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    Week 0 day 2. Weight - 244.7 Training - None, slept in unfortunately, nights mess with my sleep badly. Should be training bjj tomorrow. Going to watch some instructional on my lunch. -30 mins research.
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    Week 0 day 1. Night shift this week so should be able to get plenty of training in. 1st bjj session of the camp out of the way. 1hr down. Only managed 4 mins Sparring as I managed to pop my lip when face met my opponents knee in a scramble. Still it's minor and will be fine by Wednesdays session. The 4 minutes were specific and high paced though so I'm happy with them. 2 mins top 2 mins bottom. Worked on de la riva passes and a de la riva sweep this class. I'm finishing that I really enjoy a knee cut pass and it's getting added to my game quite well. Hit a Lockdown from half guard to initiate a nice sweep during Sparring too. Hit a few nice passes, overall it came together quite well. I also watched around 45 minutes of an online manual on Kimuras, specifically using them from side control as a method of control and how to take the back. Diets been solid, good day 1 so far.
  3. Hi first challenge as a monk. I've always been a big fan of fighting games and shows like that, I'm also a massive mma/bjj fan. So this challenge is going to have a tekken theme. I'm also going to do this as a 6 week challenge as the tournament is 4th of August 2019. Goals 1/ Road to the iron fist. First part of the iron fist tournaments are the back story, I'm going to be training bjj 3x a week on avg during this challenge. I've planned with my shift patterns and injuries aside it should be possible. To allow this I will now be training in nogi jiu jitsu too, I already picked up my gear. 2/ Be in shape for the battles ahead. - 2 x strength and conditioning sessions per week. - 2500 kcals on training day, 2200 otherwise. - weigh in below 235lbs at the end of this challenge. 3/ Increase technical skill - dedicate 2hrs per week to watching technique breakdowns on the basics. 4/ Finishing move. -work on submissions, the one shot ko in bjj is the blood choke, I need to work on having a choke available to me from every position. Long term goals 1/ lose weight. 2/ compete in bjj (should be fulfilled 4th of August)
  4. Time to review this challenge I think. 1 day left but its a rest day. Just got another single day of bjj in. Training went well, I was a bit lethagic in spots and I think this is down to a few things. Tiredness/diet and in Sparring sometimes being too happy to play defence and try to counter, which doesn't always work out for me. On the plus side, I am at present injury free and shall be doing the next challenge as a 6 weeks to the tournament challenge. I think I set my goals too high this time. I shall be doing a zero week again as soon as the opportunity opens, and my tournament is a week after the end of the next challenge. Once the next challenge opens I'm in.
  5. Week 4 day 2 Diets been decent. No training today been busy with life stuff. Back to work tomorrow but bjj on the night.
  6. Hello, Years ago I used this forum to get into the best shape of my life. I have suffered a couple of injurys, been through 2 jobs with shift work and other issues. My weight has bounced up and down the last few years between 230 and 265. Last time I was doing well I was lifting 6 times a week, down at 230 and suffered back spasms so bad I couldn't stand. That was fun. I'm now back full time to nerd fitness. This challenge is a reset and an extension of what I've already been doing this year. I began GI BJJ at the end of January this year, I've been enjoying this but a couple of minor injuries have caused me issues. Im already 20lbs down from January and heading towards my goal. Coming back to post here for some accountability. Goals - short term. Become a better fighter by getting better at bjj Lose weight, get below 235lbs this challenge. Get more mobile and strong. How. 1a/ Train a minimum of 10 sessions over the 4 weeks. Monitored via the MARUNE app. 1b/ Spend some time daily looking over techniques from jiu jitsu University text. 2/ use my fitness pal every day. Use intermittent fasting, following programs from bodyfast app. 3/ hit 3x other training sessions per week. Weights/stretching. Long term 1/ compete at bjj. 2/ get below 220lbs. 3/ get back into a proper strength regime. Please see current image of myself, with monstrously effective mma fighter Jon jones. Sent from my EML-L09 using Tapatalk