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  1. Week 2 Summary: D+ for the week. Kinda forgot what I was doing... Main Quest: Went up to 215.6 Lbs on June 20th. Minor increase from last week, but not too destructive. Mini Quests: 1. Workout more frequently [sTR +3] [DEX +2] None! Oops! F = 0 workouts 2. Hydrate [WIS +1] [CON +3] Drank almost 2+ Liters of water each day. Had Beer and a sports drink on 4 nights, stuck to only 1 coffee every day. C = 3 days 3. Record Keeping [WIS +2] [CON +1] Tracked on Monday, then forgot to keep going. F = 1 day 4. Clean house [CON +1] [WIS +2] All dishes done before bed + 15 minutes of clutter clean up 4 days. B = 4 days
  2. It's much cheaper to buy the core set online ($20 instead of $40). That alone gave 3 of us 5 hours of enjoyment the first day. Posting from mobile.
  3. Thanks. Read: low goals. I'm easing back into things after my unattainable goals the last couple challenges.
  4. Good job! What game are you thinking about?
  5. Week 1 Summary: B for the week. Additional workouts (as planned) would have been right on track with expectations. Main Quest: Dropped to 215.4 Lbs on June 13th. Mini Quests: 1. Workout more frequently [sTR +3] [DEX +2]Ran on Tuesday and Thursday Morning, Angry Birds on Wednesday. Skipped on Friday and the weekend due to "Busy" (poor excuse...not good. C = 3 workouts 2. Hydrate [WIS +1] [CON +3]Drank almost 2+ Liters of water each day. Had Beer and a sports drink on Thursday at Boy's night, as well as Beer on both weekend days (more boy's time and then Father's Day), stuck to only 1 coffee on each day except Sunday, only twice with creamer. A = 5 days 3. Record Keeping [WIS +2] [CON +1]Tracked food/drink on MFP every day. The weekend days weren't entered until Monday, and it shows. More frequent record keeping with curtail nose dives before they get out of hand. A = 5 days 4. Clean house [CON +1] [WIS +2]All dishes done before bed + 15 minutes of clutter clean up pretty much every day except Sunday (a mountain of dishes and already late night with no counter space. A- = 5 days Found a new passion this week too. This is satisfying my urge to play Warhammer 40K, while tapping into my deep seeded love of Star Wars. Bonus points for having friends who immediately went and bought their own sets...having a gaming night on Thursday where I'll take on my friend's YT-1300 with My TIE Swarm...Can't wait for my Imperial Aces to show up next week!
  6. You're killing it. Great job. Love the idea that your Jawbone reminds you to be active. I'm assuming that's a wristband of some sort (not the Bluetooth headset!). How's the sleep going?
  7. Hey Andy, I saw your post in the accountabilibuddies sign up page...Your challenge looks great and somewhat similar to what I'm trying to do this round (AM workouts, lots of sleep, hoping to loose 15 lbs by December). I grew up in Somerset until I was about 10, now living in California, but I still have plenty of family in the UK. My cousin just finished up Uni in Aberystwyth (I think, lol), but I've never had the chance to visit Wales. Started getting into comic books about a year ago, just starting to really ramp up my X-Men reading. What are you reading right now?
  8. The week has been going really well. I'm at my lowest weight right now (still a long way to go though). Still haven't figured out a good way to record on MFP, but I'm getting things done. I managed to exercise 3 mornings this week and am hoping I'll get something in over the weekend too. See you on Sunday!
  9. Glad to see you're still here! I had a particularly disappointing challenge last time as well. None of them have been nearly as easy as the first one was, but I'm constantly learning about how I deal with different situations and how to stack the deck in my favor. Looking forward to seeing you destroy these goals. As everyone's favorite Nerf-Herder once said: "One thing's for sure, we're all gonna be a lot thinner."
  10. Me too! Stress, work, etc...blah blah blah. No more! Looking forward to this challenge.
  11. I did cold showers for a couple of weeks a few years ago. My wife was always asking me what the heavy breathing and weird sounds in the bathroom were. Also I don't know how clean I was getting because, #ShortestShowerEver. Might actually try this again randomly to send some positive morale your way.
  12. Okay! I'll start out with circuit training and see how it meshes with everything else. Glad to be back. Hopefully I'll see a couple of my (IRL) friends popping up here too! Thanks. I've actually had your challenge open all day on my work computer, just haven't had time to read it yet Need me some sleep! Saturday night I only got 2 hours due to crisis' at work. Looking forward to 9pm bedtime...lol. Glug, Glug! Puny God!
  13. Subscribed. Will look for a buddy this week and report back soon.
  14. Anyone have advice on how to record the Angry Birds workout as exercise on MyFitnessPal?
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