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  1. Sorry I have been away, been busy with life and preparations for more life soon. I have been going to the gym 2 times a week lately, which seems pretty good based on all the craziness of my life. Doing pretty well on the meals at home and at the table, 60+% at home, and of those maybe 33% at the table. Right now my wife has a hard time getting into the chair and back out of it, so for her comfort we eat at the couch more often. I am still doing the 5 minutes a night cleaning up and it has made our lives a bit easier every day. We have clean dishes, not dirty ones; we can find the
  2. Great Goals you got there, I highly recommend a power rack for the StrongLifts. Nothing feels as good as lifting more weight then you ever thought you could. It feels great to Bench Press more than I could any time short of High School when i was in football. I am impressed with the meditation, I am too tired, stressed, or distracted these days to try and think about meditation. If you are looking for good recipes that will have plenty of leftovers look up some crock-pot meals, some of those have been lifesavers in the last few weeks. Keep up with the water thing, that has been one of
  3. Thanks y'all. I have been enjoying the Strong Lifts process, last night's workout was Squats at 190 Lbs, OH Press at 80 Lbs, and Deadlift @ 265 Lbs. Been doing pretty well with the eating home cooked and at the table. Starting to try and plan out meals for the week. Gotta remember to take time tonight to clean up the kitchen, but I am tired form a long days work and sore from lifting last night. Thanks ya'll, going without resolutions this year, going to work with discipline.
  4. Starting off with the Rebels, used to lurk in the old Adventurers section. This 4 Week challenge will be an interesting one for me. By the end of this challenge I will finally be a father, and everything that will come with that. Well on to the Goals: 1) Weight Lifting 3 times a week, following the SL 5x5 program. 2) Eat 60% of meals at home. (Arrival schedules and times may cause an adjustment. In that case the objective will be to focus on Home cooked meals, or if we must grab and go, real food, prepared properly, fewest artificial ingredients.) 3) Eat 1/2 of meals at home at
  5. It has been tough, but honestly in years past i would have given up and started eating Doritos on the couch like they were a lifeline. BTW Nacho Cheese Doritos are my kryptonite, and not the fun kryptonite that makes me loosen up and have fun, the evil, sickening type. now, I am desperate for my lungs to calm down some so i can get back to the gym. I am thinking about what fuel my body is asking for, and feeding it with good nutrients and not junk. I am keeping my spirits up, avoiding the "black dog" that Sir Winston Churchill fought with, and I have others who are helping me with that.
  6. Well, I have been sick as a dog for the last 2 weeks, upper respiratory infection triggered my asthma, not a good situation. I have continued to eat a reasonable portion, and to take leftover home from almost every meal at a restaurant, the only ones i don't take home are Salads or the like that are nasty refrigerated and reheated. C25k, and weight lifting had to take a break while my lungs recover. The home gym is stepping in soon to provide some assistance while still being flexible and low time requirement, as our nights are being consumed with preparations for the little one.
  7. So, I figured something out this weekend, more like I was reminded of something. I do not have the best self esteem on the face of the planet, and I am my own worst critic. I was using the photos as a way of punishing my self and shaming myself into a different behavior. This is a horrible way to motivate people, shame with me does not equal change, it equals resistance, is equals rebellion (as in fighting myself), and it equals me eating more as I fall back into old patterns or shame, eating to feel happy, feeling worse about over eating, rinse lather repeat...... I am going to alt
  8. Howdy All! Late to the game, as usual, but in my defense, life has been crazy. Working a ton, cleaning up the house and having AC problems, leads to a fast paced week. Meanwhile back on the forums...... Goals for this 6 Week Challenge: 1) Gotta eat less stuff. I have been eating well, but simply too much of it. So I am going to start taking a photo of every meal and snack I eat. I will then put together a collage of how much i am eating, and use this as motivation to eat less or better. 2) Modified C25k. Going to use the concept, but reduce the level to something my body c
  9. Finished strong-ish. Did the C25k and got in a 13k pound lift day. Ate pretty well and got through a tough week. Going to start setting some goals for the next challenge. As for this one, I am going to give my self a C+ overall, was not great at anything, but kept with it, and finished doing well. Thanks all and see you in the next challenge.
  10. Week late, and i have struggled a bit this 6 week. I made sure to get in a full workout last week, every second of the C25k, and meet my weight lifting goals. I also tried to make sure that I ate well and kept an eye on my intake. On Saturday I was going to go to the gym, but a friend needed to stage their house last minute, so we went and helped them move about half their house to storage so they can get their house on the market. I count that as weight lifting and plenty of walking. As for the next challenge, i have a few ideas, some things I want to keep doing, (C25k, and weig
  11. Got back to the gym last night, Lifted an aggregate of 12,635 Lbs, and did 1/2 of the C25K, not perfect, but not horrible either. Back in the office now and still up to eyeballs in work, but I am working on ways to pare down the to-do list. Last night ate spaghetti squash with a Balsamic Chicken and Sausage sauce. Quite tasty, and a crock pot meal, so easy, and easy clean up. Even got the wife to join in and she liked it too. Looking to do a few more meals with week and then my folks come for a visit and I will have to be on the look out, they are snackers and sharers, and it is hard
  12. Week 5 and keeping things moving forward slowly. Very slowly. Had a big conference all last week, 7 days in total, of meetings, paper presentations, hospitality suites and sitting alot. I was able to get in a heavy workout in the hotel gym, but did not do the C25k. Simply did not have the time and meet work commitments. Eating has been OK, had hotel food for last week, but avoided bread products as much as i could, and concentrated on the veg and meat offerings. back home know and already have a good meal planned of tonight. Going to try another paleo crock pot meal this week,
  13. Worked out last night, did C25k, went a week back in the schedule, and still had to stop short about 15 seconds of running on the long runs, so not bad. Lifted bench press, Deadlifts (my favorite lift ever) and finished with Lat pulls. Total lift of 11,425 pounds. The set of five deadlifts at 275 felt great, except for the scraped shin, but that is how I was taught to do it. Thanks all. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. You know what..... I completely flaked on the mini last week, read it on Friday, and was certain i was going to blow it off entirely. Then on Sunday I called for a quick family meeting with my wife, and she brought our kid along (Yes i have to work that into as many comments as possible) and we actually broke out the calendars and made a meal plan for the next two weeks, and made agreements on the substitutions possible. Our big issue latley is eating resturant food too often, we will have food at home, but we simply don't want to "Deal With It." so we go grab a quick bite somewhere. Th
  15. Well last week was a disaster, massive problems at work, staying late, eating later. No workouts, nothing. But that is the past. So far this week I have already tried a new recipe, cauliflower rice/couscous and we liked it. Bit bland to start with, but it picked up a bit with some spice. Going to Get a workout in tomorrow, C25k, and hopefully full lift tomorrow. Big conference for a week so that is going be a bit of a struggle for me to stay on track. I will simply have to maintain some balance and make time for the things good for me too. Thanks for the advice and suggestions, nice
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