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  1. Day 16 Success. I did the cardio kick boxing and ab work out that I planned the week before. Sweating bullets right now. Gotta work on my hip raise. Still kinda suck at that, but I guess it'll get better with time. Today I've had a bowl of cereal and 2 waters.
  2. Day 16 Alright, so over the last week and a half I haven't been so good about my eating habits. My girlfriend and I are were going through some rough stuff and I just fell back into a hole. I started eating when I got anxious and eating fast food... We're good again and working through stuff, So I'm going to start and try this again. I will stay strong and switch to drinking water. On another note, I have been walking a lot more. about 2-3 miles almost every day so maybe that balances things out. I've had compliments lately from people saying that I've been losing weight. But I myself haven't seen the change... In this whole relapse I've been drinking soda and eating fast food. Especialy this last week that just passed. Now that I have a clear mind and my head is back in the game I'm starting a new today. I've had 2 glasses of water, but I haven't worked out. So here goes nothing!!! : )
  3. #6 Work outs for this next week I am going to follow through.
  4. Day # 6 After work today I work today I was pissed off, so I walked a long ways. I would say about 3-4 miles. It was nice. I drank a 1 liter bottle of Evian water after words and I also drank 2 other water bottles of smart water at home. I didn't eat anything for breakfast, and i skipped lunch because I wanted to get out early. I ate a ham and cheese sandwich and later in the evening a BLT. I get stressed out easily over stupid things. I was considering doing an experiment next week to see what happens if I work out before work. Maybe I'll be able to think with a level head, maybe I won't stress out so much. Until next time.
  5. Day #5 Today sucked.It's not that I hate Monday's. Just today. I haven't worked out, but I might tonight because I'm really stressed out and I think I need it. I need more balance in my life. Diet: Breakfast: Bagel w/ cream cheese and a cup of coffee. At work later on my co-worker got me a Monster, and my boss brought sandwiches for lunch from a restaurant near by. It really good, but today I let everything slip... ehhh I'm going to make sure tomorrow is a better day. Until Next Time
  6. Somehow I hit this pit on the way this week, and it's like one wrong move and you get a whole downward spiral. I haven't been completely Paleo. But eventually I will get there!! There's no day but today. We've got this! If you can make time, so can i.
  7. Day #4 I did not work out today. I was supposed to though, I'll be honest. Diet: My wonderful girlfriend cooked me breakfast this morning(eggs w/ bacon) before work. During work: 5 Little Dark Chocolate Hershey Bars, Bowl of Korn Flakes w/ Bananas last. I drank 1 cup of coffee, and a bottle and a half of water. That concludes my update. (not very exciting) Until Next Time
  8. Day # 3 Just got done w/ my third workout. Figured out that I have to work on getting the moves in order. I could barely get 10 reps each in the exercise, and the warm ups nearly killed me. lol. Today I drank 3 glasses of water (with the desani pink lemonade flavor), drank 1 cup of coffee, ate a ham and cheese sandwich at lunch, and basically last nights left overs plus salmon for dinner. : ) Now it's off to watch once upon a time with my love and find out what's up with the joker page... : ) Until Next Time
  9. Day #2 Just want to show off my dinner recipes... http://nomnompaleo.com/post/19886925277/sweet-potato-hash-with-fried-eggs http://www.paleoplan.com/2009/11-22/western-omelet/ Western Omlette w/ Sweetpotato hash.
  10. Day #2 Just finished the work out. Holy Crap! I'm drenched... I'd have to say, my worst enemy is the hip flexor toe touch... Can you say fail?! lol Hopefully this workout gets better over time! I don't think anyone actually reads this, but if you do, whatever you're struggling with just push through! Best of Luck to ya! See ya later!
  11. Day #2 3/28/14 Thought I'd get on before I start doing my work out. : ) I found a couple awesome paleo websites yesterday! Also cooked last night, which is an incredible feat because I haven't done so in awhile! : ) Here's the link: http://www.paleoplan.com/ It's got some awesome recipes. Actually, after doing paleo research yesterday, I realized that there are a lot of recipes that call for a slow cooker. I totally have to invest in one of those. : ) I also found this website: http://nomnompaleo.com/recipeindex It's full of recipes. BTW. I also read a healthy individual drinks 6 - 8 bottles of water a day... That's gonna be tough, but there's no going back now, is there? Alright, so here's where I'm going to stop talking and start working out. TTYL. See ya later!
  12. Sore muscles are a great sign! No pain no gain! : ) I understand the tracking thing! It's tough, but it's one of the best ways to show progress! Even if you're not writing everything, if you write down what exercises your able to do, for example, today you write down you were able to do 10 knee push ups, by the end of it maybe you'll be at 25 full push ups a circuit, you can see how long it took to get to that point, and that's cool. : ) Whether you do or don't you've got this! As long as you're moving just keep kicking butt! : )
  13. I plan on doing Cardio Kickboxing. Maybe some interval training later on. I also plan on going paleo! The hardest part is actually making the time for it. : ) What are you guys doing this challenge? Thanks for the motivation!!! : )
  14. Day#1 3/27/14 Just got done with my first work out. Although it was only a 9 minute video it kicked my ass all the same.... In case you're wondering I chose a kickboxing cardio work out. : ) Fitness Blender has a ton of workouts... Hopefully this works out to my advantage... Today so far I've had 2 cups of coffee and a roastbeef and munster sandwich w/ mustard on potato bread... For dinner later I'm thinking something better. Probably check into some paleo stuff. ; ) See ya Later
  15. WORKOUT ROUTINE - Week 1 Day 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biiXlQHjt-g&list=PL5lPziO_t_VgfB_jYUsKy2dkYi_bMNBYP Day 2: Day 3: Day 4: Day 1 starts tomorrow. Until Next Time
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