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  1. today I got all my exercise! it was only walking, but it was 30 min of walking. I was just a bit low on my water, I need to have some more before I go to bed. and I was way over on my sweets. I baked a cake for a family get together and had an icing mishap that ended with icing everywhere. and I ate lots
  2. hello, time to check in today. I did do some exercise, but not enough. I need to block out some time regularly in my schedule and set it aside just for exercise. I got all of my water. I didn't do that well conquering the sweets, though I am doing better than before the challenge.
  3. thanks for pulling me back here. I haven't given an update in a while. I have been doing poorly on the first goal. I am getting about 10 min a day. I have been succeeding on the second goal. I am drinking all my water. I have been steadily improving on my third goal. today I actually succeeded completely. (YAY) thanks for the banana tips. I usually don't buy them because I can't eat a whole one without gagging. but maybe I will like it better frozen, I will try it.
  4. daily check in i did no exercise today I was a little low on water too but... I did keep my sweets goal (kind of, one of my sweets was a pint of ice cream but still) which means it is doable and it makes me happy that I did something different than normal.
  5. hello, yesterday's check in I only did 15 min today before I started to feel ill so I stopped and walked the rest. I drank all my water I did much better on the sweets, but I did still fail. also my jury went really well.
  6. I think it is so cool that you did ballet. I have always wanted to get into it. it looks so graceful which is something I never was as a kid but would love to cultivate. I also totally gibe with the dishes quest. Best of luck on it!
  7. I have a question, since this is an accountability group, are we supposed to check in here (or post links)?
  8. daily update I woke up so energised today. I give credit entirely to the exercise I got yesterday evening. I hope I can start my day so invigorated tomorrow, I have a really big exam. Today I did 30 minutes of lap swimming for my exercise. it was really hard. I think the hardest part though is not being able to breathe whenever I want to, but being reliant on where I was in the stroke. I also drank all my water. however, I ate double my sweets limits. but I am proud of myself for trying to replace it with fruit or gum. I still ate less sweets than normal.
  9. I just slept like a baby, it is amazing how a little exercise helps.

  10. DarK_RaideR, that is my goal to reach by the end of the summer, there is no way I could do that in 6 weeks.
  11. question, how do you put those cool progress bars in your signature? I've tried but all I get is a bunch of 1%%1%% wait that worked, how did that work?
  12. ooh, yeah sleep. that is always a biggie. well, best of luck!
  13. Daily check in today I met most of my goals. I went outside and ran/walked for 30 minutes. I think I did pretty good too, I went 3km and ran over 1km. I lost count of how much I refilled my waterbottle. Unfortunately I didn't know about the challenge until after I had eaten cake for breakfast and ice cream sandwiches for a snack. but I held off sweets for the afternoon/evening.
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    mini quest week 1 yes, maybe 1 thing to focus on smaller steps are possible (change number without, not daily requirements) I will use the forums to keep track pass/fail goals if I get ill I will drop the first goal only until I'm well again yes, the goals can be day transferable but only in advance no yes, i have time the habits will lead to the goal http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/63635-the-running-bard/#entry1450086
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