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  1. I work in a mostly female office too. Same thing! Hilarity ensues. Oh our ridiculous uteri. Good to know I'm not the only one with stress brought on seemingly random periods.
  2. It makes no sense. Even when I think about hiking I will sometimes start spotting. It's the weirdest thing. I have a Mirena IUD so I don't ever get one normally but as soon as I hike, BAM! It forces its way in. Just today I was talking to my friends that we should go hiking the Catskills this summer and when I get home I start spotting. Anyone else notice any weird correlations with their periods and certain activities or is my uterus just being ridiculous?
  3. Slightly wider but I don't usually have to buy wide shoes. Yeah, I wouldn't want to roll an ankle out there, it's very rough and steep terrain I'll be dealing with. I'll check those out, thanks!
  4. Hey everyone, I plan on hiking the Devil's Path in the Catskills this summer and I realized I don't have good hiking shoes! So I'd like to know what your favorite hiking shoes or boots are. I'd prefer to not break the bank too too much if at all possible. Also, I will be camping half way so I'll be carrying a pack, so shoes that are constructed for backpacking are a must.
  5. I had the Mirena put in about a month and two weeks ago and honestly it wasn't that bad. I did lots of deep breathing and while it wasn't the most pleasant experience ever, I didn't feel much. Mostly like a weird internal cramp and the cervical clamp thing I didn't even feel. I am 26 and have never been pregnant. I don't know how much this helped but I took 800 Ibuprofen the night before and then 3 Aleve about an hour before my afternoon appointment with a candy bar. I then drank lots of chamomile tea as I drove there because I had crazy anxiety over it and read all of the horror stories the internet could dish up. But I really think the deep breathing helped the most. Afterwards I had light bleeding for about a week and since then nothing! Maybe a uterine twinge here or there, but so minor I might just be imagining it. And two days after I had it placed I went bike camping and cycled 94 miles over the weekend. As of right now, no bleeding or cramping or anything, but obviously your mileage may very.
  6. Cool, maybe when I talk to the health screening person in a couple days they won't be too alarming then!
  7. Good to know, they left out the ratio thing. I'll look into that, thanks!
  8. I think the LDL are the guys that float through and stick to the walls. So higher concentration means more chances of them getting stuck there and forming a block. But I'm no doctor!
  9. A little too well! Gonna have to reread that one, but thanks!
  10. Good to know, I'll see what they say! Thanks.
  11. I'm going to talk with a health person next week (this is through work and our new health thing). No one has said anything yet, I'm just comparing to the range on my sheet. And you are probably right for measurements, though the sheet doesn't specify. I'm just curious I suppose if other people have similar numbers and aren't too worried, especially since the medical field is having trouble making up its mind again regarding cholesterol.
  12. I just got my first ever blood work done (fasting blood draw) and my cholesterol is everywhere. Are these results as bad as I think they are (at least the LDL and Total)? LDL: 140 HDL: 63 Total Cholesterol: 223 Triglycerides: 103 Glucose: 77 About me: 25, woman, 5'5", 142lb, mostly low carb diet but I do cheat on the weekend, I drink very little alcohol, and I exercise a few times a week (mostly walking and yoga). Should I be concerned?
  13. Spoiled milk is the worst. Good job with your first few days though, keep going!
  14. Hey there, good set of goals. It's good to take it slow and easy for a while. I completely relate with the D word fears and just giving up and eating ice cream. It takes a while to cram new lifestyles into your head (I'm still working on it myself) but eventually something sticks! Good luck.
  15. Day 2 and 3: - Food: 80% and 50% - Strength: None - Cardio: None - Neck PT: Yes I'm feeling very unmotivated and my lady issues are not helping. Sigh.
  16. Day 1 and the lady in red has already decided to show up. So with that in mind... - Food: 70% good - Strength: None - Cardio: Light walk (1.57 miles) - Neck PT: Yes Decent first start. I wish I could have done more but damn these hormones!! I know, excuses excuses. My old high school track & field coach would have told me to woman up.
  17. Hey there, looking good! Keep it up, seems there's nothing stopping you now.
  18. My workouts I'm going to do! Strength Training Days Warm Up: - 20 knee raises - 50 jumping jacks - 10 lunges each leg - 10 leg swings each leg - 10 push ups - 10 mountain climbers !!STRETCH!! Work Out A 4 sets/max reps - Push ups - Chin ups - Lunges - Side planks OR Work Out B 4 sets/max reps - Close hand push ups - Chin ups - Lunges - Planks --- Finish moves: Squat thrusts OR Shuttle Runs OR Burpees --- !!STRETCH!! -------------------------------------------------- Cardio Days: Basically just jog, sprint, and walk my way to 20+ miles a week. Some of those days, probably towards the second half of my challenge (or before if I'm feeling up to it), I'd like to get most of those miles in one day. The Tough Mudder itself is basically a half marathon except it's through rough terrain and mud with some crazy obstacles sprinkled through. So if I can't even do 12 regular miles, there is no way I can do 12 Mudder miles. So that is a must! Additional: I'd like to sprinkle in some yoga but that is not a mandatory. Aunt Flo Days: - Light walks - Planks - Calf Raises - Chin ups - Things that require very little leg movement because... well you know what I'm referring to, ladies.
  19. Hi there, I completely relate to your "I hate sweating" thing when it comes to exercise. But you'll figure it out and love it or hate it, you'll be awesome! Good luck!
  20. 5th challenge! This one is especially important because I decided I was crazy and signed up for a Tough Mudder in September with some of my coworkers. So, because of that I really need to step up my game and start working out and eating with a purpose! Mission Short term, get ready so I don't die for Tough Mudder. Long term, get weight down to 130 to 135 lbs and for general fitness and nutrition to become second nature where I no longer need to fight myself to be healthy. However, for this challenge I won't really be trying to lose weight because my main goal is to survive the Tough Mudder so I'll be focusing on gaining strength and stamina, and weight loss be damned! Motivation Tough Mudder!!!!! Also, tired of feeling worn out and being unable to control myself around sugar and other food. Also, a medical event happened recently that is basically forcing me to change now or else I'll be in for some real pain. Caviate I have at least one planned vacation during this challenge so my second week won't follow my workout plan. However, my vacation is going to be pretty active (canooing, running up and down dunes, and swimming) and it's on the cheap (so little room for eating out), so I'm not going to worry about it. Also, in the event I get sick or Aunt Flo decides to crash the party, I'm allowed to take it steady. Otherwise, full steam ahead!! Quest I - 2 CON, 1 CHA Food as Fuel. Stop eating stuff that doesn't give me energy, eat more stuff that does. A - 90% of the time - 2 Con, 1 Cha B - 75% - 1 Con, 1 Cha C - 60% - 1 Con F - 50% - No points Quest II - 4 STR Strength! Strength train every other day. A - Skip 0 workouts - 4 Str B - Skip 1 workout a week - 3 Str C - Skip 1 to 2 workouts a week - 2 Str D - Skip 2 workouts a week - 1 Str F - Skip more than 2 workouts a week - No points Quest III - 3 STA, 2 DEX Cardio! Jogging with sprints and walking. Can be subbed for equivalent activity. A - Run 20 miles a week - 3 Sta, 2 Dex B - Run 15 miles a week - 2 Sta, 2 Dex C - Run 10 miles a week - 2 Sta, 1 Dex D - Run 05 miles a week - 1 Sta, 1 Dex F - No mileage - No points Life Quest - 2 WIS, 1 CON Do my neck physical therapy exercises. My neck is messed up from constantly looking down at my computer, my phone, a book, bad posture, etc., all day at work and out of work. So, I went to a chiropractor a few months ago and she gave me some exercises to do to help things along as I work to fix my posture so I don't give myself arthritis when I'm older. A - Did it - 2 Wis, 1 Con F - Did not - No points Starting Weight, July 28: 146.8 lbs August 04: - August 11: - August 18: - August 25: - Sept. 01: - End Weight, Sept. 08: -
  21. Recap: Not too shabby this round. The pushups were starting to feel unbearable though, so my next round will include a regular workout with rest in between each day. As for eating, I continue to struggle though I think the focus on fiber this time around actually helped control what I ate without making me feel deprived. Also the no set calorie limit helped too because going over a little here and there wasn't an automatic insta-fail. I also haven't really lost much weight but my pants are looser, so something. So hooray on progress!
  22. Friday, day 40: Fiber: 65g, that's a lot of fiber! Pushups: 42 Food: Went overboard. PT: Yes Saturday, day 41: Fiber: 21g, just short, boo. Pushups: 43 Food: Did well. PT: Yes Sunday, day 42 (last day!): Fiber: 25g, yay! Pushups: 44 Food: Did well. PT: Yes Not a bad ending to my last week. I also found time to rollerblade 13 miles, hooray! I'll post a recap tonight probably, and a final weigh-in tomorrow since I forgot to weigh myself before I ate breakfast and chugged a bunch of water.
  23. Thursday, day 39: Fiber: 31g, yay! Pushups: 41 Food: Did well. PT: Yes Good day!
  24. Hey there, looks like you're still doing great. Last week too, huzzah! As for daily weight measurement, I cannot remember where I saw it, but I read somewhere that people generally weigh the least Friday mornings, so maybe you can test that theory. Anyways, way to go and finish this last week strong!
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