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  1. ...Eugh. I'm so hunger right now. XD The description of that meal might pull me off my butt to go grocery shopping properly, haha.
  2. I'm also down for Captain America. Though, as always, specifics with work will only make themselves known much closer to the date. =)
  3. ...If the stormtroopers are all clones, then why are some of them lefties? =O Good luck on week one of the new cycle!
  4. Interesting point about the cleaning. Steve is full of helpful tips, haha.
  5. Haha. All I can think of is Niecy Nash singing, "Who wants a clean house?" I feel like I should take life lessons from that show, even though my home is hardly cluttered... I feel like I could be doing so much better! Haha.
  6. This made me literalol. =) Definitely! And I'd even say yes on the sweet potato as long as they don't constitute a daily serving more than... (*arbitrary*) three times a week? I vote yes because they're damn good for you and because WHFoods say so. =)
  7. I enjoy reading your lengthy posts and I enjoy more that they do you some good. Getting it all out there is suuuper helpful, and I think we both identify with that mechanism of self-sorting. =) Despite the conflict though, your physical goals are coming along pretty fluidly, it seems. Everybody works to be where they are, and it is easy for those of us not involved in the day to day to imagine everyone else doing it without effort. The jobs business... man. I don't even know on that front. Lowering the barrier to entry is the way to get clients, for sure. For once, the simpler theories in economics pan out - lower the price until there's demand, then work to increase demand so you can increase price. =) Though, it's not so simple when you've got to balance simpler things like bills and groceries with the idea of trying to generate demand. Haha. Rarely do opportunities fall into your lap; you're doing the work to bring them to you. It will pan out, though likely in unexpected ways. =)
  8. Best of luck on the cleaning. That was me last weekend. All of it went down. About front tuck to front tuck... Yeah, it is just kind of a chuck it and stop thinking about it technique in my experience. I've landed it like... twice. I'd like to try again sometime soon, as my front tucks are certainly better now than they were however many years ago that was. =D But I'm wondering this: do you ever train with stimulants? Lots of tricksters like to down Monster and stuff, but I think that's silly. I just buy caffeine pills and it turns out being literally a thousandth the cost and doesn't taste like shit/have any other nasty side effects of energy drinks. =) 200mg per pill. I take two before tricking and it really, really sets me in the right place. Some of my friends take more, some take less, some mix in ephedrine and B-vitamins, all of which I've enjoyed for various purposes. If I'm behaving in a dietary sense, I don't generally have any caffeine in my day (no coffee, etc) so my system is particularly receptive to that and other stimulants, making them perfect training supplements. So yeah - ever tried that? =) I find it helps immensely with specifically mental tricks.
  9. I get flown to Florida often for business. Today was the last day for this particular trip, and I was on my way to the airport when I stopped to refuel the rental before dropping it off. I pull up the the pump, get out, and what do I see? A couple next to their SUV tucked away into a corner of the gas station's parking lot... doing burpees together. =D! I couldn't stop smiling about that shit. I wanted to run up and give them a compliment, but by the time I was done at the pump, they had already gone. Best road trip spice ever, amirite? Exercise x for n reps at every fuel stop. Mwahaha. I will be implementing some variation on this theme on my next long drive. =)
  10. <.< >.> I found you! (Or rather, I remembered to look ...!) I believe you will see good things coming of this delightfully themed challenge, haha. I also am interested in seeing some footage of you deadlifting. =) I know that's the only way I fixed mine - posting for critique! And I am with you 100% on the scrapey DL's. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1568468/20140219_091457.jpg and whatnot. =)
  11. Greets. Oly lifts are the nearest intersection of strength and tricking I've yet discovered. I must say... they are firmly on the long list of shit I want to explore. =D Subbed for the return favor and simply because I'm utterly drawn to the warriors so I love watching this shit, hahaha. <3
  12. And wait, what? Your Instagram is Jujiboos? ... See that first video link in my signature? Hahaha.
  13. Fucking. Noms. That looks wonderful. =D And I'm super impressed with your front/back squat numbers. I don't lift much heavier, and I love squat. <3!
  14. It is totally a thing. Ponytails and active wear have always been a fascination of mine, even before I identified as an athlete. It's obvious I'm not the only one. =P
  15. Oh man! I haven't been tricking aaaaat all. I've been focusing on strength and other impromptu conditioning (soft tissue self-massage, flexibility, etc). Like you, I've got some nasty chronic injuries, but I've never intentionally recovered from them, so they've lingered for yeeeears. But I think I'm making progress finally. =) Next challenge will see me swapping lifting for tricks, so hopefully I'll have a proper sampler before too far into summer! My big sister is a fantastic parent. Always looking to learn more about being effective and transferring all that knowledge and goodness to her darling boy. =) She's instructed me that I am to raise a puppy before I have kids. I owned a dog in high school and it certainly taught me a lot about instruction. And for as good as she is at parenting, she says she wishes she'd have had a dog before she had a kid, hence my mandate to do exactly that. =)
  16. Nicely ricely. I feel like a food processor would be a smart thing to own, but they're pricey. I love stuffed bell peppers. =D
  17. I really admire your progressive and strategic approach here. You're gearing up for success in the most long-term sense, and doing so at your individual pace. That's waaaaaaay harder for me than just diving into something, but then I often struggle with the intimidation of all-or-nothing, just like you mentioned when starting this challenge. Big kudos. =)
  18. Holy shit dude. I totally want footage of your deadlifts. =D I battled my form (and lower back misconfiguration) for years on that shit. 275 was a recent PR of mine as well. =) And way to go on the weight loss. Them's real numbers there! Haha.
  19. Thanks guise. =D Yeah, I gave it everything I could reasonably be expected to give, in my opinion. So, I'm not heartbroken. A little frustrated, but managed to not internalize any of that due to the aforementioned positive self talk. Woo therapy! Haha. And yeah, tonight is for Arrow and productivity. =) So, woot!
  20. No worries sir. I've got a 401k that's getting my company match (6.5%) and roughly 11% of my monthly net going into regular old savings. Paying down debt with the rest, then I'll be closer to your advising. =) 21 is a big set! At least, in my opinion. =D Haha. I haaaaate pushups. Way to go. =)
  21. Teeeheeee. Such true. Very glad for your week. =) Hopefully your feet are safe for running Sunday!
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