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  1. So the last couple of days have went well. Trained yesterday and today to round off 3 sessions for the week. My fasting program is going well so far. Going to drop to serious low carb and keto for the rest of the challenge to try and stimulate weight loss. Weighed in at 250.4 this morning. I also bought some new protien powder and bars, got a muscle food order coming on Wednesday to help.
  2. So last night was a work night out, all the teams are changing our big boss was out with his team and they paid for all the drinks and food. Hell of a night. But I kept my goals in mind, stuck with vodka and Pepsi max and ate clean food. Weight was up 0.2lbs but that's not a concern. Off to see terminator now and then at a Halloween thing tonight. Picked up a Michael myers outfit which is immensely creepy. Not having popcorn to day though. Fasting today until around 15.00, was going to fast a full 24hrs but life's got in the way a bit.
  3. Following, looks like it should be fun.
  4. Budapest for a week and then London for a few days
  5. Also new to the rangers but it seems to fit my goals of fitness and self improvement quite nicely.
  6. Hey guys, So this last year I've dropped about 12lbs up to July and then wheel span while maintaining the loss in the low 250 high 240 range. This is my responsibility due to diet but hasn't been helped by a knee injury in bjj Sparring that's kept me from training hard. My knees now getting a lot better. I have plans at the end of November where I want to look as good as possible. This is going to be an incredibly focused camp on getting me to that position. Diet -Intermittent fasting using the body fast app. Everyday, no excuses and no exceptions. Windows can be moved slightly to make life more reasonable but they will remain in place. - mfp to be used daily, hard limit on kcals with a focus on protien and clean foods. -drink water. I have a 2.2l jug which will be filled on a morning and drank by the evening, daily. Training -Weight training. - Minimum 3x per week. This should be easy enough. Needs to be mainly upper body, still only up to bodyweight on my knee. - Implement 5/3/1 style lifting in my bench press/shoulder press etc. Cannot follow it exactly as can't squat or Deadlift currently. -Rehab - daily knee exercise ahead of my appointment on the 2nd of Nov. - Boxing. - try to get as many 2 min rounds in per week as possible but this is a bonus to the rest, if I'm knackard or don't feel great body wise it can be missed. Goal - Be a maximum of 240lbs on game day. This will be hard but it's reachable and my rewards will come after. - IDEAL is around 235. None fitness related, secondary goals. Planning -I'm going abroad at the end of November and spending 10 days in various places. I have been left to develop a plan of action for the areas we go to, best things to do and a time line for it. Should be fun. Self improvement - avg of 30mins per day listening to audio books. I've listen to a lot of ex special forces books lately and I'm enjoying their perspective on things. - Revision. I am looking to apply for a new position at work in the next year, there is a large knowledge base needed for this position and while I am skilled at what I do now its a bit different. Try and get an hour or so a week outside of work(this will ramp up closer to the time) - Sort out the damn car, my car needs a few cosmetic things sorting and has for a while. I keep putting it off but it needs doing. __________________________________________ Weighed in this morning at 251.1. Trained weights last night. Chest. Went OK. Diet yesterday was solid, under on kcals and stuck to the window.
  7. Review Did not update enough Trainings getting better Knee is getting better. Poor updates, poor performance. Overall a D. Which is solely based on my recovery with my knee.
  8. My lack of updates has been almost as bad as my lack of focus. Outside things getting in the way. On the plus side my knee is getting a lot better. My weights increased slightly but I feel focused now. I really need to bring it next challenge.
  9. Yeah me too, allows me to get plans back up and running ASAP. So I've been sick as a dog this last few days, blocked nose and sore throat, solid cough and feeling like thor tossed me against a wall for the hell of it. Got 0 sleep all night Sunday. Now this would have been fine, I should have been off Monday and Tuesday but to further my career I'm on an attachment all week. I went in both days and put a mask on over the sickness with the assistance of caffeine and olbas oil inhalers. God bless caffeine. Missed my Monday workouts as the above, I couldn't breath and needed the rest. I also ate bad food, I was exhausted and my partner got kept on at work. But really those are both terrible excuses as in reality i was just a bit weak. Woke up today 248 and felt OK. Went to work, got in, felt like dozing on the sofa and having some food. Snapped instead and went to train, had a preworkout so I couldn't not and then hit a beast of a back workout in, followed by some knee Rehab stuff, a bit of a rest then 3x3 minutes on the heavy bag. Going to build this up to protect the knee. Feeling very focused and determined now. Been listening to David goggins audiobook the last few days and I'm loving it so far. His story is horrendous but just goes to show with the right focus and mindset greatness is achievable but also with the wrong mindset and negative perspective so is failure. Felt better after training. Weight - 248 Workout - done Diet - solid.
  10. Just realised I didn't mention my weight shooting up after the weekend. It was my fiancé's birthday and my diet was terrible. Monday I weighed 255 but was bloated as hell. The weight is now coming off at least a pound a day.
  11. Week 2 day 5 Weight 249.8 - weight is falling off after my recent balloon up. Hopefully I can maintain momentum. Diet - been really good the past week and today again. Did physio today, he was really happy with my regime so far. He's given me some stuff to work on, I was asking him how long until I can start full duties again and he got me to do seated squat drill on one leg. Good leg was fine. Nearly fell on my arse on bad leg. Point proven. But now I've got something to work on. Working until 1am tonight, going to try and get up early and train tomorrow.
  12. Thanks man, Todays gone well so far, audio book listened too and I've been sorting the house out so it's nice and organised. Got a decent chest workout in too so positive news all around. Got my private physio approved on the work insurance and also looking at sorting out a trip to a centre that's covered under my Healthcare where you spend a week with full access to a gym and physio to try and kick start things.
  13. It's getting re assessed 25/11 but the Consultant seems to think months. He says 1 in 4 become reoccurring issues but with proper rehab and the right approach I can massively help my odds.
  14. Yeah I think once I get back to grappling I'll need to pick one up. Weird injury. And massive good news in that I'm past the recovery and walking again phase I thought might be coming again post surgery.
  15. Week 2 day 1 Back workout done. Listened to audio book done. Tidy the house and do all of the washing that's accumulated... Underway. I am going to attach some old photos to this and try and find a recent one to compare with so I can get the goal right in my head. The apron one is old the suit one is new. And although I'm still around 40lb lighter than when I first started losing weight I want to get back to the other image.
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