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  1. We did pretty well. The first 5 miles we went at a walk, keeping pace with the best man. He tapped out at the half, so I and the other 2 guys (husband and boyfriend of the bridesmaids) kept on trucking at a slightly faster pace. We cleared half in about 4 hours, and the second half in just over 2 more. Tough Mudder was much less physically demanding than I expected, and much more teamwork oriented, which was great for building camaraderie.
  2. After a series of misadventures getting to the hotel, we completed Tough Mudder. My best man completed the half mudder, which at his fitness level, was a huge achievement.
  3. I'm late to the game this time around. Seasonal mood swings had me down for a few weeks. I went down to one workout per week from mid September through now. Tough Mudder is in 4 days. I'm not as ready as I should be, but I'm going to finish it, one way or another. I've got a very special bottle of single barrel scotch that I brought home from the UK a year and a half ago waiting for me at the finish line. My wedding is six weeks hence. I kinda gorged on unhealthy food for the time I was down (as I do when I'm feeling badly), so the next six weeks (and then six week
  4. Things have gotten slightly out of hand, and I will not be testing all of my 1RMs this week; maybe I can test 2 of them, later in the week. As this is the last few weeks before Tough Mudder, I'm switching things up a bit. For the next 4 weeks (possibly 8), I'll be doing 5/3/1, as the lower intensity allows for better recovery, and therefore, frees me up to do extra cardio. Starting a cyclke this week puts Tough Mudder at the end of a deload week: perfect! It also allows me to eat less, and hopefully lose 5lb by the event, and maybe another 5lb after that, to get me to around 195
  5. Monday was bad, again. Maybe I was dehydrated? I'm going to have to keep track of that. Today, I PRed my front squat (145lb x 3 reps) Everything else was on track; I skipped Pendlay rows, which I'll do later today, along with the arm workout I skipped yesterday. Next week I'm going to test my 1RMs, then I'm switching it up a little for the last few weeks leading up to Tough Mudder: less lifting (maybe 2/week), more running, more hill work, more loaded carries. Then, the weekend before Tough Mudder, I'm running a 5k.
  6. The mud run was rough. Up and down bare ski slopes about 5 times. Maybe a 2-300 foot elevation change each time. Obstacles were typical fare.
  7. Don't I feel silly; this was a heavy BENCH week, not heavy OHP week. I did another little bit to correct my mistake: Bench press 5x1x165 OHP 3x115, 2x115 (my back couldn't get me through all 5 in one go; these sets were about 30 seconds apart)
  8. Doing a spontaneous mud run this Saturday, so I doubled up today so I can take Friday as a rest day. I suspected that a mud run the day after leg intensity day would not be good. Squat 5x235 OHP 5x1x125 Deadlift 5x275 Bench press 5x150 Pendlay row 3x5x155 Incline bench press 3x5x130 (a PR at 5 reps) Arms 5 supersets of 8x25 hammer curls and 8x100 close grip bench press (I have to get heavier dumbbells!)
  9. Yesterday I had a totally crap workout, due in some part to beer consumed Sunday night. So today, I made up for it, doing everything I had skipped yesterday. Consequently, it's a little crazy: Squat 5x5x205 Deadlift 3x8x205 Front Squat 5x3x140 Pendlay Row 3x5x155 Lat Pulldowns 3x5x190 Incline Bench Press 3x5x125 Barbell Curl 5x8x55 Close Grip Bench Press 5x8x100 The last two I do in supersets*; gets my arms pumped like crazy, my heart feels like it's going to explode, and it's an excuse not to do cardio! Usually it's 8 sets of each,
  10. The deadlift platforms are a resounding success. I suppose my home gym could do with a full set of dumbbells, or a set of those modular ones, but for now, it lets me do the important stuff.
  11. 90% 1RM overhead presses are a way better wake-up than coffee. I wonder if my neighbor enjoys clanging metal at 630am as much as I enjoy his crappy band at 11pm
  12. Rest days seem to matter more on the Texas method. Until I find someone to teach me proper power clean form, I'm doing volume deadlifts on Tuesdays. Squats + deadlifts + front squats + Pendlay rows = back screaming for mercy and actually needing a whole day off. Tomorrow I have work early and all day, so I'm working out at home; 6am overhead presses for breakfast! Shooting for 5x1x125, with a single 130lb to finish. 75% bodyweight OHP by Tough Mudder? Maybe. A goal for next year is to have a bodyweight (around 200lb) OHP by the time my other lifts total 1000lb. I estimate Feb.
  13. Having acquired a free circular saw, I have completed my deadlift platform. I made it in 3 parts: 2 16x16" pads for the bar, and a 2x4' platform to stand on.
  14. Tomorrow I plan to do 100lb for 40-50 feet
  15. 60lb dumbbells in each hand for 100ft, 3 times. My arms were on fire by the end. Also, 5x5x205 squats, 3x8x205 deadlifts, 5x3x135 front squats, 3x5x145 Pendlay rows, 3x5x190 lat pulldowns and 50ish pushups
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