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  1. Kidney bean

    Shit Warriors Eat

    Oh look I fit right in. My plans got cancelled this afternoon so I had time to go to the supermarket and snipe all the reduced items, which happens to be my favourite pastime. Edit: SMH, attaching the image is a pain in the ass on ipad.
  2. Kidney bean

    Shit Warriors Eat

    Oh, that too. Of course.
  3. Kidney bean

    Shit Warriors Eat

    This thread is why I joined the warriors. Beautiful stuff.
  4. Kidney bean

    The Mead Hall: The Warrior Water Cooler

    (Oh, me too)
  5. Kidney bean

    The Mead Hall: The Warrior Water Cooler

    God yes- every time I go to this one steak restaurant, I kind of zone out and go to town on the steak, fries and sometimes egg on the side and about 30 mins after I walk away from the table, it all hits the heart. Never anywhere else, bizarrely. On the second time I was half prepared for it, so I skipped the post-dinner coffee. Try to keep cool and drink a lot of water, avoid coffee or other stuff with high fat content if you can (fries, mayonnaise, chocolate...) and sleep it off if you can - that's what I've found. (that would be an awesome start to day if you can take a nap after your breakfast steak)
  6. Kidney bean

    The Mead Hall: The Warrior Water Cooler

    Nice. I've been thinking recently that the haiku must have been formed specifically for rests between sets.
  7. Kidney bean

    The Mead Hall: The Warrior Water Cooler

    Hey people, hoping to join the warriors in 2 weeks at the end of this first challenge. Link in my sig - I'd appreciate any advice and encouragement without spamming out the whole warrior sub forum with questions. On a similar note- what gets you pumped (mentally or physically) pre-workout? Do you crank Eye of the Tiger, visualise your lifts, or the size of the steak you are going to consume afterwards? A Pumpkin seed/ cereal bar and purposeful stride to the gym tend to get me going. Sometimes reading the NF blog posts/forums if I have the time.