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  1. Days Four to Twenty-five Physical . . . So . . . I kind of slipped and wrenched my knee and ankle on the replacement sea path. Physical was a wipe. Self-esteem challenges: Mental 1a. Bed by 2am (progress towards midnight). 18/42 1b. Progress towards midnight: This past week sleep has been getting quite late. I'm now back to around half two or three because of a few very interesting stories and Just One More Chapter set in. But prior to that I was anywhere between one and half past. 2a. Sleep meditation. 25/42 Yep! Every single night - usually it's music for some reason, but I
  2. I have a tutorial sort of thing for improvising pull ups, but thanks for the video and offer of help! I might check out the minis for the next week, I usually give at least one mini-challenge a go. Day Two and Three Physical 1. BBWW -> ABWW. 1/24 Day Two, no. Day Three, yes. An IBWW (intermediate etc.) given I progressed from BBWW a while ago. 3x20 bodyweight squats 3x20s planks 3x15 side lunges 3x5 knee push ups 2x1 push ups 2x7 dips (chair) 2x5 pistol squats (five each leg) w/ chair for occasional balance My dumbbells have gone walkies thanks to a room clean. Pistols are still jus
  3. I've had pixie lust for years, but the old 'fact' 'fat girls don't get short hair/short hair on girls makes you look unfeminine' combined with laziness and nerves prevented my hair being cut full stop for years. Actually it was mostly laziness. So longer-than-bra-strap hair went down to shoulder length about three years ago; then to a chin length (or so) bob (which I loathed), so it grew out to bra strap length. Then in November back up to shoulder skimming length, then to chin length semi-pixie thing, then to straight up asymmetric pixie. Tumblr's cool like that for pictures of real people wi
  4. brainmatrix.com? Maybe? For the next hour (or [insert time]) use your non-dominant hand - helps increase creativity, ambidexterity (and dexterity) and cross-brain connectiveness. Meditate. It counts . . . Sleep. Talk to yourself. Apparently it can temporarily increase short-term memory. And help you find misplaced items. Or make a puzzle? Cook?
  5. Yaaaaayyyy, new challenge! *waves hello* Likewise. It's mostly been okay for much of 2014, so this particular . . . attack I suppose, has been poor for my progress in many areas of life; in some cases it's even retrograded them. Still, perseverance is key, no? Thanks for the luck. Day One Physical 1. BBWW -> ABWW. 0/24 Nope. 2. Yoga/Flexibility Work. 0/18 Nope. Self-esteem challenges: Mental 1a. Bed by 2am (progress towards midnight). 0/42 1b. Progress towards midnight: Last night was day zero/one and I went to bed about half three; about an hour before my usual bedtime but
  6. Tea, did you get a pixie? Strange thing to ask, perhaps, but I got one last week and now I'm in love. Also it suits your smile and your cheekbones; you look adorable and so happy. Following this challenge, naturally, and burpees? Wow.
  7. A Hard Hat Towards Vanity My last two challenges were aborted, the last due to a crippling bout of depression combined with intense (for me personally and for the area in general) and unrelenting heat and humidity. But a new month brings the opportunity to meet my friends after a nearly nine month gap between visits. So I'm going to be very vain this challenge, but I'm going to hard hat it all the way. And focus on some other basics to deal with the depression and things, hence my bounce to the Adventurers Guild. Simple, tight and focussed. Challenge Goal: Thanks to my successfu
  8. Actual worldbuilding. I like building worlds - or, as a friend who writes on ff.net puts it - "making [other people's] work seem more in-depth and meaningful than it actually is (oh, and by the way, thanks for telling me things so I can be smart )" by knowing strange things or assuming they know strange things and wrote it into the story. Maybe this little challenge will help you think of ways to build another world of your own? And I really need a name for my little world or I'll just start calling it MLW. I'm certainly ready to rock out right now; here's hoping the momentum stays. Yep
  9. Let's Get Down to Business To Defeat the Huns! As swift as the coursing river With all the force of a great typhoon With all the strength of a raging fire Mysterious as the dark side of the moon Previous challenge. Because we might as well get the stereotypical theme out of the way next. Last time it was cats (ze arrrees-toe-cats), this time it's Mulan. Everyone loves Mulan! Or at least Mulan. But what's not to love?! (Aside from some cultural stereotyping and some mildly cringeworthy attempts to replicate the Genie ad nauseum) A classic bildungsroman (coming of age story) with famil
  10. According to most adults - though seeing as I'm also an adult I should say older adults - prospective employees would call/send you a letter that was at least partly personalised if they had to reject you. It definitely feels bad though, 'oh hi, we know you applied to work here, but we don't actually care about you as a human being, just as a gear in our company; you have no feelings or reasons for existence other than to potentially benefit us. You don't benefit us, goodbye.' Point. We did a pancake stretch in warm up and I felt like I was able to go deeper and spread my legs a little wid
  11. More stable than it initially was though. And presumably you have a better alternative now, so it's all good. Like the number nine. I'm not entirely certain on dairy laws myself, but I know there has to be a required amount of fat in it to even qualify as milk. And that most people prefer semi-skimmed. UK butters tend to be between 80-83% fat, so we can both look on disconcertedly at American food. And their portion sizes. Sorry America, but those foodie shows you broadcast so much do tend to reinforce a stereotype or two. Tea is amazing. As are cream teas. Strawberry jam, of cour
  12. You know, you don't even really need an ice cream maker for some recipes. Or any. I made homemade ice cream once. Well over a decade ago with my Granny. We used a big bowl, a lot of ice and our arms. Given that I was six or seven my arms tired from the shaking very, very quickly, but Granny just shook that bowl effortlessly. Talk about an arm workout. Oh, belt making is easy. I just repurpose things. My old school colours tie makes an excellent belt - but it's also a very nice tie, so I don't use it all that often, and the other belts are just strips of fabric or scarves. That and I actua
  13. Maybe I stumbled across it in a similar manner then. Gifs abound. Enjoy your hunger, and know that no clotted cream you have could ever be as good as the stuff I get! Best of all, per EU law, Cornish clotted cream only counts as Cornish clotted cream if it's 1) made in Cornwall (obviously) and 2) at least fifty-five percent fat. Though the average is sixty-four percent In fact, according to Wikipedia, America would class it as butter. And I insist you have a proper cream tea. To die for. And the jam goes on first. Yes, there's actually a difference in taste depending on what goes on firs
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