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  1. Haha. I meant Jess. You gave up your link so easily! =P
  2. Hahaha. If I could go out drinking with politicians... I might have a chance at getting them to behave. What an idea. YES SIR! ;D Haha. Fix your timezone! Then it won't think you're in the UK. =P Danke! The workouts are definitely working, whew. Now I just can't wait to measure some gains, either on the scale or with a big, compound lift. =)
  3. Woot! Yes, I did have to stalk for yours too. =P
  4. Haha. Do itashimashite. (That was from memory - was it right? o.O) And what~ about the techniques in black text? Hmm? =)
  5. Gyaaad damn. =D FHS-front tuck is such a serious combo. Haha. If BHS distinguishes balanced tricksters from back-yarders, front tumbling is how you either know somebody's really got their gymnastics background or is plain and simply too much beast for their own good, haha. Doesn't the gym(nastics gym) work like the (weights) gym? =P Couldn't you have nudged up to someone on the low beam and said, "Yo dawg; how many sets you got left?" Overcrowding is lame no matter how you slice it, though, haha. More envy for the conditioning. "You people" always remind me what real athletics looks like. =) Bomb first day? I'd say so. =D
  6. Oh snap. Capoeira is among the nearest and dearest things I've never done. <3 Also, pre-hab... you're a freakin' genius. This bodes well. =) 15lbs of bodyfat to lose is quite a lot, but you seem quite well informed, sufficiently motivated, and ready to go. Good luck!
  7. My advice for greens (except for spinach) - sauté them bad boys. =D Spinach is awful cooked imo, but I don't mind it raw. But everything else (kale, etc) I enjoy very much with salt, pepper, and whatever else fits the rest of the dish cooked up in some coconut oil. And I second the avocado salad + citrus. Personally, I only find avocado enjoyable when it's drizzled in lime juice, but I've never tried lemon, so that's next. =D General love for the challenge. Subbed. =)
  8. Indeed. Strategy seems fine, though I'd eliminate the mention of other things upcoming. You want to make them feel special, as well. But then I think the most important bit is really frequency. Minimum of once a week until they either hire you or flat out tell you no. =) That's the part where you start to feel like an asshole... but don't let it get you! You must persist. =)
  9. Yup. With you on the takeout, pivotal nature of RAK's, and just... yeah. The whole shebang, madam. =D Can't wait to hear how it goes. =)
  10. Haha. Keeping your heart rate up is an arbitrary and fun goal when you're not doing skill-heavy exercises. For instance, deadlifting will get your heart pumping, but you'll want to rest before and after because your head needs to be clear to focus on form. But if you're just running around doing circuit training, sure, heart rate is something you'll be able to play with for the sake of motivation. =) More importantly though, the cardiovascular system load bearing tissues are inextricably linked. If you're doing hard mechanical work with muscle, your heart and lungs will be playing along. And if you're doing it as hard as you can (safely, please) your heart and lungs will be working very hard as well. "Cardio" is good for balance, health, variety... but the two (cardio and weights) are quite interlinked, despite what commonplace fitness literature might lead you to believe. And as with abs being made in the kitchen, I'd argue the energy of an active person is largely determined by their diet. =) Keep it up!
  11. Beastmode+storyline+balance. Love this shit. =D Professional development is so easy to ignore when you're trying to get all amped up about what your body is capable of. I'm glad you brought it back around and rounded this thing off thusly. And hey, Italian is definitely worth some CHA. ;D Rock and roll dude. Looking forward to this one.
  12. I'm loving this challenge man. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease post footage of your backflip as soon as you can! Haha. If I can offer help on any trick, it's that or 540. =) I'd love to see how what's up in these early sessions. And I'm 'mirin your handstand goals. That's something I haven't gotten the balls for yet, to be perfectly honest. =D Haha. Also, may I inquire as to some details for you strength training regimen? I'm interested to see what you're doing specifically. Here's to a momentous Monday!
  13. Oo. F'real. This Challenge makes me feel way more like I'm in a movie theater than many before. =) *grabs some popcorn and widens eyes* I love the artwork. The grading is rigorous and appropriate. And yeah... something about your third person narration adds epic all over the OP. ;D Haha. Looking forward to it! Do want more acro videos too! =)
  14. AND AND! My big sister just joined NF and made herself a Challenge thread. =D I haven't done my laundry yet because we spent most of the night ironing out how to fit her goals into this framework. =) She, like me, loses the day-to-day perspective in the big picture. Like how some folks can't see the forest for the trees? We can't see the trees because we're too damn awestruck by the forest. Haha. Anyway, if you love me, head over and check her shit out. You'll probably love her too. http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/45087-big-sister-following-in-baby-brothers-footsteps/
  15. *cheers!* This is very exciting to me. And now I'm going to plug your thread in mine because~ I love you. =D
  16. Well... hot damn. Ok, what was the last thing I told you guys? Oh right, the RS4. =D Well, Kishi, you can just listen to it (though that's not my favorite exhaust, it's plenty great) or you can watch Jeremy Clarkson (who doesn't heart Audi much) talk about it. Decidedly, this is one of the best sports sedans ever made, in my highly subjective opinion. =D I like cars that are amazing performers on top first and "practical" second. I put that in quotes because a 420hp, 4.2L V8 just isn't practical, but Audi's legendary all wheel drive system is definitely a boon when it comes to anything other than perfect weather annnnnnd German luxury is just divine, in my opinion. =) But, as you guys might've guessed, I didn't buy the car. Haha. Some day. =) Howeva! I did work out a lot. Haha. Dyamond is a beast, and keeping pace with him is painful. Let me even attempt to recall the other two days we did. Friday was leg day, so we did: Goblet Squats Back Squats Front Squats Leg Press Calf Raises And we were supposed to get quad extensions and ham curls in there, but the freakin' gym closed, hahaha. I used my new weight belt on all the bar squats and it felt great. That thing really makes a difference for me. My glutes and quads were toast, haha. Then Saturday was shoulder day, and we did: Lateral Dumbbell Raises Front Barbell Raises Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press Skullcrushers (he did bar, I did dumbbell) Cable Pressdowns Concentration Curls Preacher Curls I did low weight and slow and controlled because I tweaked my shoulder on chest day. It's the same quazi injury I give myself from sloppy pullups or sleeping on it wrong, so I know it's a point of weakness to fight with strengthening and form-focused exercises. By the end, and for the two days since, I only felt fatigue in the shoulders and no pain. So, mission accomplished there! =) Oh, and this was beyond my 3x/week schedule, so woo bonus XP! Then Sunday was supposed to be core day, but he had to help his dad and I had to have a weird day wherein I wanted to destroy the government of Brazil. Haha. It sounds random and absurd, but it's actually true. I'm a huge radical on a lot of political fronts when it comes to other people. When I'm just considering myself, I'm nearly reactionary, because I know I can take care of myself. But, I also know that my certainty in that isn't wholly due to my ability to make it so. I know lots of what I rest and rely upon was built for me by many with whom I would ethically disagree vehemently. Basically, if I trusted people to be decent to one another, I'd be a libertarian. But I don't, so I'm a socialist. Anyway, Brazil pissed me off and I needed to clean my house anyway, so Dyamond and I skipped core day. Haha. I'm regretting it now because I want to be sore so I can feel accomplished, but believe you me, my apartment is cleaner than it's been in months. I've literally been putting some of that shit off since Thanksgiving, hahaha. Then I did, indeed, do my stretching and PVC rolling for one more night last week. <3 That shit feels amazing. Today at work was pretty good. I didn't really... do anything... but then there was nothing to do. Haha. So, now I'm ready for my next trip to Florida tomorrow (*sigh*). Well actually, I'm not. I've gotta do laundry yet. =D But that's cool, since I love sleeping on planes, haha. I was going to type that I "should" PVC roll and stretch tonight, but fuck that shit; these Challenges are about doing what I say I'm going to do above all else, so I will be gaining that bonus XP tonight before I sleep. =D Then yeah. The rest of the week is in Florida. So I want to gain some sustaining XP by doing some bodyweight work, but we'll see how the work days shake out. I'm actually way behind on my book, so I'll be needing to catch up on that as well. Hum hum. There ya go ladies and gents. Official day one of this challenge complete. I'm eating peanuts right now. I wish I had some orange juice to go with them, but I drank it all already! D=!
  17. Finally caught up with the thread. I love how beastmode just doesn't even end for you. =P I felt pretty cool getting a week's worth of workouts in during last week, but I neglected the hell out of the community, haha. Sounds like a good start, sir. I'm with you and everyone else on the job front, of course. I envy your time to commit to your goals, but I damn sure prefer trading my time for money voluntarily to not having that choice. But shit man - four a day with followup is surely a Right Path. Speaking of, are you tenacious when it comes to calling after your first "interview", whatever form that may take? Balancing the, "I don't want to feel like an asshole" instinct and the, "They will think of my face when they think of filling this position" social reality of the job hunt is often a challenge.
  18. Four Hour Body is the epitome of an Experiment of One. =) Obviously Whole30 is a lot more... generically applicable in that it's studies based, but we all know that studies are just a jumping off point for understanding yourself in context of the world as a whole, right? Haha. I like it, though. Lots of my strong and smart friends are basically in dietary agreement with Tim Ferris, whereas I prefer the W30 route because science. Both are super useful tools. And kettlebells are fucking boss, hahaha. And for what it's worth, I'd say sleep is as individual as diet. Do you feel rested? Does waking up interfere with your objectives? If not, then whatever. Your body is one of a very large number of evolutionary paths, so its tarits are either "right" or "wrong", and I like to judge based on what helps me succeed. =)
  19. Haha. In all honesty, I imagine it's just because BHS isn't as flashy. And, yeah, I'd say it's technically way more difficult. Also, hope that nerd session is awesome! =D
  20. Hahaha. Bottom. My bottom was shot from deep pause squats the other day. D= And I'm with everyone else on the steak and asparagus plate. <3
  21. Nice dude. I'm definitely excited for your halfway and completion samplers. =D
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