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  1. HOLY CRAP I DID IT. Not only did I do one proper pushup, I did three (and a half LOL). Three. Freaking. Proper. Pushups. I wish I would have tried sooner, but I guess it's never too late to start!
  2. I just signed up to do my first 5K in March! AAAAAH I'm so excited/so nervous. I've been doing really well with my goals. I'm still rating my days at about 8/10. The eating out has definitely still been one of the hardest things for me. *sigh* I will be attempting to do proper pushups tomorrow. Again, nervous/excited. I think I may actually do ok this time, since knee pushups have been getting easier for me. We shall see!
  3. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I realize I forgot to log everything yesterday, but I'd give myself another 8/10. I didn't meditate on my lunchbreak, and I'm still not attempting my proper pushups just yet. For today: -Logged my meals into MFP -Ate out tonight, so there's my second night for the week -Did The Challenge workout- all pushups and pullups LOL. This is the hardest workout for me, but I love doing it. -Still no proper pushup just yet -Listened to the Fearless and Healthy podcast on my way to/from work today -Did manage to squeeze some meditation into lunch today
  4. We do have a refrigerator and a microwave at work. The only restriction that I have is sometimes when I eat stuff with whole grains/high fiber I get really bad heartburn. So, I tend to stay away from that sort of thing. Roasted chickpeas sound interesting! I'll have to find a recipe and maybe try making them at home. I can't imagine that it would be too difficult, but you never know.
  5. I'm doing P90X3 too! I'm only in my second week so far, but I love it.
  6. After tracking my meals in MFP, I've realized that I need to eat more protein. Anyone have any suggestions on high protein snacks I can eat at work?
  7. Good call! I know I probably shouldn't do too much extra training, but I figure on the days where the workouts don't focus on upper body strength as much I can do a little bit more.
  8. Oh, I definitely moan and groan when I'm trying to do a proper pushup LOL. My upper body is basically mush. I bought a pull up bar and one of those bands to help out with doing pull ups, and I still can't do a pull up. How awful is that LOL. But, I figure at least I'm trying. If you would have told me three months ago that I would voluntarily be trying to do perfect pushups and pullups I would have laughed at you.
  9. Right now I'm just doing the P90x3. However, I think that next week I'll start separating the two. The P90X3 workouts are so intense sometimes, and I just want to get through them LOL. So what I'll probably end up doing is continue to do knee pushups when I do the P90X3 workout (for now), and then when I get home from work I'll work on doing a proper pushup. My hubby is really good at doing pushups, so he can check my form and help me out. I look forward to the day when I can do proper pushups during the P90X3 workouts, but today is not that day hahaha. My upper body is basically mush.
  10. I am so bad at remembering to engage my core! Good idea at throwing some planks into my routine. I'm definitely going to be adding them to my morning mix. Don't know why I didn't think of that before lol.
  11. Pandora has a couple of good bhangra stations. Panjab Bhangra and Panjabi MC radio are the two that I have. Also, any Bollywood station will do lol. My husband (who is from India) thinks it's hilarious when I jump around the house pretending that I'm in a Bollywood movie.
  12. Whohoo, signature buddies! Good luck with your challenge.
  13. Good luck! I'm currently sitting here in my Dr. Who pj's lol, and I'm also always happy to flail about SuperWhoLock.
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