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  1. The struggle is real always happy to have you along! Tuesday Workout - Rest - Eat - Steps - Track - Learn - Extra - The streak continues Too much work to catch up on and still have to pack to be at the airport by 4am Goddess grant me patience, because if I have strength I may hurt someone.
  2. How did I forget to update yesterday? Trying to eat intuitively and track as best as I am able because I don't feel like entering every thanksgiving recipe into my tracker, it's close enough... Sunday Workout - Rest Day Rest - Eat - Still in Thanksgiving leftovers mode Steps - Track - Learn - Extra - I haven't killed anyone Monday Workout - Rest - Eat - Steps - But so close! Track - Learn - Extra - Still haven't killed anyone
  3. It always seems to happen that way, doesn't it? Glad you got to the dojo!
  4. Thank you, lots of upper management people in my company that I've never met will be there...I'll be fine, I've delt with people higher up than this...but it's going to be stressful till Saturday when they're all gone and I get to stay a couple extra days
  5. Pretty sure I'm required to follow any thread that mentions both Yuletide and Solstice... I would follow for support regardless
  6. When life gives you lymes you make margaritas...or something like that good job on resting and working on recovering
  7. YES! I've been looking for this thread all day, did not disappoint Here to support of course!
  8. Thank you! Welcome, same here just hope for good weather on the drive to OK when it happens
  9. I still have guests for another week and a half...so I'll have my usual Irish coffee
  10. For those who are new or behind, my main goal is weight loss, for health reasons as well as I want to look good naked, and fit in clothes I used to. I love 5Ks and kettlebells. I'm struggling with this goal because it doesn't get easier when you get older. Changing some things up in the new year and clarifying some goals, so this is a test run for 2023 to see what may need adjusting further. (W) I work from home, (3 jobs) as an accountant, so making sure I have enough movement in my day as well as not eating "all the unhealthy things" is important. It's very easy to lose track of how much time I've been sitting trying to solve an issue. Not having "all the unhealthy things" in the house also helps. I use a 5K training plan that I’ve used in the past, 3 days of intervals and 1 - 2 of strength/cross training days, I may graduate to the 10K and half marathon plans this year, I may not. I just want to keep moving. ( R )I struggle to get enough sleep so that shall remain on the list until it's no longer a struggle. (E) I found a ‘diet’ plan, the Dr. that came up with its target audience is post-menopausal women. It’s really a combination of several different things like IF, Low Carb/Keto, and Macros. The common denominator is calorie reduction, of course, unless you burn more than you take in, nothing is going to work! My biggest issue is I get tired of trying to figure it all out and do a lot better when someone just tells me how and when to do it, so I’m putting this on easy mode until I lose the weight! So far I’m down 11 lbs. (S) I want to hit at least 7500 steps a day, once this becomes habit I’ll raise it (T) Tracking the things that I eat with an app makes hitting macros and the calorie goal easier, this is in conjunction with E, even though I can eat and not track, doing both is better (L) I’ve been learning Spanish on Duolingo, because this country scares me and I may want to move abroad one day. I also want to learn to play guitar, since I have one collecting dust in my room and it will not learn to play itself. There are plenty of free videos on how to do this on YouTube. Learning something, at least once a week (Duolingo goal is daily) will count towards this. (E) Extra things that make life worth living, date nights with D, 5k’s or more that I may do, motorcycle rides, FL trips, and life events will go here. Checking in to hold myself accountable is key to this being successful, I don't want to have to post bad news here. I plan on posting daily to make sure I'm on track where I need to be The Plan... Workout - Intervals/Kettlebells Rest - Sleep (7 hours a night) Eat - Stick to macros and don’t make excuses to eat the unhealthy things Steps - Hitting my 7500 steps a day goal Track - using Cronometer Learn - Duolingo, other stuff Extra - Rides, 5k's, events, and life Update - Daily Done - Not Done - An additional note, my second grandchild is due to be born before the end of the year, so updates may not be able to be as frequent while I'm traveling
  11. I guess the key to me getting enough sleep is to not hit the rest of the goals? The Plan...Week 5 Workout - Rest - Extra - Holidays and houseguests Steps - Track - Update - Duolingo daily - Next week I'll be out of town for 5 days, going to do my best to try and hit goals as well as I'm able, not going to worry about it too much though.
  12. I'll do a wrap-up tomorrow but feel like this challenge is over already. I'm not tracking for the rest of it because between leftovers and holiday items it's a lot to try and figure out what I'm actually consuming. Monday I will return to that, as well as trying to resume workouts, then the middle of next week is the Vegas trip I may have to give myself grace on tracking there, but should be doing enough walking around to make up for not being able to do my structured workouts. Wednesday Workout - No Rest - +7 Extra - Steps - No Track - No Update - Yes Duolingo - Yes Thursday Workout - No Rest - +7 Extra - Steps - No Track - No Update - No Duolingo - Yes
  13. This is awesome I feel like this is typical of a holiday week...either that or I'm trying to cram too much into the days
  14. I do love that idea...if I didn't need them here to take care of the dog while we're out of town for my company's holiday party I would be so tempted to try it and see if it worked
  15. I expected them for Thanksgiving it was all the time before and after...there is nothing as irritating as people residing on your couch playing facebook games from the time they get up till they go to bed, and telling stories about people you don't know to fill the silence you prefer to have while you work from home. I wouldn't call what they do 'help'...one doesn't cook, the other has COPD and is unable to do much beyond get in the way. She makes deviled eggs and macaroni salad so she feels like she's helping out. I generally have everything listed out for what to do when so I get it done, and growl enough so everyone leaves me alone while I do it. I prefer it that way One thing I did for me this year was purchase pre-made pies, I refuse to feel guilty about this...much Tuesday Workout - No Rest - -7 Extra - Steps - No Track - Yes/Under Update - Yes Duolingo - Yes Workouts will likely not happen this week since my workout room is next to the guest room, and the other mother likes to sleep late
  16. Caught up on adulting items, trying to get ahead since I'm losing two days this week, and I'll be losing two next week with the Vegas trip, but people still have to get paid Monday Workout - Traveling Rest - +7 Extra - Steps - No Track - Yes/Under Update - Yes Duolingo - Yes
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