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  1. Reason I ask is just because I see pics of bowls of prepared ahead meals that bodybuilders do for their week and find it very... time efficient. Chicken breasts, veggies etc are easy to store I guess. Anyways.. what are the easiest vegetarian meals or part of meals that are easy to prepare ahead and quickly cook or warm up. I store some roasted sweet potatoes and do take time out to soak, boil, mash beans and create some decent bean patties which I shape and store in the freezer. A quickie protein. I guess I'm out of ideas on what other vegetarian (mostly the protein part of my dish) I can have ready to eat on a pinch. Do any of of you have a cooking routine? Any favorite go-to protein for your meals? What are your favorite quick and nutritious meals you make? Thanks!
  2. Cap Carlos


    Diito. I tried Dymatize Micronized creatine but easily could have picked any other brand. Im not big into supplements but try them out just for kicks. I take pre and post workout. I guess it helps, not sure with what thou.
  3. If you lnow what you are doing, you can swap or substitute some of the excercises on the chart. Its a very basic, upper/ lower general workout I guess. More of a guide for the unintiated. Also, what someone else said prior to me, there are tons of workouts in bodybuilding.com , or muscleandstrenght.com to satisfy your curiosity. Just pick one that makes sense to you.
  4. Ditto that. Never done them much but I've seen great results round the web. I think there's an app and web site called you are your own gym. I'm sure there are similar ones if you search around. I guess you have to work with what you have. Limitations can quickly become assets, you just gotta outsmart/ out work them. It's all on you man! Have fun in Japan! Hope you come back ripped!
  5. I switched from whey to plant based protein some time ago and come to prefer the Sunwarrior warriorblend, vanilla flavor. It is good and mixes well so it will work on the go. I've tried the Vega products and they are good to but, just prefer the Sunwarrioir one. Check their site, you'll find it interesting. And yes, you should leave a few containers with powder around so you can mix them with water wherever you are.
  6. The easy one: fruit and water. Store bought: Vega Pre workout maximizer. Or just look at the ingredients on the back and do something similar. Yerba Mate is Brendan's stimulant of choice. That,some carbs (dates, papaya, pineapple), some lemon/lime stuff, some ginger, Some creatine, L-arginine and BCAA's if you are into that stuff, and you pretty much got your own thing going. A pinch of salt (Himalayan if you must know, but that's just me). Better than store bought I'd say! I like my mini food processor, I use it a lot. Anyone else do their own? I'd like to hear what other weird stuff you guys come up with.
  7. I tried some pre-workout thing made by Scivation long ago and I guess it did what it does. My face felt weird but that is normal I've read. Since then I've come to prefer cleaner, more natural stuff and take the Vega Pre workout maximizer. Natural ingredients, or as close to natural is my preference. I don't know or can't really tell how effective is but I take it anyways. Lately I've been dabbling with my own concoctions: Rehydrated dates, a little yerba mate powder, lemon. Brendan Brazier's book has a few recipes and after a while with them I feel can modify them to suit my needs. Very chemical free. You can throw in some powder BCAA and Glutamine and do your version of other products that are in the market already, albeit, full of other chemical stuff. I like to play with my food, what can I say.
  8. I'm sure there's a ton out there to recommend... so I'll recommend what I use: Sunwarrior Warrior Blend. Sure, it's "vegan" but I think it would benefit anyone regardless of their dietary preferences. While I'm not vegan, I do try to eat as clean as possible but do not punish myself when I don't. Anyways. the Warrior Blend thingy. It's very "clean" meaning not many ( if any) chemical processing is done to it or so they say. I buy the vanilla one and its not too sweet. Check their site, at least their marketing seems cool. Yes, I do pay a bit more for it but it buys me a little piece of mind I guess. Good luck!
  9. I also got Brendan's book and really enjoyed it. I am now eating way more veggies (almost full time vegetarian now). I came to it as a beggining gym goer wanting to do better healthwise and the book opened my eyes to healthier way of eating. I am not and will probably never be as strict with my diet as most vegans or vegetarians but I am a way healthier in my dietary habits than I used to. I am eating a lot more variety and almost shunning all processed food. Im also trying out the more exotic superfoods he mentions in his book. I have picked up a few other vegetarian cookbooks and I'm learning from all of them. I like Brendan's new recipe book too. His environmental concerns are also very valid and have a solid, sound logic behind them. I for one, am enjoying the journey and the constant learning since I got into all this. I'm a science major and this has turned out to be my favorite science experiment. Glad to be able to share some ideas with you all!
  10. I'm now using Sunwarrior Warrior Blend. Pea, hemp, rice protein blend and some other stuff that's all natural. Yeah, costs more but, that's how I treat myself. I like to go for the good stuff. Will try the Vega protein at a later date.
  11. I haven't heard anyone tell you to beware of overtraining. If you are splitting your workouts, shredding a certain body part, definitely allow for enough days for those muscles to heal. Nurture them with good quality nutrients and they will be ready to pump again next workout. There is other stuff to work on while your muscles heal from the heavy lifting.
  12. I;m switching to hemp protein powder. Yes, I am going slightly going overboard with my nutrition. Keeps it interesting.
  13. Check this out: http://www.muscleandstrength.com/workouts/12-week-beginners-training-routine.html When I was beginning, bout 18 months ago, browsing and reading what pro natural builders did helped me get a grasp for what I wanted. Found the site http://www.muscleandstrength.com/ very enlightening. Helped that I had a lot of time at work to read and browse. Loved the supplementation and dieting articles as well as the routines, though I ended up doing my own thing after learning enough about it. Found the transformation articles to be very motivational. Check it and see if it works for you.
  14. I'm on my last tub of whey protein. After this one, I'm switching to hemp protein and probably other vegetable/ raw type protein supplement. I guess I'm slowly going vegan-ish. Protein smoothie is a must before and after weight session. While working out I take Scivation Extend. Lots of natural lifters swear by it so I guess I bought into the hype. Started recently taking a swig of Scivation Novem, a pre-workout thingy. Don't know if I'll continue after my raw food conversion. Add some creatine on my post workout shake. Taking Optimal Nutrition Opti-Men multivitamin. Thinking will switch to Garden of Life RAW One (for men) multis after I'm done with these. Also take Scivation Essential EFA (a complete fish oil formula). That's it I guess. Getting back to the gym after a few months off. Lost around five pounds, gotta gain them back up. I'm preternaturally skinny but being 38 yo., sure this won't be forever. Currently exploring the idea of transitioning to vegetarian/ vegan diet. Quite a few pro athletes and lifters have books out on this so, not an un-doable thing. First post here so... we'll be seeing more from me.
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