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  1. I was up until late Feb, when I decided to switch to environmental science to go into climate research type work. It's already going sooo much better, and I'm doing some undergrad research that I'm pretty excited about.
  2. I could go on and on and on.... But! I'll just say I've been focusing on school and self-improvement, starting out great at both, crashing somewhat recently, and now slowly working back upwards with what I think/hope is a much better path.
  3. Hi T2! Glad to see you're still around
  4. Wow, great job with the workout, those draugrs don't stand a chance!
  5. I've worked a little on it, but I've put it on hold until I get back home. Things have been really hectic around here the last week or two, so I've just been doing stuff here and there whenever I can find a spot.
  6. Aww man, I loved doing this part of the last challenge! I'm kind of sad I didn't join up for this one so I could challenge Quickdraw for the top spot. Keep up the great work everyone. P.S. Great story work so far.. I've been lurking and reading!
  7. Congrats on the pullup!! That's super awesome news, really happy for you!
  8. Awesome job! You'll get those almost pull-ups turned into a full pull-up in no time.
  9. Late to the party, but I finally found you! Great job so far with the challenge, and great hair colors.
  10. Awesome awesome awesome. Congrats.
  11. Glad to see you back! We saved your seat on the wagon.
  12. Welcome. Really interesting story you've got there! Hope to see you around.
  13. Good luck! Especially with the driving challenge!
  14. Good luck, you've got a great challenge here.
  15. Great job. You definitely deserve that dream job of yours!
  16. You made a lot of progress last challenge, keep it up for this one and make even more!
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