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  1. Ermahgerrrrrrrrrrd I love acro skills so damn much. Very cool. Veeeeeeeeery cool. =D
  2. ro>bhs is a combo I've never endeavored toward. I can roundoff tuck deeeecently well, but I've always 'mired tricksters who can bhs properly. And layouts are hot. Haha. I've never done one on floor, only on tramp. Some day...? =D
  3. Woo! Positive cycles are indeed the way to go. Annnnnnnd strengthening that which is weak, most especially when it's un-sexy and boring like mobility and ligament work, is of the utmost importance. Super swell. =) Subbed for further motivation, and hopes of an extreme gardening video set to thrash metal.
  4. Oh... and I found something today during some of my sanctioned free time at work. Something that... I shouldn't be looking at... but I can't quite help... The car I'm determined to have before I'm 30. Near me, low mileage, and for less than I'm used to seeing it listed. Oh, and it's the right color. And the right trim level (sat nav/etc). And it's even got the Titanium Package, which replaces the somewhat annoying chrome bits with blacked out bits, darkens the wheels and the mirrors a little, and makes it all really come together aesthetically. ...But even while I know I could afford it if I busted my ass and negotiated like a true master wordsmith... I shouldn't. D'= I shouldn't. But I can't tell myself I won't... yet... I think. Haha. If I bought it, my liquid assets to debt ratio would plummet, and even though I don't have any XP attached to that... ... Dire agony and First World Problems. It's so srs. Haha.
  5. Whew. Lordy. Dyamond knows how to push a person in the gym. Definitely earned my 10XP STR. If I can even recall, we did: Bench Incline Bench Supine DB Flies Incline DB Flies Straight Bar/Cable Tricep Extensions (over and underhand grip) Overhead Rope/Cable Tricep Extensions Unilateral Lateral Cable Tricep Extensions Chest Press Varrying between 5x10 and 2x12, 2x10, 1x8. And last night I definitely foam rolled and stretched myself into success today, so +6XP DEX there. Oh and today was a pretty good day at work. +5XP WIS.
  6. I chose Yoga/Flexibility, Planks, and Sprints. The first two because core strength + flexibility + balance = bigass, heavyasfuck lifts... safely. =) Neither of us are warriors, but the aesthetic you're going for is a very strong one, so... =D And then sprints because sprints are hard. And they tax your body like little else can. If you can do them like a monster without injury, then you'll deepen the adaptive response your body gives by pushing the negative stimuli that much further. And that, like heavy lifts, is for the aesthetic gains.
  7. Hmm... I'm no running expert, but... If it's a bone bruise (I've gotten those from landing flips low on shitty floors; they're no joke) then it's just a matter of healing and not doing whatever did it again. Dunno about your shoes, but I'm sure a runner here will know what's up. However, if it's a tendon/ligament/muscle/tissue thing, then there's active recovery to be done! I'd imagine you'd want the pain to be gone before running again, but you should be foam rolling/stretching/strengthening the whole system of tissues surrounding the trouble spot in the meanwhile. =) .02
  8. Subbed because tricking and parkour are sister sports and the vitriol between our communities is such dumb! And because finance goals are super important to me too. <3!
  9. This is good business. Consider yourself followed. ...But not like, down an alley or anything. =O
  10. One of the best motorcycle accessories I ever bought was the Ogio Mach 5. I really love that thing. It's not crazy spacious, but it's definitely bigger/more versatile than you expect and if you're frugal with your space, you can cram a ton of shit in there.
  11. Yup. I had that problem. Had to turn off instant notifications and restrict my non-work-at-work time to three 30 minute blocks a day. Feels silly, but it works! Haha.
  12. Also, I'm not sure where you are geographically (I'm assuming somewhere near Tennessee, or I just don't know how Nationals work, haha) but I want to trick together some day after the meet. =D My favorite training partners are the ones who can teach me shit, and I bet I'd learn a lot from spending time on the floor with you. =)
  13. Keeping up that wisdom of moderation, I see. Good news that you're feeling capable, though. Making it to the gym and pushing for what you can benefit from, but no more, is always the key/challenge/nuance/fun of it. =D
  14. Kishi love is a sustaining force I'm glad to have. ;D And yeah man; I knew I was in it for the long haul when I really looked at how much computer literature I'm trying to consume. As multi-disciplinary as I am, there's nothing that'd let me plow through a textbook in six weeks. That and generally, weight programs are months in length, not one and a half.
  15. New challenge thread, even though it's the same material. http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/44453-second-half-of-the-first-challenge-finish-the-long-haul/
  16. Weeks 6 - 12 These are a few things that motivate me. None of them are goals in specific and my skills with image editing are embarrassing. However, each picture represents something I can identify with and appreciate about the physical act of living. This makes them perfectly suited for display here. I am... very excited for this. This is the continuation of my first NF challenge ever, and will be the summation of much new effort as well as lessons already learned from the last six weeks. In light of continued goals, I will use much of the same formatting from my original thread. Strength The title of my first challenge (Just Finish A Program) was unfortunately unrealized in its timeframe, both six and 12 weeks. This was due to minor injury setbacks and a lack of consistent motivation. However, now, I've invested in a secret weapon. My friend Dyamond is the gentleman with incredible lats above. He is young, passionate, compassionate, and a bright star in my life as well as in the gym he works out at. I've got weights in my basement, but Dyamond's gym is only $12/month, so yesterday I took the plunge and signed up. It's not contractual and it's a price well worth the time I'll spend with him. He lifts five times a week, and I'm going to match him for at least three. Any others we fit in will be bonus XP. Previous Program Goal: 97/200 XP STR Weights with Dyamond (55/180 XP STR) 2/18:10 | 2/20:10 | 2/21:10| 2/22:10 2/25:15 | 2/27: 0 | 2/28: 0 3/4: 0 | 3/6: 0 | 3/7: 0 3/11: 0 | 3/13: 0 | 3/14: 0 3/18: 0 | 3/20: 0 | 3/21: 0 3/25: 0 | 3/27: 0 | 3/28: 0 Knowledge Here I will be continuing to read my book, Foundations of GTK+. Though I am already behind (and have been for every chapter thus far save the first) I am not worried. I feel amazing having done what I have already because I've been programming for more than 10 years and this is only the second time in that history where I've sat down and made regular progress at the self-guided acquisition of a new skill. This is huge. Foundations of GTK+ (157/427 XP INT) Chapter 1 - Getting Started - 14 pages - Completed before first Challenge Chapter 2 - Your First GTK+ Applications - 27 pages - Completed before first Challenge Chapter 3 - Container Widgets - 31 pages - Goal: 1/12 - Completed! Chapter 4 - Basic Widgets - 35 pages - Goal: 1/19 - Completed 1/23, -4XP Chapter 5 - Dialogs - 47 pages - Goal: 1/26 - Completed 2/2, -7XP Chapter 6 - Using GLib - 59 pages - Goal: 2/10 - Completed 2/14, -4XP Chapter 7 - The Text View Widget - 41 pages - Goal: 2/16 Chapter 8 - The Tree View Widget - 53 pages - Goal: 2/23 Chapter 9 - Menus and Toolbars - 39 pages - Goal: 3/2 Chapter 10 - Dynamic User Interfaces - 25 pages - Goal: 3/9 Chapter 11 - Creating Custom Widgets - 49 pages - Goal: 3/16 Chapter 12 - Additional GTK+ Widgets - 39 pages - Goal: 3/23 Chapter 13 - Putting It All Together - 9 pages - Goal: 3/30 Financial This is a zero-XP gimmie. Really, it's a tracking tool. If I just pay my bills, the number will go up. However, if I pay my bills somewhat aggressively and put fancy things like my tax refund where they're supposed to go... the number will go up faster. I'm already quite proud of an 11.3% increase of liquid assets to debt in just one month and we're on the cusp of the second measurement in a couple of weeks here. Onward with the growing self-awareness! Liquid Assets to Debt Ratio 1/1 - 0.1327 - 0.00% change - 0.00% overall 2/1 - 0.1477 - 11.3% change - 11.3% overall 3/1 - 0.1802 - 22.0% change - 35.8% overall 4/1 - 0.2158 - 19.6% change - 62.6% overall Behavioral Just a week and a half into January, I was spending way too much time on NF. Even before that, though, I was spending too much time on Wikipedia, Facebook, my budget spreadsheet, and the lot of it during work hours. So, I devised the following scheme: 8:30-9am, 11:30-noon, and 4:30-5pm are the only time periods during the day where I may do non-work related tasks. Paying the bills, researching, catching up on NF posts, the lot of it. Every day I complete that, I earn 5XP. I must email myself three tasks for the following day before I leave each night. This will earn me 3XP. I must commit at least one change to source control each day. This is how I know I've done meaningful work and not just wasted time in meetings, tending to other people's troubleshooting, and so forth. However, sometimes the aforementioned distractions are unavoidable. So, 2XP per day for that. Weekday Work Tasks (205/473 XP WIS) Wk 2 - | | 1/15: 3 | 1/16: 9 | 1/17: 5 Wk 3 - 1/20: 5 | 1/21: 2 | 1/22: 5 | 1/23: 5 | 1/24: 0 Wk 4 - 1/27:10 | 1/28:10 | 1/29: 8 | 1/30: 8 | 1/31: 8 Wk 5 - 2/03: 0 | 2/04: 5 | 2/05: 3 | 2/06:10 | 2/07:10 Wk 6 - 2/10:10 | 2/11:10 | 2/12: 8 | 2/13: 8 | 2/14: 8 Wk 7 - 2/17: 0 | 2/18:10 | 2/19:10 | 2/20: 5 | 2/21:10 Wk 8 - 2/24: 5 | 2/25: 0 | 2/26: 5 | 2/27:10 | 2/28: 0 Wk 9 - 3/03: 0 | 3/04: 0 | 3/05: 0 | 3/06: 0 | 3/07: 0 Wk10 - 3/10: 0 | 3/11: 0 | 3/12: 0 | 3/13: 0 | 3/14: 0 Wk11 - 3/17: 0 | 3/18: 0 | 3/19: 0 | 3/20: 0 | 3/21: 0 Wk12 - 3/24: 0 | 3/25: 0 | 3/26: 0 | 3/27: 0 | 3/28: 0 Bonus This time around, I'll also permit myself to gather bonus XP in the form of stretching, foam rolling, and diet. They're critical to my success and I've already begun trending toward implementing them. Plus, they'll let me address my two languishing stats before I start with a fresh set of challenge goals in a few weeks. If I spend at least an hour stretching and rolling, I'll afford myself +3XP DEX. If I eat a day's worth of generally paleo-compliant food, I'll rack up +3XP CON. Simple as that. Bonus Points (15XP DEX / 0XP CON) 2/18: +3 DEX; 2/19: +3 DEX; 2/20: +3 DEX; 2/25: +3 DEX; 2/26: +3 DEX; And there we have it. Lots to do. Lots left off the list. I want to get back into archery. I want to get back into skydiving. I want... to lead a life of meaning and fulfillment. =) And that's exactly what this is for. Now for a little motivational music:
  17. Rock and roll sir. My gut inclination is that even with hard mechanical work with muscle, the on-site stores still won't be depleted significantly enough to merit topping off with intention. But that, I haven't read studies for, so I'm just guessing. =D Looking forward to that next thread.
  18. Kishi - It definitely helps me fix my shit. I'm going to stick with sets of 225 for now to see if I can't safely strengthen everything and get my muscles firing correctly. I'm sure my glutes are still not doing enough work, but I know that if I train up at a weight I can rep safely, I'll be fine. =) Quirky - It's been a long~~~~ time coming! Haha. The first time I tried to deadlift was 2007! So much complexity in that freakin' movement.
  19. It's great to hear that the unexpected didn't dampen your spirits all told. Life is supremely unpredictable, but that only enhances the learning capacity if one takes the right mindset into a situation. And clearly, you did just that for this entire challenge. Way to go. <3
  20. Lifted with Dyamond tonight. Oh man! We did "back", but my arms are smoked right now more than anything. Ridiculous. The workout went something like: Barbell Rows Pullups Machine Rows Pullups Seated Cable Rows Pullups Deadlift ...Pullups Lat Pull downs Rear Delt Cable Rows And some other shit. We were there for three hours again, hahaha. And sooooo many assisted pullups, zomg. But! Deadlift PR. 275. I bought a belt and holy shit it helps a ton. So, in addition to the PR, I had a great working set of five at 225 with form I'm pretty proud of. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VC9W6uEC0fU And so forth. Definitely earned that 10XP STR tonight. Whew. Oh, and recovery meal? 2,000 calories, 100g protein, 100g fat. A pizza. =P
  21. What a wrapup. =) Huge congratulations are in order! Haha. And especially well done on that front handspring - rarely does one land a first trick cleanly! The first time is just to know you can do it again, every other time is for cleanliness. =D Also, way to go on the general feeling of it. Seriously. That's not only really motivating to read, but also really gratifying to hear. =) *high five!*
  22. Very well done sir. You trained your ass off and were rewarded with high marks at least, but I imagine much more. =)
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