcmUU NEW SKILL! I connected the front handspring and the front tuck for the first time a couple weeks ago! I did it a few times today too, this time I stayed standing!!
  5. Nightcrawler_Bamff Rejoins the X-Men (Take 2) Nightcrawler: Me Rogue: Unknown (but AMAZING!) Photo: Burump (Instagram) Goal: Get back to within 2lbs of my Weight Watchers goal so I can start going to meetings for free again and stop paying for the online tools. This was the goal for the last challenge, but I fell off the wagon and ended up at the same weight I started at. I am currently 6lbs away from this goal. How: 1. Weight Watchers: WRITE IT DOWN!! I'm figuring out that if I eat something that isnt very Weight Watchers f
  6. Well...apparently I cant post it at all... Wrong file type...
  7. Final Week! Weight Watchers: Didnt track over the weekend Oops...I know I went over my allowance, but tried to keep it reasonable. Overall: Tracked most days..pass...barely Gym: Only went twice. I plan to go on Fridays or Sundays, then people want to go eat after work...I have really bad fear of missing out and will ALWAYS choose socializing over things im SUPPOSED to be doing...so...for me...I am ok with that sacrifice. Overall: If I include gymnastics, I worked out at least three times every week, though that was not part of the challenge. I am, however, sa
  8. Week Three: 1. Weight Watchers: Fail. Surprise day off on Sunday so ended up partying Saturday night and Sunday. Worth it, though (or...it was at the time and thats what I'm going to keep telling myself so I dont get discouraged, haha)! 2. Gym: Fail. Monday (walk/weights)...thats it....Was gonna go Friday, but ended up getting supper with coworkers instead, and Sunday, but ended up partying...oops! 3. Work food: Fail. Stayed out on Saturday, but made an excuse for one of the things then my will crumbled. I WILL do better this weekend! Result: Anoth
  9. How it happens that you would come off as mocking? Well...you are talking AS that person, so you have to take on their personality and affect and that can easily be perceived as mocking. No...not that I know of. Also, there were only two of us there to look for them haha. We were trying to figure out numbers, so we were going to max reps/max weight...also, I haven't really worked out like that in a long time.
  10. Week Two: Oops! Took me a couple days to get to this! Disclaimer: I planned to not stay on plan for Easter because it was the end of Lent and I had given up the snack cupboard and wanted to give in one day. 1. Weight Watchers: Fail...ish...I tracked throughout the week and planned to not stay on track on Sunday, but I also didnt track on Saturday and know I went way over my allowance. 2. Gym: Fail...ish.... Tuesday (personal training! Worked on chest, back, and legs...I was sore until Sunday!! Which is why I didnt go back until Sunday) and Sun
  11. Thanks! We had two Spanish-English interpreters in out class. ASL-English is very different because its federally required. We had a few courses just based on ethical scenarios! The body language/facial expressions are part of the grammar of the language, so the only thing you really need to worry about "ethically" is making sure you don't come off as mocking the hearing presenter.
  12. Thanks! Three more pounds till I can start going to Weight Watchers meetings again, haha! When you're more than 2 pounds over your goal, you have to start paying and going every week again, so I havent gone because all I have to do if I wait until Im back in that range is pay for one missed month (instead of the 14-ish that I've actually missed). I have used up all my free online things I get from weighing in each month and started having to pay each month starting a few months ago, but to do meetings again would cost a lot more. So...three more pounds and I can start going again, haha! T
  13. My picture from Emerald City Comic Con 2014 popped up on my "on this day" thing on Facebook...I think it's a sign...better join in!
  14. Week One Review: 1. Weight Watchers: Tracked everything! Mission accomplished! 2. Gym: Monday (15 minute run, full body circuit on machines the gym has set up, plus lower back stuff and extra ab work), Thursday (5k run - 1/2 hour! I still got it!), and Sunday (5k run/walk) 3. Work food: Few treats left out on counter, but wasn't from the kennel and I tracked the points for it. Result: Down 1.3 pounds since the previous week (and 1.4 lbs over the week between challenges!)! All together, 19.1 pounds lost since January 1!! Life Goal: Interp
  15. X-MEN!!!!! YEEEESSS! Thanks! It was definitely a push to get it all together! The first tests dont actually seem to be tests. More of interpreting practice drills. Later, I will be taking an ASL proficiency test and at the end of the program, I will be taking the national certification test, which is on ASL-to-English and English-to-ASL interpreting as well as an ethics portion based on the ASL interpreters' Code of Professional Conduct. SORRY FOR DELAYED RESPONSE!!! I forgot to follow my own thread! Haha!
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