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  1. Sweet man! Great job on the plan! And way to go on the cycling to work. I'm planning to stay once it gets a little warmer out here. Hopefully trying my first run to my new office this Weekend! Keep up the solids work man! Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  2. It was not sunny here, but it was 70 degrees! Woo hoo!! Reply great to catch up on ya! Way to go with the pushups. Looking forward to you hitting 100! Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  3. You're right on man. Got super frustrated today, ran out for intervals and came back fresh and ready to tackle! BTW, longest up interval to date! Down: 1:30 Up: 1:00 Thanks everyone for the support and check in!! Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  4. Alright! Measurements in my first post are updated! I re-started my dissertation in the last week. I did get workouts in and managed to eat probably 75% as planned. I'll update weight today. 1 week from last update. I completed a full BW work out at home yesterday. Now to see if I can balance my job, my assassin training and my dissertation. Arch! The challenge advances! Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  5. Snow Day DC is shut down today! Weigh in will have to be tomorrow when I make it back to the gym scales. Hopefully will have at least one good workout before bed.
  6. To be honest, I'm still trying to figure out the points. I definitely didn't get all points from my second half of the first go around. "Level 2". And, I think that this level has up to 15 points, so I need to redistribute in my goals. And, yes, the assisted pull up would be the machine with the balance weight. I'm going to try to not rely on it too much, but will probably use it by the end. Right now, I'm increasing the inverse rows using the cross fit floor. Thanks for the input! Super helpful
  7. Update Yesterday increased my up interval again for cardio Up 0:45 down 1:45 8 intervals, sweating like a.... Inappropriate idiom Today: bodyweight Barely made my 3rd circuit. But made it. Included inverted rows after running between the cross fitters. Maybe I'll join them one day. Happy Friday to all! Measurements tomorrow Weigh in Monday Sent from my XT1034 using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks!! Sent from my XT1034 using Tapatalk
  9. kicking ass and taking names :)

  10. So sorry if I haven't found this... I'm a science nerd... I have little experience with forum searching I see that when you get half way through Beginners you get Level 1 and 10 attribute points. Do you get 10 attribute points per level? I'm a level 2 assassin and am trying to get this right!
  11. Gym time was solid. There was a training group using my typical crossfit floor in the gym. <bummer> But, I got all creative and managed to find a corner to complete my Body Weight workout. I ended up doing DB rows instead of inverted rows, but it's all good. i still feel it. Really focused on form today. Maybe one day I'll be a graceful assassin Oh wow... I didn't realize that there already IS a graceful assassin. hmmm... should read up on him.
  12. Hey man... Look forward to following you! Your goal subtitles are words to live by! I need to incorporate a little more of each of those!
  13. Hey there! Look forward to following along. a few comments. 1. Addicted to arrow! CW actually doing something from dark knight right... what!? 2. Also in the health field... I'm an occupational therapist and have a ton of friends who do it for army... super amazing work you guys do. Can't wait to follow along man... get it!
  14. Hey man... I'm also a new Level 2 in the assassins. I missed you in the beginners guild! Look forward to following you. Let's tackle this shiz! Also, on the shoulder. It's gray, but super important. I do a ton of shoulder rehab and still ended up being a fool and injuring myself. I'm doing good so far with modified movements. And, I totally get ya about imagining things and never taking the steps. Through my first challenge I watched as guys did amazing body weight maneuvers in my gym. I thought... That looks AMAZING! I would love to do that, but.... Now, I decided to jump in the assassins and make sure I don't have a "but..."
  15. I'm an occupational therapist so I deal with similar issues in the shoulder for rehab. Well done on sticking with it! It f'n sucks, but it'll be worth it in the end! I saw an episode of Shield recently where they were making the noobie train on pull ups... She was complaining and he said... You'll be thankful when you're hanging from a ledge with one arm. No truer words have been spoken. I hope to be able to pull up from the (possibly metaphorical) ledge one day!
  16. What what! Good to see a pullup goal here too! I'm working on those Aussie pull ups you mentioned for the time being. And, boy do I feel them! Also, interestingly enough am a beard man, too. Though my new job requires that it be consistently manicured. After my 3rd interview, we had a really awkward conversation about... "I want to hire you, but you've got to cut that down". haha.
  17. Boom! Off to a great start! Monday: Beginner body weight workout... 3 cycles Tuesday: Interval training stepped up from last week. Down 1:20, Up 40 sec. 8 intervals Had a big meeting at work. My boss brought ice cream... 5 different types of ice cream which has got to be my weakness. I stayed strong and made it through! *celebrate* Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  18. I love participate as a goal. I can definitely say the more I'm in on forums the better I do. Its like knowing there's a rebellion of needs watching out for your performance! And, I'm jealous of the pull ups! Its motivating! Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  19. Haha! Thanks for the reco . I sneak off to the gym over lunch, so I should be fine. If only my ass wasn't so heavy to lift. Haha Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  20. Off to the assassins! Any other fellow veggies in the guild? Getting this quest started off right! Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  21. Hey man... I joined up on the assassin's too! Look forward to seeing the progress. Glad to follow you through again!
  22. Hey buddy! I jumped to assassin from n00b, too! I look forward to following you again! Let's get to it!
  23. Brand New Level 2 NF coming through. After having a successful Noob challenge and spending some time reflecting upon myself, I decided to join the Assassin’s Guild. I look forward to mastering my body weight, increasing my abilities and continuing to hone my diet. As before, I will work to keep all of my measurements up to date and will post on my responses: My Measurements Here are photos of my adventure: Why now? I’m getting married Aug 31 and I finally have time and energy to commit to the adventure. I’ve always been somewhat health conscious, but now I am working on being a bit more of a health nut. Quest: Decrease naval measurement by 2 inches, increase agility and strength Goals: Sweat! [ +2 dex | +1 sta ] Work out 5 days a week. Most likely alternating between body weight (BW) and interval (I) training. Grades: A: 5 days a week B: 4 days a week C: 3 days a week D: 2 days a week F: 1 day a week Climb! [ +2 str ] By the end of the challenge, be able to do 2 pull ups Grades: A: 2 hanging pull ups B: 1 hanging pull up C: 2 assisted pull ups D: 1 assisted pull up F: 0 pull ups Fuel! [ +2 con | +1 wis ] Decrease soda and grain intake: Grades: A: 0 sodas and 0 grains B: 0 sodas and 0 grains M-F C: 1-2 fails D: 3 fail days F: 4+ fails Life Quest: Sleep! [ +1 cha ] Get an average of 8 hours of sleep throughout the week. CHA points may seem weird here, but trust me... I'm much more amusing and likable with enough sleep! Side Quest: Ride! [ +1 sta ] Bike to work at least once during the challenge (towards the end, when it’s not crazy cold in DC)
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