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  1. He is like the third best soccer player in the world, but I also know that soccer isn't all that big outside Europe and South America so I respect that :-)
  2. This got aired yesterday in Sweden, a must see for pseudo-vikings: The words you hear is our national anthem, together with two of the most powerful Swedish brands right now: Volvo and Zlatan Original verses: 1 Thou ancient, thou free, thou mountainous north Thou quiet, thou joyful [and] fair! I greet thee, most beautiful land upon earth, /:Thy sun, Thy sky, Thy meadows green.:/ 2 Thou art enthroned upon memories of great olden days, When honoured thy name flew across the earth, I know that thou art and wilt remain what thou wast, /:Yes, I want to live, I want to die in the north:/
  3. Inverted row is about 60% of your body weight. So when they feel to light is time to switch over to Bent over row ( http://exrx.net/WeightExercises/BackGeneral/BBBentOverRow.html ) with about 65% of your body weight. Then add 5 lbs every week.
  4. Full pull-ups use a broad array of muscles. Cable row and a lot of triceps exercises.
  5. I would say that it can be up to 30 seconds per kilometer difference between race track and icy pavement. I use Puma SLX Crossfox on icy conditions but as the spikes are 2-3 mm they require ice and I always bring another pair to see the ground on place first. And as always I recommend LSD to improve as a runner, but 3 weeks is a real tough time frame. Maybe you can find a coach to improve your technique?
  6. Today I really felt like a child of the north. Team practice. 20.34 km with 3 km in the middle at 4:50 speed (7:45 / mile). -6 degrees Celsius and a couple of decimeter snow. When I came home I had ice in my beard :-)
  7. So I'm still lurking around here. Did a 13.5 mile morning run with my IRL running team to report to the newb-section. Then I decided to give my self the challenge "Most (controlled) body weight squats in 5 minutes" to report here. So to the words of Pentatonix I did 183 squats in 4:56, looking forward to improving it. Daft Punk - Pentatonix LOL, tried to log the challenge on fitocracy: Whoops! Something went wrong! Body Weight Squat, Set 1: Please enter a number below 150 reps (you entered 183 reps)
  8. Today -2 Celsius and beautiful weather, sun is glistening on the white snow. Team practice this morning and did 21.7 km in 1:57. Had 140 gram bacon and 2 eggs for lunch. Now I'm sitting down with a mug of mulled wine. Life is better than usual.
  9. Ok, this is me being kind of an ass but ... try to not include 100% of old posts in your reply. It kind of clutters up the screen.
  10. Squats are good training both back and core. Maximum squats (no weights) in 10 minutes sounds like a good mini-challenge ^^
  11. Yes I'm already signed up and paid for the 100 miles races. TEC 100 miles April 12th GAX 100 miles July 12th If I fail any of them there is also BRR 100 miles September 20th. In my team we believe that LSD by Lydiard is the key. About 10 miles in 90 minutes steady pace 3 times a week. Most often I do 2 miles warm up and 2 miles cool down as well, total of 14 miles. Above that terrain running and hill running and recovery runs. My high week I run 75 miles and my recovery weeks I do half of that in a 4 week cycle (low-medium-medium-high repeat). If you want to spice it up you can do Halden Ult
  12. Today winter came for real, 5-10 cm of fresh snow all over town and still snowing. Tuesdays I train with my running team and 7 members showed up despite of the weather. 9.5 miles in 1½ hour and some really good training for the legs!
  13. The solution is very simple, and scientific. Read up on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glycogen Carbs is always stored with water in your body. When you get yourself closer to ketosis your glycogen level falls, and with that water. When you reach ketosis you should have dropped 3-5 pounds. You will gain these pounds again as soon you start eating properly.
  14. There will be laundry, stinking clothes before that. Muddy shoes, more snacks, special purchases. A lot of time from home, maybe new friends that require time not only on the track but at the pub as well. If this is already normal between you just carry one, if not try to be humble. Some men want support, some men just want to be left alone.
  15. I think we learned from the hangout that getting video and quality of sound to sync over 3 continents might be trickier than we thought. Big congrats to Snow and Abtacha... keep up the good work and keep em gone.
  16. Started to watch Game of Thrones for real today, just watched occasional episodes during the years. Big mistake actually, after the physiotherapist this morning 5 hours passed by. I do have dual screens so managed to do some work but not being all that effective o.O And oh, found this rather cool map of our north http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/ea/Carta_Marina.jpeg And what I am thinking through for real today is: The winter is coming .. a good advice or just a state of mind preventing you from living the present the best you can?
  17. Tights ... running will never be the same again. Less noise, less pain and in the beginning more strengthening terrain runs as it takes some time to get over the shame. It's worth it.
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