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  1. The skimmer situation is getting super bad in town, they're starting to assign officers just to go look at gas pumps.
    I'm really glad you got your AC fixed, this seems to be shaping up to be a worse summer than normal.

    People are going to pumps at night and installing skimmers inside the machine so it’s harder to detect and remove. I’m so paranoid that I always pay inside.

    The heat is no joke. Work sent out a mass email last week about the heat. And I got an”urgent news alert” text from the city newspaper too. Plus my car said it was 104F/40C when I left for work. At least I can leave work during my lunch break again without fear of my face melting off.
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  2. Day 2

    It was a slow vacation day. I went to the glasses store with my sis and ordered a new pair. I didn’t realize how old mine were till I walked in. They’re older than I’d like to admit. Now I know why I prefer looking over my glasses when reading something within arms length.



    And to thank my sis for sticking around we got a sushi party tray to split. We then watched Game Night with my dad. It’s one of those movies that’s great to see when it first comes out if you like laughing in theaters with everyone else or you watch it at home so you can make inappropriate commentary and laugh.



    After dinner I got a month of HBO to watch Wonder Woman and catch up later with West World. I only got half way through before I fell asleep.



    Day 3


    I rescheduled my appointment for the podiatrist this morning since it was my last day off for vacation. I don’t know why I didn’t cancel instead.


    So a little backstory: I went hiking a few weeks ago with some old sneakers and it messed up my left foot. I pulled a tendon and damaged some nerves on the top of my foot. Now if I walk too much I can’t feel the top of my left foot and the big toe. And since I’ve been wearing flats too much at work both of the heels get tight if I sit for more than an hour.



    So I paid to have the doctor say I’m healing like normal and to schedule another appointment in a few weeks to tell me the same. I feel like he just wants my money. Thankfully I’ve got family that have enough medical exp to tell me the same thing for free.

    I went home to finish up Wonder Woman. It wasn’t as great as I hoped, but it’s the best DC movie that’s been made so far. It was perfect timing that once the end credits rolled I got a call from my dad’s auto shop friend. He fixed up my car with some Freon. Now I don’t have to worry about dying from heat stroke in my car or at least sweating through my work clothes.



    A trip on my to-do list was in order to celebrate my car’s AC. I got a new CC from the bank after filing an

    Affidavit because of a skimmer on a gas pump stole my info. I had reported it to the cashier inside, but she didn’t seem too interested. I wouldn’t doubt if she or one of the employees had put one there. It’s not the first time I’ve heard of it.



    For dinner I cooked jumbalya with jalapeño and cheese venison sausage, chicken, and shrimp. We watched Annihilation. That movie haunts me.




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  3. Day 1


    It was an eventful memorial day. The family dropped off a car to the dealership because of a loose accessory making a rattling noise. Then we went to what my parents call German Town for some seafood. The restaurant was built inside an old post office. I had the blackened tilapia with jambalaya and crawfish etouffee.  And since there was a Buckee's nearby everyone had to stop there. That place has over 100 gas pumps and is as large as a wallyworld market place. Even by American standards it's very excessive. Once the spoils had been purchased everyone went home. I ended up cleaning for a few hours. I found an obscene amount of travel mug lids. I was able to match a few to the cups I was able to find, but there are still plenty without a home. I'm not sure whether to throw them out, recycle them somehow, or donate them.



    For dinner my stepmom decided to cook for a change. I think she's really trying to make a health change after watching me meal prep for so many months. But I think the main factor is that she's been putting on a lot of weight even though she had half of her stomach surgically removed a year ago. So there was shredded chicken tacos for dinner. It came with some sides of sweet pickled jalapenos, borracho beans, and Mexican rice. Desert was green grapes and watermelon.



    All today I've been listening to the audio-book of The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson and I've made more progress with that than I ever had sitting down and reading. Thankfully my public library is compatible with a app that lets you rent out audiobooks and ebooks. It automatically returns them so you never have to worry about late fees.


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  4. 10 hours ago, deftona said:


    We do have another n00b too so it would work out, but how would we even out the teams given there would be an extra couple in one group?


    10 hours ago, Terah said:

    How we always do: do the waffle score times 1,33 to even it out. 


    Or we can complete each challenge 4 times instead of 3 and compare percentages



    Btw: elliptical sessions count for the walking challenge! (as does running and going on the treadmill) 


    That sounds like a lot of math. 

    And yay for ellipticalls. It is officially too hot over here to walk outside. 


    1 hour ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

    See, you just get us.


    Also, what's this buisiness about Korra being a "Former" doodlie? Doodlies are blood in, blood out. Only death releases one from Doodliedom.


    ^ once a doodlie always a doodlie 

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  5. campfire_x2-1.gif


    Greetings traveler. Good to see you again.

    I'm setting down roots here for a while. I'm not ready to start up a challenge just yet. I need to get my health up. That means my physical and mental health. 

    I've put on a few pounds at work from all the comfort foods. In fact I'm at the heaviest I've ever been.


    Going for a walk outside has been harder since the temperature is +95F/35C and the humidity makes it hotter. Plus my car is out of freon and the AC fan belt had an electrical short. I've taken to not wearing foundation so I don't sweat it off. Most of the women don't wear much makeup anyways so no one's noticed. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have the freon filled and a plug in fan for my car. Once that's taken care of I'm getting a gym membership so I can take an indoor walk. The one I want to sign up for has a location three minutes from my house and another three blocks form from work.


    I've started journaling. Both with a mood journal app and a physical journal for long hand. The app better identifies mood trends, but the physical journal is more cathartic.


    This week I'm going to be focusing on sleeping, evening walks, and journaling.


    Missed you guys. It's good to be back.







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  6. I’ve been focusing on RH and attempting to be a functioning human being.

    I know this challenge is over, but here’s all the self care missions I promised:

    Environmental bucket
    • Victory playlist - Make a playlist for a specific activity

    * Square those corners soldier - Make your bed a new way

    * Find your happy place - find a place where you can relax free from distractions

    * Recalculating - take a different route today

    * Adventure journal - rewrite today's event in a different perspective. You can embellish the details and give it the ending you want

    * Pinch in to pinch out - clean up an area that a lot of people frequent. Whether it's home, work, gym, etc. a cleaner environment is a happier environment

    * Die another day - rev up your imagination and spend a day living I your favorite genre

    * Take pictures of your food and post it

    * Clutter conquerer - declutter something. A cupboard, your glovebox, your purse, etc.

    * ditch dirty dishes - when you go to sleep tonight, be sure there are no dirty dishes in your space and all clean dishes are put away

    * Practice makes perfect - practice your specialization (like Spanish) for 20 minutes

    * Reading rainbow - take 15 minutes and read a blog article or section of a book from someone you look up to or inspires you

    * Dear diary, today I was pompous and my sister was crazy - journal for 15 minutes

    * Making a list, checking it twice (or thrice) - write down with pen and paper the top three tasks for the day. As your go through your day, keep the tasks with you and refer to them to keep you on task

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  7. I've been a little busy at work and home and forgot to give an update.


    I started working out again. And just after two weeks of the seven minute workout I was able to defeat the level one boss battle in the NF Academy.


    Here's a mission log from Monday.


    Mission log


    The Shadow sleeper parentals are arguing. An offspring has been acting up they say. Maybe it's the Shadow organization (SO) temporarily re-activating her as punishment for their failure to subdue me. The offspring has taken advantage of their docile ways. Their lack of communication, lack of set rules, and self isolation that creates for maladaptive daydreaming.


    I saw their disagreement as a distraction, so I took a perimeter walk around home base. Sure enough there was a a shadow agent stealing out. My furry wingman agent Finn and I took care of him.


    I was on a runners high. Which is the closest equivalent the high one gets after an enemy removal that I can think of. I spent that energy emailing an old friend of our RH Hernando. I never got a response. Hopefully they were scared off from their rendezvous with him. It would have ended in Hernando being kidnapped if they met, so it was for the best.


    I didn't sleep well knowing that there might be more shadow agents dispatched to my location. The So was not happy of my disposal methods. Nor the "gifts" I sent them. My routine was in tatters because of this. I woke up late, didn't workout, overcooked my eggs, and was late to my fiscal missions.


    I had informed two other fiscal members and asked them to unlock the door for clients. They both refused. When I finally made it, I was confronted with an irate client. But something was off. This client was far too old to receive any services. After they left I did some research and found they were sent by the SO. Mental fatigue is their specialty and they were starting the day off hard and fast.


    a ping came to my communicator. It was from HQ of their weekly missions. In the debriefing Hernando and his friend Brenda had an argument. She hasn't been seen in a week. Hernando met up with his old friend I had messaged the previous night. They were more than likely used as a distraction as a means to get a weaker RH member as a hostage.


    The rest of the morning was spent on the rebel com link discussing theories with members. They haven't heard from Brenda either. In a best case scenario Hernando's old friend and Brenda were now bff's and were having a long sleep over together to worry Hernando and RH members. A rebel can dream.


    The overcooked eggs had been tampered with. I didn't notice until it was too late. It felt as if a rock sat in my chest. And it was expanding, forcing its way out of my cavity. I was almost doubled over in pain, but I couldn't let anyone at fiscal missions see me like this. They would report it to the SO. And any small victory for them would lead to more attacks.


    I had emergency rations of SO TR-18 removal on hand. It looked like plain Greek yogurt with fresh blueberries, but this concoction was created for events like this. One spoonful and the symptoms were gone in a matter of seconds.


    The afternoon was spent recovering from the viral episode. I was weak from the ordeal and had slips into unconscious behavior. When I came to, my communicator had been bugged with time wasting and data consuming "games." My lead must have caught on and gave me paperwork assignment that would take days to decipher and restructure.


    I returned to home base and began training until dinner. After a hearty meal and hearty laughter I began another perimeter check with agent Finn. The SO didn't dispatch any agents that night knowing full well I would send them more "gifts." Other residents noticed the cleanup I had done. They began venturing the area. Another furry agent thanked Finn and I for our work.



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  8. I love your mission report! 


    I've been embellishing different renditions of my day on different sites. I posted one on a group chat. I found myself stuck in a thought loop while going through those daily events to I snuck in "Stranger Things" reference.

    I did the hourly check ins at work already. And they made me realize how annoying work can be. Here's when the alarms went off:

    • after my coworker left early for a sick day and I had to watch the front desk for her. My entire schedule was thrown off wack. Breathe.

    • some random off the street comes in asking if the building is metro news or something. He has false sharp teeth that make him look like a shark finished eating. Sunflower.

    • it's a few minutes till a phone interview I have. I hope someone can relieve me for lunch so I don't take the call on company time and no one knows that's what the call is. Rainbow.

    • it's a few minutes after my interview. I'm shaking like a leaf. I ended up going to Starbucks for some tea to celebrate and calm my frayed nerves. 450.

    • I'm reading a book "your money or your life" as a distraction from the screaming child in the lobby. 3 to the right 4 to the left.

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  9. Mission log


    The day started with a dull ache. Everywhere. That's what I get for pushing myself so hard from yesterday's bootcamp. I did some light stretches to alleviate the tension. Which worked until I started moving.


    Thes aches slowed my routine making me late for fiscal missions. A shadow sleeper was acting as ward in my stead. This role reversal threw me for a loop. Usually I'm the one to cover for her while she runs late every single day.


    A ping came in my receiver of mission control, contacting myself along with other RH Rebels of their weekly missions. It was the usually bootcamp and nutrition missions. And more dreaded bucket missions. I swear some brainwashed rebel made a pact with some shadow agents to put in some grueling missions to isolate rebels and remove them in the field. Why else would these missions be randomly generated? To help hide the shadows footprint that's why.


    This bucket mission was titled "where am I?" Past, present, or future? It's not something anyone should be asking themselves when surrounded by the enemy. My receiver was then hacked by the shadow org and made to go off every hour. The mission stated it was simply to bring the mind to the present. All it did was bring attention to unsavory situations and individuals within my proximity.


    This shadow mission an was ingenious mind game. It would bring me out of my rhythm and routine. Then either a shadow agent would cause a tiny big of mayhem. But these fits of mayhem only compounded.


    First, the warden shadow agent feigned ailment and chained me to her post. Second, I was added to a heavily resource demanding committee without my consent. Third, a unsavory gentleman walked in asking if the building was a different company one that had been in this location several years ago. He wore false teeth as sharp as a sharks and as red as fresh blood. And finally my receiver notification caused a small child to go into a fit of rage. It is unclear if it was initiated by the shadow parental accompanying the tiny person or the frequency of the notification noise that caused her to disrupt.


    The shadow organization won this round. My body and mind fatigued from the ordeal. I did not realize my next moves until it was too late. I had mistakenly grabbed a food item containing high doses of TR-18 in it. The virus quickly took hold. The cravings only grew and I lost conscious control of my body. I could see myself from an airiel view consuming items with only TR-18 and destroying those that could rid the toxins.


    This continued until the parental shadow sleepers returned. With no control of my own I found myself accompanying them to drop off their rental transport, then to a restaurant. Still in an out of body and mind of sorts I chose an item with more TR-18.


    Only when we returned home and they absconded to their den did I snap out of my trance. I knew I had been defeated. But this was not going to stop me from leveling up elsewhere. I had received a covert package via an encrypted purchase a few days prior. Inside were two items. One was for upgrading my bat cave. It raised my bed and secretly installed space for more storage and belongings that shadow agents detest rebels from acquiring. The second was a knives sharpener. Nothing is better than keeping equipment sharp and useful. Even a decade old pair of scissors was renewed thanks to its magic.


    Once all was said and done I retired for the evening. I checked in with the rebels and heard their tales of skepticism of these shadow bucket missions. Most believed those were orders from the highest ranking rebel leaders. But the wise few - the ones that still remained - knew the truth.


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  10. Rising heroes is so cool! I'm looking forward to reading more about it here. It's too expensive for me unfortunately, but now I can live vicariously through you  

    Ya. I remembered how expensive it is right after I rejoined. I'm finishing up RH at the end of the month and moving on to bigger and brighter things. Like cardio.

    I started a Doodlie PVP again if you're interested

    I'm super stoked for this one. Count me in!
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  11. This is a semi-quick update.

    I don't have time this week to write a mission log. That usually requires me tracking all the events of the day in billet point form, pickup up that list at the end of the day, and elaborating in three to five sentences what each point was while changing the name of locations, tasks, and people. And that writing part takes up more time than I'm willing to admit.

    Since my last update I've pretty much eaten what I wanted. I had my breakfast, second breakfast, afternoon tea, brunch, and lunch planned out like any other good hobbit. But when it comes to dinner I go all out dwarf and scarf down anything.

    The family has been cooking some meals with my instant pot. My stepmom to be precise. This was a big shocker to me. Until I found out her motivations. She's usually the one that loves getting attention on social media. And since they're budgeting she's on a vacation dry spell. It's been about a month since her last post worthy trip/ stay-cation. So she going back to food pics. She got a lot of buzz when I went on an instant pot spree for two weeks and she uploaded my food to her wall.

    She made pot roast with dried oregano on top for extra color and a side of redd lobster themed cheddar biscuits. Since then we've had leftovers of that and pasta with Italian sausage.
    I've still sneaked a cookie or piece of candy now and then, but that's mainly because I wasn't making my calorie limit over the weekend. So I now eat a lot more real food at work to compensate.

    I weighed in today for works biggest loser challenge and I haven't put an ounce on, but I haven't lost anything either. So it's a win win for me.

    (Non-fitness related)
    On Friday I had a phone interview with a potential company that pays more than my current job. Landing any position there would give me enough to finally live on my own. And not live pay check to pay check fearing the day when I get sick or have an accident and have to pay out of pocket and fall behind on a payment for something g while I wait for company insurance to reimburse me... And since I've had that panicked mind state I downloaded an book (using an old B&N giftcard) and joined some financial friendly closed fb groups.

    On Monday I received an email from another person asking to schedule a second interview. I quickly responded. Now there are two problems I'm facing. One, is the position that he mentioned was not one that I applied for. And that ones a minor issue. I seem to be more qualified for this position than the previous one applied for over two months ago. Thanks to my dad I already know most of the terminology for that field and I'm brushing up online on the other half of it where I can get certified for free.
    The other problem is that I haven't received a response email from him yet. Granted he emailed me last Monday and I responded after hours. And it hasn't been 48hrs since the initial response. But one day at my job feels like three days irl. Being a glorified receptionist instead of what the original hired position is dragging. But I still get to do what I want like study another language, play with sideways thinking riddles and logic grid puzzles, and take entire online classes courses for free since not learning something or challenging myself drives me up the wall.

    And now Valentine's Day is upon us. I'm bombarded with chocolates, cupcakes, and fruits that everyone has brought in for everyone else. But I'm not complaining. I haven't been hungry today yet. And I've enjoyed a juicy nectarine and peach.

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  12. So I started doing IIFYM or "if it fits with my macros" eating. I had tried doing a juice detox to replace my breakfast with in hopes of losing weight and keeping in the top five of a petty work weight loss challenge. But trying to keep up with a vegan is exhausting. So I decided to start eating again. I had been way too restrictive with my meals so I went all out today.


    Breakfast: three soft boiled eggs, organic cage free

    Snack: plain Greek yogurt with blackberries

    Lunch: tuna salad (no mayo/all avacado) on baby spinach salad

    Snack: unsweetened almond milk with vegan protein powder

    Dinner: pad Thai




    Mission log


    The day started with a group com feed. I had inquired to the academy of eating patterns of shadow home dwellers, specifically those I reside with, the previous night. The findings were less than ideal. Each dweller had their own irregularity or disorder. These compounded on each other. Prolonged exposure to compounding irregularities leads a regular host obtaining a disorder themselves. And I have been exposed to these dwellers for years.


    I had anticipated this and taken appropriate measures. Setting up steps is one of my specialties. A specialty that keeps me alive and mostly out of the shadow organizations clutches. But maintaining measures is another story.


    This post-news prep delayed my employment missions. Thankfully my agency is lax and pays no heed to a runner such as myself. This allows me to spend ample time on specializations and intel gathering.


    The first mission of the day was a simple fetch quest from HQ for my adjacent program. Returning to my agency location and commingling is less than simple.


    Approaching the coffee quarters was difficult. The agency use to have these in almost every room. But with lack of maintenance they quickly dwindled. The most frequently used quarter is located in one of the smaller rooms. It did not help that the door to said room was obstructed by the dry lead.


    This leads weapon of choice is contradiction and dead pan humor. And I have been this assailants target since day one. After all these months I have yet to learn how to rebuttal these barrages. I'm only good with sarcasm, over agreement improv style, and sharp unwanted honesty. I'm not one to put on Victorian airs. My failed deflection hit some workers in the quarter and quickly abscond from the premises.


    I feverishly worked to get though as many daily missions. And I certainly had my work cut out for me. I made one error in reaching out to the manic pixie lead. They have given me false missions ending in injuries in the field such as crushed mental states, a mutilation of emotions, and a distraught physical capacity.


    My new mission was to return to HQ for a fetch and return quest in the intel department. This was the area I wished I worked with. I was granted the luxury of relaxing at this fortitude while an intellect fixed the broken components the pixie lead required. While there I stumbled upon an optional quest from the head lead. Another fetch quest on my way back.

    I returned back with fixed tech, a bag of grapefruits, and a passion tea to ease my pixie ailments.


    Back at the agency my current mission was to fix the last of the coffee quarters. I called the origins and received a curt reply. Maintenance. Everyone forgets the machines that power these quarters are no different than any living thing. If it is not fed, watered, and cleaned, it will die.


    The rest of my time there was spent as warden of the front. The front is a small room with a large entrance and three locked doors. I spent that time consuming anti-TR-18 meals. There was to be training while on warden duty, but the trainer countermanded it due to personal ailments from the weather. I guess they have a lower constitution during foggy days.


    Once closing time came I quickly decamped and returned home. I finished up the environmental RH missions. Next came the logistics of sellable items from the vehicle armory port. These were transported to Iroh's armory for a later sale. These barters cannot take place in my area due to past neighborhood concordances and no leader in this years bazar event.


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  13. Your story is amazeballs. Looking forward to more double agent posts in the future.

    PS - I'm totally not a SO mole.


    I look forward to writing more. They're just a rendition of my day, but with fancier lingo and everyone gets a codename.

    Don't worry, anyone that in both the forums and RH couldn't possibly be a mole .
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  14. I think there are a few others around here that RH it ... maybe [mention=5333]annyshay[/mention]? 
    Glad that you decided to give it another go! I get frustration with groups that seem to go radio silent - good luck! 

    Glad I did too!
    You gotta pick your self up and keep going.
    I found another squad. They specialize in workout for those with sedentary work. I hope they work out (pun intended)

    Yes! Hello. I'm a Rheno!

    Yay welcome!!!
    Rheno power
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  15. Mission log

    Agent Korranation here. I've been re-activated. I had to leave the Rising Heroes Rebellion after coming under fire from the shadow organization. Their threats started getting more and more serious as time went on.

    Their main objective was to divide, isolate, and conquer. It started with a delay in group communication. I had been through the initiation process and personally tracked down a head agent to receive access. While debugging my house I came across several cameras and wires, but the worst part was a literal centipede left in the toaster. I knew they had placed it there as a pun to my current mission.

    The following month I was locked out of mission control. A shadow sleeper agent had been activated and successfully suspended missions for several Hero agents, but was soon found out and disposed of.

    Another shadow sleeper made an attempt to double charge several agents bank accounts and funnel that money to Karen Formica. It is unclear if it was Hernando's hacking skills before he joined RH.
    After repeated sleeper agent attacks, a new encrypted form of communication had to be created for Hero agents' safety. However, that communication was partially intercepted by another shadow sleeper. Several key Hero agents did not get their debriefing. They were lost in the field and never heard from again.

    As the weeks went by my squad members were being specifically targeted. One by one they would disappear. Their profiles would be permanently retired and removed from the squad communication until I was the only one left. This was their final warning.

    Why hadn't they removed me from the equation? I took measures of precaution the second I started all this. I made friends with as many rebels as I could, knowing the com algorithm would pick me up, I joined all the classified groups of agent outside of the watch of RH to keep an ear on all chatter, and I had another division of the original rebellion to return to in case the shadow organization reared its ugly hydra heads. Which it did.

    Just recently I got an email for RH. It was an an auto response to something I had scripted eight months ago. I went to the academy to look into it and at least fifteen other rebels claimed the same happened. Formica said is was a glitch. Or was her name Ferguson? They both start with the same letter and have the same number of syllables and vowels. I don't see a difference.

    This "glitchy" email had other secrets beneath its layers. Although a shadow sleeper had sent this out to expose and track down old heroes locations, another RH hero, most likely Hernando, intercepted and left an encrypted trail to follow. I'd been with RH long enough to recognize his "hacker" flair.

    After piecing the clues together I found that RH was in more trouble than when I left. But this time I was ready. I had spent my months away training for a personal shadow invasion.

    My kitchen is stocked with the sharpest and most advanced weapons to rid all foods of any trace of the TR-18 virus. My bedroom hid my old training equipment that I used in secret from the shadow agents I lived with. And my new job I used to fund my emergency financial provisions in case worst comes to worst and I have to run. I could live comfortably, but conservatively, for months.

    So now I'm back in the organization as a double agent. It was the only way I could enter safely and know that no one else would get hurt. For now I'll complete the missions, keep my head down, my ear to the ground, and wait for the next move from the shadow organization.

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