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  1. New job, so tired!

    1. Barfly


      Good tired, though? How was the commute?

  2. Hey! Sorry for the late reply, went AWOL for a while, but I'm back! Groovy cheese, a fair few peeps then!
  3. Hi Waldo, So you think the measurement is probably off? The only way I've measured my bf is by a bf% weighing scale, taking measurements with a tape, and photos. Not the most accurate I know, but what other ways are there? Callipers? Aren't they tricky to use? And how would I measure muscle mass? Sorry about the avalanche of questions, just want to be accurate.
  4. Thanks very much guys, just finished my second body weight workout and it nearly killed me! Ps - I hate lunges.
  5. Hi guys, So I'm currently embarking upon the Beginner Body weight program, and I have a couple of questions. 1. How will this effect my body, as in what perks can I expect to get out of this form of exercise in comparison to weight lifting? 2. Is it an effective form of exercise if your goal is all round top fitness levels? Ps; I intend to do Interval Training on my 'off' days, any thoughts? Cheers, Layla
  6. Thanks for all the advice guys, much appreciated.
  7. Hi all, So I decided to start the 'Starting Strength' plan yesterday, lifted 27.5kg for squats and deadlifts, and was pretty chuffed. However, I received the book this morning, and on reading it am a bit miffed to discover that my form has been off, for pretty much everything! Nothing catastrophic, but not ideal. So what do I do? Do I start all over again with just a bar to refine and correct technique? Or do I add some weight while doing this? Any help would be fantastic. Cheers! -LaylaVi
  8. Cool, thanks very much guys, I'm just sticking to the starting strength plan now, and I definitely don't miss crunches!
  9. Thanks very much for ask the advice guys, it's much appreciated! PS- I'm 60.5kg at the moment, I haven't moved up or down in 3 Weeks, but I saw that as a good thing.
  10. Hi guys, So about a month ago I lost a stone after a anorexia relapse, as a result I've lost a lot of weight off my chest, which looks horribly bony, and my boobs are starting to sag. The thing is I have quite a high bf (32.5%) and would like to cut that down, so am eating at a calorie deficit while lifting heavy 3 times a week. But I hate how skinny the top half of my body looks! So should I eat at maintenance for a while, or will that give me more cutting to do later? Any advice would be fantastic!
  11. That's pretty much what I thought, thanks for confirming. - Layla
  12. Hi guys, So I'm planning on starting the 'Starting Strength' weight plan soon, but I was wondering on whether I should add ab exercises in there too? I'm currently try to cut my body fat, so can't actually see abs at the moment, just want to know whether it's worth it, or just to stick to the program? Cheers, Layla
  13. Hi! I don't go to a gym at the moment, I have enough weight at home to progress, so I don't feel the need. The southern border? So what district do you live in then?
  14. Hi guys! So I'm pretty new to this fitness lark, and have built a workout program that I'd like you guys to have a look at. First; my goals. I'm a 5'6 lass, weighing in at 134 lbs, that would like to trim down the body fat, but predominately I want to be strong! And I mean scary strong, like a she-hulk, but not necessarily that look, if you know what I mean. So that in mind, here's my work out. Upper Body = Circuit x2 Crunches - 20 Leg raises - 20 Planks -30s Side-bends- 10 each side -5kgPushups - 3x10Rows - 3x10 -12.5kgY-raises - 3x10 - 1kg x2 Flies - 3x10 - 1kg x2
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