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  1. WEEK 3ish? Weird that this is the first part of my writing and yet the last part I'm filling out. Going over my goals for this challenge was like setting my intentions in journaling and gave my the oomf I needed to go for another workout on the trx bands and a nice long shower. I was dripping by the end of the workout. I tried to make sure than my hear rate stayed above 125 so I could get that heart cardio going. Weird thing was that I started getting all panting and shaky when it dropped below 120pbm. Nothing else much to report. Work is work, they have me managing a whole bu
  2. I'm still ironing things out with my hashimotos. I've fallen in love with rice noodles. They have a similar consistency and texture to regular pasta. They're fun to have when I'm craving buttered noodles. Or if I want to make ramen. Glad I got my money back on those meal I purchased. I may have to start relying on them again if the US goes back into a lock down. The grocery stores will be insane especially during opening time and that's something no one should have to deal with. Fingers crossed they told their new cook to stop making fusion foods.
  3. Korranation checking in for an update. Work is just one endless cycle of Job, eat, sleep, repeat. But I’ve probably said that multiple times in my previous challenge. Sunday, Monday, And Tuesdays are my official weekends, so I can use this time to update, reflect on what went right and wrong, and end in a lovely bullet point list. I love lists. That tictac App is still wasting a majority of my time during the weekends. Yes, it’s a lot of nonsense. But… There have been a lot of useful things I’ve learned. For instance, I have Hashimoto’s which causes not allow me in resp
  4. I’ll try to update more than once a week. [ramble]Although with my schedule is work sleep and repeat for four days straight... so I’ll have to update while on my lunch break. I was hoping to spend that time either walking outside of secretly working out in the admin office where the cameras can’t see me. I haven’t been able to fit a workout in this or last week during my off-hours. I have no energy after work and no time during my getting ready for work routine. I’d have to cut out journaling to fit it in, but then my head is stuffed with flotsam and jetsam of the day which makes
  5. So I finished She-ra and the Princesses of Power a few weeks ago and I am obsessed with Entrapta. From her chaotic neutral alignment, hair that acts like an extra set of limbs doc-oct style, to her obsession with robots and first one tech. Her castle is so fun too. Endless mazes of corridors filled with booby traps and robot butlers, plus a kitchen staff that makes delicious tiny foods. It’s harder than I thought sticking to a strict sleep schedule. I totally ruined it this week. I thought I’d spend a few minutes looking up some contact info for an in-netwo
  6. I wrote this a few days ago and forgot to publish. I spend my weekend off looking at nothing but tik tik. I had preordered my food so I don’t have to worry about scrambling for cooking. But I also bought some pork ribs with bone in to make emergency pot roast and stock.... even though I have food and I’m drowning in soup stock. My veggies drawers are also overflowing with discounted fruit. And I got excited and grabbed some mangos and dragon fruit apart from apples. Food tracking I really enjoyed having the pork chops for the week. It turned out drier than I would have l
  7. Week 4 day 1/2ish Another week sucked into the black void that is the past. I think I fared fairly well despite the lack of weight loss. I did re-learn some important factoids about myself. So I made not in the learners notes. I also know that I’m an overly sensitive person. Sensitive to caffeine, to the lack of sleep, to basically most foods, molds, pollen, certain trees, etc. Food tracking Forgot to order my meal prepped stuff so instead of doing another unsuccessful week of frozen pad Thai I decided to make some food. Which is difficult since meat is getting p
  8. There are five seasons first season has kids as the intended focus audience, then it goes off the edgy end with each new season and ends with rainbows 🌈
  9. Week 3 day 1 Can’t believe I wrote last weeks and never posted it. That’s what I get for going down the gif rabbit hole. Food tracking I may have neglected to scanned in my meals to mfp. But that doesn’t mean my faux diet isn’t working. I may have taken up a secular version of Ramadan without knowing. I’m eating at work which is after 7PM then have another meal around 1AM. I have a friend at my apartment complex that use to work night shifts. They said they slept better on a full stomach. So I tried a light meal of rice noodles a few days ago. And I sl
  10. Week 2 day 1 Welp first official week is behind us and we survived. There’ve been some hiccups on my end, but these have all been great learning experiences. For science! Tracking food Food tracking has hit a snag. Although all food has been logged, not all has been consumed. The day after my last post I was moved to the night shift. I was told this at 5am and my shift started at 7pm. So being disorientated all week I have not been making my sunrise smoothies. It’s been work, go home to sleep, wake up, rinse and repeat. Thank goodness I put in an order
  11. Oops 😬 I meant to update last week, but got side tracked before I could post.
  12. Week 1 Day 3 So I'll be updating this once or twice weekly. I don't have any time after work to do much else other than walk the dog, eat dinner, and unwind for the following day before promptly passing out. So I may go on radio silence for the next four days at least. I didn't realize how much time I can pour into one post since I've always been one to waste time on relatable gifs to break up my walls of text and keep things upbeat. Tracking food I tried ordering from a meal prep restaurant that also does catering for my weekly lunches and dinners. Plus they a wi
  13. Thanks! I'm stoked about this new career chapter in my life. True. Hurt people hurt people. My previous job was full of hurt people in a company large enough to overlook this kind of behavior since it was the norm for them when they were military. I'm done trying to keep up with the normies. At this point I just dress so I blend in enough to avoid the being given the sore thumb sticker and leave social niceties at the door. I stocked up on a bunch of video game t shirts that are subtle enough for the non-gamers to think of as a plain jane logo. Can't wa
  14. Week 0 day 6 things feel like things are unraveling fast... or piling up? Not sure which. i literally have lost all motivation to do the things. Not sure if it’s the fatigue from work since they let me off the leash to complete my quests at my own leisure. And I’m crushing it. But I’m so tired afterwards. It may be the heat from the servers. (Big secret: the servers are actually human brains. What better way to process and store casts amount of data than through billions of neurons and synapses? Psycho-pass totally stole our idea) My weeks almost over
  15. Thanks for the tea 🍵 doing quite well
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