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  1. This might be stupid since I can't muster a single pull up, but if your issue is with your legs swinging forwards, have you tried bending the knees and crossing your feet, so they don't have it so easy to just swing forward?
  2. Yes, you can give a suggestion, that's true and I'd never say anything different. I can also voice a concern with that suggestion, or point out that I disagree - that's why this is a forum, we're meant to share our thoughts and opinions and talk with each other. It has nothing to do with inflammatory language/posts. But that's starting to go a bit off-topic, and you're more than welcome to PM me if you have any issues with me that you'd like to resolve. I have no hard feelings, so I'm more than fine explaining anything that might've given you the wrong impression
  3. Wake up time: 12:30 Hours of sleep: 7½ Breakfast: Lunch Thoughts and feelings So, last night ended up later than I was planning. However, to look at it from the bright side, it made me miss the last bus home so I got 70 minutes of walking done, in the middle of the night, at -7 degrees Celcius. Though, I'm not complaining, it was a beautiful night and it wasn't at all that bad. I'm feeling good today, so there's no need for me to fret. I'll go to the store and buy something nice, get a lot of revising done and go to bed in time to get out of bed at 07:30 tomorrow
  4. The reason I reacted was that in my opinion it's not even an option to ask the person to eat their foods outside of the home, because like I said, I think it's an absolutey horrific thing to even suggest/attempt - but hey, that's just me! To each their own, and whatever works best for you is what you should do (goes for everyone in 99% of the cases really)
  5. I just wanted to address this real quickly with a question, but since when was this the definition of support? (As in, the way a supportive husband in this case should act.) To literally force someone to eat their food of choice outside of the house because it's not what you'd like to eat sounds to me like an absolutely horrific way of telling someone that their opinion on food and eating isn't as important as mine/the other person's. The ultimate compromise would be that you have two different cupboards in the kitchen, one for your food and one for his, and that you both either cook for you
  6. Wake up time: 12:30 Hours of sleep: 7½ Breakfast: Lunch Thoughts and feelings Today I have some red ticks and also some strange breakfast, however, this time I don't feel too bad about it because it was a choice I made whilst being much aware of what I was doing. I decided it already yesterday afternoon when I knew that I would be going out. Yesterday we had a pub evening with almost the entire group of biology students from my university, booked a room in on of our nation pubs and just sat there from 18:00 until closing 01:00. Had some drinks, talked a lot, played some ca
  7. Wake up time: 07:30 Hours of sleep: 7½ Breakfast: Kvarg with some strawberries, glass of milk Thoughts and feelings Breakfast was the same as yesterday, I promise it's not just meaningless ctrl+c - ctrl-v I bought a new mobile yesterday since I've been living with this really old one which gives off a horrible noise for wake up call. So this morning I woke up at 07:30, and it was almost a joy! I have found not only a much more calm and serene wake up tone (which didn't exist on the last mobile) but also this app called SleepyBot, and after only one night I'm in love!
  8. Since I've apparently come across as negative before, I want to start by saying that this isn't intended as negative or offensive in anyway! With that said, how about you just let him eat in whatever way he sees fit? I mean, you are two adults after all (I'm going to assume), and he's more than entitled to his own opinion about what he should and should not eat, without having you sneak things away in the cupboards just because it doesn't comply with your opinion of healthy food. You can make sure that your own plate is filled with whatever good stuff you see is appropriate for whatever meal
  9. Wake up time: 07:30 Hours of sleep: 7½ Breakfast: Kvarg with some strawberries, glass of milk Thoughts and feelings YES, YES, YES! I finally got my three green ticks. I DID IT! *takes a moment to be unbelievably proud of myself* So yeah, today started off great. I woke up at 07:30, splashed my face with some cold water and went on to continue my day. I had breakfast, and now I'm sitting here telling the world that I'm proud for finally getting out of bed in time! Some might call it ridiculous to be proud of such an "easy" thing, but it has been a battle for me so far, and still
  10. I've personally found that starting with body-weight squats (nothing but your body, no stick or anything), and then moving my hands forward so I hold them out in front of me when I'm at the bottom position, really helps me. I'm aware that a lot of people say you shouldn't move your arms whilst squatting, but up until now I just can't hold my balance if I don't move my hands forward, but people tell me I have good form, so I assume it's correct and that I just need to get stronger before I can balance it without using my arms/hands. Good luck
  11. Yeah, I guess it wasn't clear to everyone that I wasn't trying to dismiss them, jump on their beliefs nor make them change their mind. Pity, but that's life. I'll make myself more clear next time To summon up my two scents on this thread: I personally believe that if you have problems, sure it's awesome to attempt to exclude foods and see what/which is causing your problems. But recommend you don't get too caught up in the thinking, so that you end up excluding things just for testing when there's (in my opinion) no reason to. Good luck with solving your problem, and I shall hijack this t
  12. Well, she mentioned that one of the problems with milk was blood sugar spiking, which lead me to draw the conclusion that she saw blod sugar fluctuance/raise and/or carbs as an "enemy" in the same way a LCHF person would do. I might've been wrong in that assessment, that's true. As for moral choices, I'm all for that. I personally always buy locally produced, ecological and fair trade when possible. I think it's important to attempt to sustain what we've got for as long as possible. Also, I'm really not trying to dismiss anyone in that sense, nor their diet of choice. However, I see a majori
  13. I don't know about Paleo or not (I don't do it), but I can strongly recommend coconut oil, assuming it's allowed for you! It's not the cheapest, but at the same time, you only need a very small amount in the pan when you cook (less than a tea spoon), and it gives everything you cook this amazing barely noticable smell and very very weak taste of coconut. And I absolutely love coconut, use it all the time!
  14. @cline - There are definitely ancestors out there, who would've lived mainly on greens, vegetables, fruits and other things filled with blood sugar raising carbs (warmer/tropical regions where hunting was a waste of energy due to the abundance of energy from plants and fruits). But there are also ancestors out there who would've lived on almost exclusively fat and protein from meat and dairy (colder regions where plants didn't grow well or at all). So who are you (or anyone else for that matter) to say which paleolithic diet is the right one? (targeted at the fact that you're tired of people n
  15. Wake up time: 07:30, however I did end up falling back asleep and waking up at 11:00, a real rocky start on that goal Hours of sleep: 7½ for first wake-up time, total of 11 until the second wake up time Breakfast: Haven't eaten yet, at time of writing. And the 45 minutes since wake up has passed. Thoughts and feelings Is this the moment where you just give up on everything? Starts to wonder what the hell is wrong with you? It's so incredibly frustrating to be so aware of everything at this hour, but not be able to tell yourself that at any earlier point in the morning. As if I'm no
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