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  1. Week 4 day 1/2ish Another week sucked into the black void that is the past. I think I fared fairly well despite the lack of weight loss. I did re-learn some important factoids about myself. So I made not in the learners notes. I also know that I’m an overly sensitive person. Sensitive to caffeine, to the lack of sleep, to basically most foods, molds, pollen, certain trees, etc. Food tracking Forgot to order my meal prepped stuff so instead of doing another unsuccessful week of frozen pad Thai I decided to make some food. Which is difficult since meat is getting pricey. I decided to go with pork chops since I ran out the house an hour before store closing time and there was only one family pack of extra thicc chops left. I also grabbed some pork neck for bone broth purposes. I promised myself I would make ramen with all the stock I have on hand, but I’m not sure how well that’s gonna go with my level of laziness this weekend... yes my weekends are now on Monday’s and Tuesday’s. Anywho I made honey balsamic glazed chops. I used some extra lard scrapped off from previous pork stock as an oil to brown eat side before throwing the concoction into the Magic that is the instant pot. They were so good that I had to steal a portion all to myself right then and there. And the left over marinade can be thickened up with cornstarch or tapioca starch to turn into a dipping sauce. For the sides I’ll probably do crispy oven-fried broccoli and some sweet potatoes. I may have also gotten carried away in the produce section and bought a bag of every discounted apple and pear variety they had on hand. I can’t help myself when I see that glorious half off sticker on fruit. So now I’ve got the next few weeks to look forward to having an Apple a day. If only the shelves had as much vitamin c. Stretching Not much stretching needed to be done the previous week either. A lot of tasks were reaching their countdown timers and we didn’t want them to explode or anything. So the more time consuming and less labor intensive tasks took priority. So I spent the time cleaning my email, learning the next steps in the process, and signing my heart out. No one can hear your scream queen auditions in the cacophony that is a room full of hundreds of server fans.... imagine the sound your personal desktop makes when it’s working to hard. Now times that by a thousand. So I’ve been leaving my shifts with more of a sore throat than a sore back. Lifestyle I keep forgetting the journaling part. I even fixed my alarms for my wind down routine and everything. But I usually pass out before I can even make it to the shower. I did spend the previous weekend reevaluating all of my alarms meant to automate the routines and it really helped out. I realized I was sleeping in too long and not giving myself enough time slack to account for spacing between each activity or unexpected events like bumping into another dog walking neighbor which you’ve built a good rapport and thereby socially obligated to commence in the ritualistic social greetings and niceties. And also time to eat some breakfast at home plus making a smoothie for second breakfast for the start of the shift. Hobbit meal times are very important. Learners log pause, think/evaluate, act is now my new motto for my weekends I need to set up more boundaries of what needs and wants have to be met for each weekend or it will devolve into watching youbtoob for 10hrs Settle on a set of cheap meals with the max 16% off option and set them for weekly subscription or else a whole weekend will be swallowed into the cooking hole Replace first hobbit breakfast with journaling. Also make an alarm for it or it’s not official and will never get accomplished A sleep score of less than 80 on a Fitbit results to short term memory issues, decrease in prolonged active listening, a broken filter when speaking with other fellow humans, word vomit/ rambling, and a deeper fascination and amusement with the violent and the macabre. (To remedy this take note if personal meat suit is nigh unconscious after designated sleep time. If no, then ensure a second melatonin is administered after the inevitable startled consciousness prior to the first sleep cycle to ensure meat suit gets a proper deep sleep followed by rem)
  2. There are five seasons first season has kids as the intended focus audience, then it goes off the edgy end with each new season and ends with rainbows 🌈
  3. **SPOOF** Sweet merciful barbecued baby Jesus! How'd I get back here? Seems when things start a changin I get an ictchin to visit my ol' stompin grounds 'ere and set up shop for a new challenge. So last challenge I had just moved to a new apartment, gotten begrudgingly complacent at my desk job, doomsday prepped for the onslaught of the holidays, and goodness knows what else... because that was half a year ago. And things move fast in my plain of existence. Because now I've got a new job. No longer am I confined to a cubicle nine-to-five that I promised myself in high school I'd rather commit sepuku than settle for. No longer will I be at the bottom of the totem pole being paid pennies for what a robot could do if it weren't for the fact that most companies are run by slow muggles that are too busy cleaning up after the messes of one another to press the skynet button. No longer shall I dress myself in an occupational costume, or prattle on with the convoluted business rules as I prostrate myself to the fake social niceties. For now I am... in the IT field. . That's right I'm the doctor dolittle of computers. That cloud you throw your precious data into? It's physical. And I get to dig around in it. Well... not really. I just do some hoodoo voodoo and replace damaged parts of the borganism so it's mechanical mind continues whirling though the cosmos of time. Ok... enough with waxing poetry. On to the challenge. I've got an odd new schedule. It's four days of 10hr shifts and a three day weekend. Don't get me wrong, it beats the muggle standard. But the work days are so crammed that there is no time for dilly dally. It's straight home, walk the dog, eat dinner, unwind for at max an hour, pass out, rinse and repeat. And a three day weekend seems like plenty of time to kill except the chores take the remainder of the space. The living space cleaning and maintenance, the meal prepping, grocery shopping, managing virtual social meetings, planning world domination. You know... normy stuff. This makes me wonder if I should bite the bullet and find myself a nice girl. I can wear the corduroy pants in the relationship for four days and a sarong on alternating days. And we can make beautiful food together. Korra's Automated Abode Challenge Tracking Food Tracking food can be hard and plugging in all that data day after day can be tedious. So why not automate it with meal prepping? I've got 6lbs of pork tenderloin and more chicken than I can shake a stick at ready to go. And who knows? With all the nutrition info coming in, I can squeeze some healthy snack time goodies in there to fill in the gaps Stretching With my new job I'm on my feet most of the day and walking here and there finishing up tasks so I don't have to worry about a step goal. And my dog demands a walk every two hours so he can visit his doggy friends at the apartments that like to chill on the balcony. But the back does tend to get tight at work. So I'll be doing stretches at certain intervals through the day and maybe some yoga during the weekend to spice things up. Lifestyle Staying present and checking in is always good. It keeps one from falling back into bad habits that ultimately lead to a downward spiral to a deep dark hole that at that point is not worth climbing out of. So I'll do journaling in the evenings to check in on how the day went, what went good, what didn't go well, and how things can be their best tomorrow. And if the urge to download another soul sucking empty void of a smartphone game crosses my mind I know to grab that journal and scribble like the dickens. If journaling doesn't help then meditation always does. I think I one time connected with the universe and it felt the way all the religious people describe the feeling of meeting their deities. So going for those feelings seems like a good cure all. I'm not quite sure what steps to take after you've been surrounded by people for long periods of the day and not interacting with them in a way to scratch the human social need and thus your mind tries filling in those gaps with an imaginary friend (usually from a well watched tv show or video game). Do you engage with that part of your conscious and wax and wane philosophy of the need for human connection in a quasi attempt to fill that void?