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  1. I've started doing that. But I guess because I'm old and technology scares me I forget its awesome and I still panic.
  2. I've set both word and excel to auto save every minute, and I do save often otherwise. But I've had times where it just eats things anyway because it hates me.
  3. Hey, welcome to the Rebellion! Your goals look solid. Im sure you'll find some friends here.
  4. So I misspoke. Not charts like graphs and stuff. More like tables. My advisor kept saying charts even though she meant tables and I wound up just calling them that too for the sake of not arguing with her. Excel is actually the bane of my existence. Ha. I could deal with it being slow, the problem is when it freezes and I think it's going to eat all my work. Because I waited so long to do this I don't have time to deal with mistakes. Whoops.
  5. Two pages written, 5 pages of charts in the form of word docs, 19 minutes to go. Not terrible. And there are plenty more charts I can include to eat space if necessary. Huzzah. And my dinosaur computer is mad at me and keeps freezing. Boooo.
  6. I just wrote "President Donald Trump" in my paper and threw up a little. I have a page. totally not hitting my 10 pages by 11 pm target, but we'll see how far I get.
  7. Word. I mean I'm not happy about it and it's not good for anyone, but I'd much rather it be that. Maybe the dentist can tell me tomorrow that that's all it is. le sigh. (so ps I know I could've googled that but googling medical things is bad whee)
  8. Does clenching your jaw result in your neck hurting on that side? Because both of these things are happening to me right now and I would feel infinitely better if they were connected, otherwise I'm liable to assume it's that mystery illness again. 8:41 and I haven't done any work yet. My brain feels like jello. I just wrote in my journal, I'm going to do a guided meditation, and then I'm going to try to knock out 5 pages of the stuff that doesn't need research that I can just word vomit on. (e.g. methodology and "whoops nothing worked.") And then maybe take up another 5 pages by shoving charts and excel sheets in at the end. It's ambitious but if I can get that done by like 11 I should be on a decent track? That would leave 15 pages to be done in about 10 hours tomorrow. I've done worse, I think. Right. Off to do things.
  9. I'm sorry.
  10. Cuddle a kitty for me too!
  11. I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. I hope you have time to say goodbye and make peace with it. Simple Man is one of my favorite songs. I love the original but the Shinedown one is good too.
  12. There's an Arlington in Massachusetts too and sometimes I get super confused. Whee.
  13. Haha that's nice of you to say, but I complain about everything. I'm currently finishing off my salad 4 hours after I got it. Grabbed a few bites in between but yeah, no. Because the thing we were doing was impossible to do in any kind of efficient way so it took forever. When I said I wasn't going to have time for homework today, I didn't mean it literally. But that's what happened. Blargh. Im gonna do a potentially irresponsible thing and watch Supernatural when I get home. I've been non-stop all day and I need a break. So okay it makes sense in that I may be more productive after I have time to settle but it's also stress-inducing to not be working for that 42 minutes. Especially with the dentist appointment tomorrow. Oh well. Bullshit ability is negatively correlated with time left for bullshitting. I'll survive.
  14. I know. I just complain a lot.