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  1. I am thinking of going on the M&M trail to Mt Holyoke on Sunday.

    Would you or anyone you know be intrested?

    I won't be able to go if my bf can't find another ride to work, tho 8^( The hike starts at 9 and he has work in Holyoke at 3pm

  2. HELLO!!! OMG!!! me n' calvinhobbes were talking about this recently - we thought we were the only two in western mass. cool! there's a great hiking group based in northampton called the 'wobblers' i think...want their contact info?
  3. Happy Day 1! So glad you're here. What's your regular routine?
  4. congrats not only on sticking with it and making improvements, but also for the wisdom of finding something you LIKE (maybe love?) to do! i tried running too. i did it for a whole year, and ran some fun runs. it occasionally felt good, but mostly i hated it. now i play ice hockey and lift heavy. i feel good AND i can't wait to get back at it. you're in a great community here, so if you find yourself stuck, bored with an exercise program, or whatever, this is the place to keep you moving FORWARD. WELCOME!!!
  5. many many thanks, friend. i'll be in rest mode for quite a while after that one. oh yeah, and 'muscle church.' new favorite thing to say.
  6. in terms of BF%, i've heard that the scales are not accurate. it is tough to find and accurate method without resorting to high-tech bajillion dollar equipment, but give it a shot (calipers, maybe). the important thing is to track patterns and changes over time. this comes from someone (ahem, me) who is kicking themselves for not measuring this in the first place. i'll never really know where i started and how far i've come. one day i found myself all bummed 'cause the scale didn't move for three months, i was lifting LOTS more, and then i realized i was in dire need of a belt to keep my pants on. really wish i had been tracking it... congrats on getting under that barbell. so glad you like it. :)
  7. Cheers, Seth! I can see how you might be confused, especially with all the little pony avatars around these days. I just cheat and use an online converter for lbs to kgs. i just brought it up because i noticed that some of the numbers on the spreadsheet match what some folks posted in lbs on the thread, i.e. they're not converted. just want to be sure we're comparing apples to apples.
  8. thanks, andy! it was fun and a little scary. the fail at 275lbs was my first total fail where i had to leave it on the crash bars. i think i did okay in all the lifts, even though my deadlift was weak. also, does everyone know to post in KGs? glad to hear ya got that swagger back. see you soon in the midwinter madness thread. use that momentum and get it like a BOSS...errr PUPPY.
  9. i guess i still feel like i don't really know enough to be helpful, so i'm shy about posting. when i do post i just share my experience and/or encourage someone. for me though, posting doesn't tie in with my motivation. i'm actually on here more when i don't feel motivated or when my self-critic starts taking over. i prob should post more though, and not worry whether i know enough or whether i fit in.
  10. i'm all for heavy lifting. i agree with matthewd that, if anything, it will only boost your strength and fitness. I used SS when i started out and made gains in strength i never thought possible for myself. i did 3 days a week. there's a lot of info in the forums about beginners and heavy lifting. if you haven't already, peruse those a while...there are some really knowledgeable folks who have offered up their expertise on that subject. here's one thing to consider...what are your goals beyond weight loss (i.e. actual numbers on the scale)? here's why i ask...if you start really building muscle and gaining in strength, the scale may lie about your progress. there are many discussions here about people who only check in with the scale occasionally for reference. they have made incredible gains in strength while significantly reducing body fat percentage, decrease in pants size, etc. while losing little to no weight per the scale. if you're not already tracking it, consider BF%. i'd be sad to see you think you failed because you could lift 100lbs more than before but fell short of your weight loss goal. Please please please read this if you haven't already: http://nerdfitness.com/blog/2011/07/21/meet-staci-your-new-powerlifting-super-hero/ i'm not sure that 'changing it up' on its own would hinder your progress, unless you've changed to something you don't really like doing and you end up putting it off too much or not giving it 100%. if you stall in your weight loss, and you're still really active, tune up your diet. people on here will tell you over and over that this whole thing is 80% diet (also lots of good info around here on what to eat). i hope this helps at least a little. there are people on NF who are way more knowledgeable and experienced than me who will ask you better questions and give you better advice, but at the very least i am here to cheer you on.
  11. what helped for me was finding activities i loved so much that i couldn't imagine giving them up. for me that's ice hockey and heavy lifting with barbells (ala starting strength). i also check in with this community a lot to remind me of the merits of the pursuit of awesomeness. even if i don't have anything to post, i just read forums and see what everyone's doing so i don't feel i'm going it alone. lots of information and inspiration to be found here! WELCOME!!!
  12. okay...here are my results in lbs, will convert to kgs/wilks/etc for the spreadsheet in a bit. squat- 270 (275 fail) bench- 145 (150 fail) deadlift- 235 i completely overdid it on the squats, so by the time i got to dead, i had absolutely nothing left and was already getting really sore. looking forward to the steak that's on the grill RIGHT NOW...
  13. i found that when doing starting strength my progress was based not only building strength, but also on how hydrated i was and how well i had been eating. on days where i got too busy at work or whatever, and didn't have time to eat enough food, i wilted at the gym. make sure you're tracking your food, so that you can be sure you're eating enough. also, if you're lifting heavy, rest days are extremely important. if you're an active person, i know it can be tough to do, but be sure you do this. also make sure you're getting enough sleep. i didn't take these things all that seriously at first, and it was at the peril of my progress. great job! keep it up!!!
  14. ah i think we may be in a similar place. during my travels, i had no access to a gym. when i got back, i reset to a lower weight (guessing, really) which seemed okay, but about a week later i caught a nasty chest cold. the coughing was nonstop (my coworkers were scared) and i had no energy. i tried to lift, but it was useless so i decided that rest was the way. after it was mostly gone, i went back into the gym at the reset weight. i was super happy to be back under the bar, excited actually, and did my squat sets at the reset weight. then i felt a twitch...and a tweak...and voila, it hurts to get out of bed, tie my shoes...i seem to have hurt the things that connect around my sacrum, and my left hamstring. so...ice, rest, very gentle stretching and movement...it's a lot better now, but still there, so lifting lightly. i tested some heavy singles at squat, dead, and bench early this week. they felt great, although my numbers are disappointing to me considering what i was pushing before my travels. i was slightly sore in the ouchy spots, but not disabled. i too am debating whether to go for it in muscle madness. perhaps i will, but this time around it will just have to be my gimpy numbers, pride be damned. then i'll rest some more until my ass fully heals. *sigh* what's most worrying to me is that this is what always happens...i travel...i get sick...good habit is broken...progress stalled...i never recover the good habit...fitness goal fail. add an injury, and ya know, i don't really heal as fast as i used to...anyway, i love lifting and this community is really helpful, so i am really hopeful that this time around i can make it happen. i'm really stoked to see you pushing on through the ickiness to get back to amazingness. with luck i will post my numbers tomorrow, whatever they are.
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