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  1. Hey guys! Is there a free spot for me? I just typed my name on the data sheet from the "Sign Up" link, not really sure how it works. Anyway I'm starting my challenge today, you can find it here: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/42438-quintanas-first-challenge/ So a bit about myself: Im 21 years old, my name is Eduardo I live in Mexico and I study Mechatronic Engenierring. And some other stuff about me you can find it on my introduction thread. Well then, just tell me if I did what I was supposed to do to join Strength in Numbers or if I have to do anything else. Good luc
  2. Im ready to start. Lets acomplish our goals together. Good luck to everyone!
  3. So here I am, starting my first challenge! Lets do this. Main Quest: To build muscle and reduce my body fat porcentage. Goals: To reduce my body fat porcentage to 14% (Taking this picture from the "How to measure my body fat porcentage"). Currently 17%Nothing of Soda or Cookies (Damn I love cookies!).Eating more vegetables and fruits 3 or 4 portions a day. (Not really sure wich is a good amount in order to achive my main goal, any suggestion is apreciated)Life Quest Setting up my Digital Design website and having my first client throguht it. (Currently on progress).My Motivation Wel
  4. Hello everyone, my name is Eduardo Aguirre and I am from México. I can't even remember how I came here in the first place but after some days of reading and watching all the content this site has I must admit im really motivated to work out my potential. Im a 21 year old male, 5'8 ft tall 154 lb. I think im not really in a bad shape but im pretty sure I can do more. Currently I study Mechatronic Engineering, half way to finish. I have always loved sports mainly Swimming and Mountaineering. I love many other things I do like going out with my girlfriend or friends, playing videogames, progr
  5. Hello Genithos! Im new here too and is good to know there are some people who enjoy climbing mountains. I've climbed some mountains here in Mexico and its awesome! I wish you the best, and keep working on your goals.
  6. Well I've been swimming for a long time, and being hable to hold your breath is really important, mainly if you want to imrpove your swimming speed. That's becouse once you move your head up to breath you increase the resistance of the air. If you see any important swimming competition you will notice that in short distances (50m) freestyle, none takes a breath, they just swim the whole distance under the water. I needed to shorten my time per lap, and swimming 50m freestyle is one of my favorites competitions. So holding my breath was really important. In order to achieve these my coach gav
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