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  1. I generally use a belt for PR/Near PR attempts, but that's it.
  2. april sounds great. will give me a few weeks to recover after the CF Opens and whatnot.
  3. And just a note, the weight you start with for the DBSP is relative. Start at something that is reasonably challenging, but not heavy enough where you wont be able to finish the sets.
  4. Much like double unders, muscle ups, and pullups, hand stand pushups have become a staple in many crossfit wods. It's also a movement many struggle with because for a majority of people, upper body strength usualy trails behind. I thought I'd share some tips and tricks to help developing handstand pushups: Dumbell Shoulder Press Hands down, this is what helped the most in my persuit. I followed a linear progression that looked like this: Week1: 2x5 DBSP @ 25lbs Week2: 2x6 Week3: 2x7 Week4: 2x8 Week5: 2x9 Week6: 2x10 After you successfull do a week at 2x10, the next week you increase the weight by 5lbs, and reset to 2x5, and repeat the progression. I did this for about 3 months, and it made HSPU a breeze. Another thing you can do, is do an HSPU abmat progression. Set up 2-3 abmats stacked up, something that allows you to do them without too much difficulty, and follow the same rep scheme as above. Instead of adding weight however, remove abmats until you're going head to ground (or head to one abmat for females, the typical standard). Hope this helps!
  5. Always love the inspirational crossfit videos
  6. If you're trying to shed bodyfat, I found it hard to do without reducing my fruit intake. Same with nut and nut butters. I notice you use a lot of coconut products too - those are very dense foods, and easy for the calories to add up. There still needs to be a calorie deficit to shed fat. One common misconception I see in paleo/keto communities is that they can eat as much as they want and still lose fat. That may be true for people just starting out, or those very overweight, but especially when you're trying to get to super low body fat (sub 20's for women, sub 10 for men) you need to really tune in your diet. What kind of exercises are you doing?
  7. to give you some perspective, at the 2011 USAPL nationalss, your deadlift of 350 would have only been beaten by 1 person in your weight class: http://www.usapowerlifting.com/results/2011/2011_USAPL_Raw_Nationals.htm I'd say that's pretty elite.
  8. Those standards seem fairly accurate, that's the chart i always used, and is most referenced in other fitness communities I frequent. It's good for judging the average person. Now if you're a competative powerlifter, or want toc ompare yourself to people who compete, check out this: http://www.rawpowerlifting.com/pdf/RAWClassificationStandards.pdf This lists teirs based on your total (bench + squat + DL)
  9. Saw this posted on my gym's blog today - informative, and funny: [ATTACH=CONFIG]1469[/ATTACH]
  10. When I first started, it was to get in shape, plain and simple. After the first few months though, I was hooked. I love the combination of power lifting, oly lifting, gymnastics and all the things unique to crossfit. After I got in decent shape, and put up some respectable numbers for someone my size, it became more of a competition with myself. Now I do it because first and foremost it's fun, secondly, I want to see how far I can push myself, and third all the friends i've made doing it.
  11. Yea, chuck's will be great unless you're talking about oly lifting. then i'd highly support an actually lifting shoe. i've used chucks, vibrams, and onitsuka tigers in the past, but i've felt the most comfortable using my lifting shoes (vs athletics, and now i use the adidas powerlifter).
  12. Yep, exactly. The trainer should be able to scale the WoD to whatever your abilities are. I've never seen a workout that REQUIRED you to do a certain exercise unbroken (i.e. 20 pullups).
  13. I was a chunky 196 lbs. I wasn't in good shape. I had started running and a little lifting a few months prior to joining crossfit, dropped some weight, but couldnt run more than a mile or so, could barely do pushups, and couldnt do a pullup at all. Honestly, if the trainer/affiliate is good, it doesn't matter what shape you are in, they should be able to scale the workout to your abilities. We have people all shapes sizes and fitness levels join up at my gym, and they all seem to enjoy themselves and make great progress, I say go for it!
  14. The problem is, I think a lot of us are sick to death of having to defend ourselves any time crossfit comes up, especially in our own section of the forum. It seems like we can't have a thread without someone shitting all over crossfit and ruining the discussion at hand. It's impossible to have a positive discussion about crossfit on this board because of people like carjack. If you were a crossfitter, and saw this part of nerdfitness, would you feel welcome to this community? I sure as fuck wouldn't. I'd turn around and run. I feel less welcome here every time shit like this happens. It's sad because there are a lot of nice, helpful people here, and I love discussing personal fitness and crossfit - the things I'm most passionate about in life.
  15. This is pretty pathetic. Why is it ok for him to come into our own crossfit dedicated area, and start rambling his bullshit. We don't stalk his posts, telling him how useless his programming is, or how everything he is doing is wrong. Nor do we do this to any one else on the forum, or any other fitness program. Though every time a crossfit related post comes along, you can sure as fuck know that carjack will be here, pitchfork in hand. WE GET IT, YOU HATE CROSSFIT, AND WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW WHY YOU THINK IT'S BAD! Guess what? We love it, we're going to keep at it, and nothing you say will ever change that. Can we just ban him already?
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