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  1. It's really cold down here in Florida, too. It isn't even going to get out of the 60's today. I think they're about to declare a state of emergency.
  2. That's a tough one. Depending on how low in carbs your friend has to go to stay in ketosis, even onions and carrots may be verboten. Root veggies in general have too much starch for a ketogenic diet. If you're not keto yourself, I'd suggest cooking whatever veg you want with the meat (for flavor), and keep 'em for leftovers.
  3. But what if I'm a Nerd AND a creepy stalker weirdo? I've always wondered if I'd work out more if there was moolah on the line. I may just join....
  4. Body: Stepped on the big scale at the Publix yesterday and instead of lying to me it said "287" (lying being pinning the scale at over 300 - damn scale hasn't told the truth in years). Food: Celebrated by making a dinner of cheeseburgers with bruschetta jack cheese (from said Publix) with a salad topped with lemon-mayo dressing.
  5. I remember when oxtails were the cheapest cut of meat, they practically gave chicken wings away, and pork belly was so inexpensive you could wallpaper your kitchen with it. <sigh>
  6. Your landlord is an idiot. Anybody who knows anything about real estate knows it's easier to sell a rental property with a tenant in place. Sorry to hear about your back - hope it sorts itself soon.
  7. No, I think I'm going to give this challenge a miss.
  8. I recommend collapsible batons. Just the SCHICCCK they make when you whip 'em open is a deterrent. And as an added bonus, you can swat mosquitoes with them.
  9. Hi. I'm back. I'm bad about doing updates when things aren't going so well. Although, when I look back, it could have been worse. So instead of boring anyone who's still reading this, I'm just going to give a recap: Sleep: 25 nights of 8 hrs. or more. 4.17 nights/week, which gives me a B. so taking 1 point off leaves me +2 CON and +2 CHAExercise: Fail. This is what I was really bummed about. Missed doing 2 workouts in week 4. No points awarded.NO SO DAH!: Here I did really well. Almost drank a Diet Coke on the last day, but I caught myself. A! +2 CON, +3 WIS.Onward to the next Challenge!
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