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  1. Last two training sessions: 23rd April - 'Lower A' Meat: Deadlift @ 85kg 4x9 (up 3 reps) Leg press @ 80kg added 5x12 (up 2 sets) -- Vegetables: Lying Leg curl @ 13/13/14 (up 1 rep) Seated leg press @ 60kg 3x8 Standing calf raises 3 x 14-16 (I lose count and get bored) --- Dessert: You're damn right I did triceps and biceps in between sets of accessories. I'm new to leg presses, and find them pretty good for targeting my quads more than squats. The problem is, my gym has like 6+ press machines, each one with different levels of resistance/ weight etc, so it's tough to keep the exercise consist
  2. Week 1 ending Sunday 12th April: Starting weight 152lbs, presumed BMR of 2700, and calories at 2750 By weeks end: 151.3 lbs Down 1.5lbs... haha ok. Now I presume I didn't lose fat at that intake. I figure its my body re-adjusting from a holiday break and getting used to a higher calorie and carb intake. I also like to think its the afterglow effect of my dieting where my weight stalled at 151lbs for a few weeks despite being in a deficit. Week 2 ending Sunday 19th April: Starting weight 151.3lbs, presumed BMR 3000, and calories at 2900 By weeks end: 150lbs Weight has gone down again,
  3. Training I've put reverse pyramid training on the backburner for a while and increase my work capacity. I want to incorporate more volume into my training, and would rather do more reps with lest rest in between sets. I'm focussing on size, not strength although I understand they are interrelated. http://www.strengthe...-work-capacity/ I did the math on my total volume for each lift each workout- taking the best possible performance in each case. I then divided it by 8 or 10 then by 3 for the basis of my new routine. Most lifts were surprisingly manageable, but for others I had to dro
  4. All hail the pump. After dieting for most of this year so far I am refocussing back to my long term goal to become huge, which I will be doing for 5 months, until the beginning of October if not beyond. The 3 months stint of dieting taught me a lot about myself and about my goals, and how I want to approach this. Oh yeah I *hopefully* lost some fat along the way. I have realised how so many past challenges, programmes, goals, ideas etc for lifting always seem to fizzle out halfway through. Therefore, I am making quantifiable and accountable targets and I am going to use every piece of in
  5. I asked my dad what he wanted for his birthday, and he'd heard me recommending 'How to become a Supple Leopard', use of foam roller and massage balls in the past and said he'd like something like that as a gift. Now, my Dad's lifestyle is quite different. He's 55+, overweight, inactive, has a very busy desk job and suffers from back and joint pain. When has free time, he wants to rest, which he deserves. I don't think he's asking for a lifestyle change and doesn't want one, but something very simple and easy that he can do which would alleviate nagging pains and loosen him up a bit. Can anyon
  6. The slow bulk is back on track, which is what this log is all about. I'll make a full 'post of intent' about it, probably when I hit a new page. I've been pretty distant from the forum this year, mainly because I realised spending too much time 'thinking' about my fitness was just complicating things, and I'd end up shooting myself in the foot for what should be a long term project. But I'm all good now and miss you guys. My cut went ok. All in all, I had about 10 weeks in a deficit of 1900/ 1750cals with a week break in between the two. I am unsure on how much weight I actually lost, but woul
  7. At the risk of linking to this guy's website twice in two posts, band resisted push ups will do if you're in a pinch. Good luck with figuring out pulling and leg exercises.
  8. This was picked up by Lyle McDonald and Greg Nuckols (in the 'So what do we do with all this?' section). A big difference in that study is how short the high rep workouts took in comparison to the low/mid-rep workouts. Approximately a third of the time ('~17mins' compared to 'about an hour') with similar results in muscle gain and slightly inferior strength gain.
  9. 14 days to go until the cut is through. A week break from reading muscle stuff has done a world of good, and I want to keep this distance going. I spent less time worrying and stuck with my goals, and I want to keep it going. When I did read stuff, I read selectively. This last weekend was a bit rough on the diet- I spent it celebrating with my family. But it's only two days (only two bad meals, actually) and I am back on the horse and more determined than ever. So yeah, 14 days to go until I end this cut. After that, I go on a Easter break and then start chasing a pump for 6 months, I seriou
  10. An hour later and I have a different perspective. Keep going, there's still fat to go. New goal which will help solve my issue: Stop surfing muscle stuff for a week. That includes Lyle MacDonald, fitness gurus sites, lifting forums, diet advice, this site etc etc etc. Read your books, watch TV, talk to your family, do your awesome stretching and rolling. Great ways to destress. See you guys in a week!
  11. Woah, so the cut is going well... I guess? Full 'dear diary' post below: This week I weighed in consistently at 147.2 at the beginning of the week and this morning I got to 145.2lbs- which is my lowest ever recording.My waistline has been consistently around 29 - 29.4" all week, which again is the lowest ever.(I am 5'10", eating 1800cals)I feel like I have broken some barrier. My upper/ mid abs feel like tighter, my clothes are looser...I've never felt this lean in the past (or at least in recent memory) and I'm starting to feel uncomfortable and scrawny. The last time I felt this uncomforta
  12. 5 days into the cut and the water weight seems to have flushed out and I've started to get used to the cut. Last 2 days, I have weighed in at 146.6lbs, the lowest 'since records began'. No doubt most of that drop is attributable to the abrupt drop in calories, particularly carbs, and recently I've eaten less veggies than normal, but it's still gratifying to know the plan is working. It also means that the previous cut and diet break have done exactly what they're supposed to have done (ie drop bodyfat in phases and maintain/gain strength). I have actually felt amazing the past few days and dar
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