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  1. I'm in. 138-158 pound female. My totals are high enough but I'll need to compete in a meet before then.
  2. I really dig my new tank. Sprinted yesterday. Did 15.4 Rxed on Friday. Rest day Thursday and Sunday.
  3. 3/18 workout: STRENGTH/SKILL A. Spend time on a Hang Squat Clean and then a Hang Squat Clean from the floor. During this time, build to a moderate/tough set of 5 on Hang Squat Clean or set of 3 from Squat Clean [from floor]. 113 completed, failed 133. CONDITIONING 15-12-9: Squat Cleans Burpees (5:41) [Rest/Walk 3:00 Minutes] 9-12-15: Burpees Squat Cleans (7:00). Did the cleans at 63lbs. which was probably too light as this turned into a complete conditioning tester. Have a bit of fran lung right now (coughing from working so hard). This definitely counts as one of my sprint workouts for
  4. Got my body fat tested-- 22.3% fat, 157 pounds. Not so bad! Goal: Under 20% (so body fat in the teens) by May 1st. To do this: Daily-- paleo meals. Prep and plan my meals in advance and bring them to work with me. No dairy, no grains, no sugar, no processed foods. Limit fruit to no more than two servings per day, and one cup of starchy carbs per day. Weekly- 5 gym trips per week, two of which must include sprint work-- all out efforts. -Weigh myself once per week- Tuesday mornings- to make sure things are moving in the right direction.
  5. The above are great suggestions. I read somewhere that the modern views that you can't get enough calcium without dairy is basically a marketing campaign by the dairy industry. It's not true. Greens, especially spinach, bok choy, swiss chard all have lots of calcium. Fish and fish bones, egg shells, as suggested above have plenty too.
  6. Barfly, I have tried coconut milk, and I like it a lot! Since my goal is weight loss I'm just trying to suck it up, for now. Canned coconut milk is absolutely delicious! The fake milk product sold in the dairy section is not my cup of tea, and laden in chemicals, at least the ones I've seen are. I'm a huge coffee drinker, having 2-3 cups daily, so adding that much coconut milk probably isn't wise. Thank you for the brilliant suggestion though!
  7. I'm continually amazed by how good paleo can be! I had sweet potato chunks cold, topped with crushed cashews and it tasted like candy. Or maybe I haven't had real candy in so long I'm going batty. But seriously it rocked my boat.
  8. I love paleo/nutrition podcasts- they help me stay motivated and on track. My favorites are the fat burning man with Abel James, Underground Wellness, and Barbell Shrugged (strength and conditioning podcast).
  9. Thank you smazzon1! I appreciate it! And hi TMedina! Training log for 3/15: Built up to a 90lb snatch and worked the movement for an hour and a half. I love lifting with my friend Zach, and we have a standing date on Sunday mornings. I never go heavy here, I'm working my form. Went on a 45 minute walk. Training log for 3/14: Front squat 4x4 at 165 Bench press: built up to 135 for 1 rep (that's a PR!) Dips: body weight 5x5 Food for the past few days has been on point. I've cut out all dairy, including the cream from my coffee which is what I miss most at this point. I also eliminated ques
  10. another supernatural fan! hello Following along!
  11. I'm starting a log for my new quest. I've spent the past few years building quite a bit of strength, but I've also gained a good bit of fat. Here's my story so far: About 4 years ago I started noticed my mental function decline. I was in law school and couldn't focus on class. I had trouble reading for more than a minute at a time without my brain completely fogging over. I even had trouble talking to my friends because my brain would turn off, even if I was interested in what they were saying. Around the same time I started losing weight really quickly and sleeping 10 to 12 hours a da
  12. I usually want warm and sweet when I'm on my period. I usually do this simple recipe that helps-- 1 sweet potato, half a scoop of cinnamon whey protein, some coconut oil, and mash it all together. Pretty healthy and it really satisfies my cravings. And you really do use more energy during this time of the month. Your body is shedding and regenerating the lining of an internal organ. That's not nothing. Magnesium is also a natural muscle relaxant so it can help ease cramps.
  13. I'm in southern CT but am more than willing to travel to do something fun!
  14. Time to respawn! I got off the paleo wagon sometime last fall. I just got so frustrated with always saying no to my favorite foods and to feeling so awkward during social situations. So I slowly fell off the bandwagon. Well I learned by lesson. I went from 19% body fat to about 24%, which isn't the end of the world but I'm less than pleased. The good news is that I've been lifting heavy and working out the entire time. My strength is off the charts high. I deadlifted 325 for reps, and backsquatted 240. So I'm feeling strong and good. Just... fluffy. So I'm digging out the second
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