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  1. Battle Kitten: Ascension

    Anxiety is raging over this job tomorrow. I don't do well when I don't have all the information for a thing, and there's a lot I don't have for this. Basically all I was told is that I'm signing the employment paperwork, reading the style guide (which is a 2" binder and apparently you don't get to keep a copy of it?), and doing my first assignment. And that they ask for your availability for the next week by Friday afternoon and make the schedule based on that. Things I don't know: how long shifts are, how many you do in a week, if there's a min/max for weekly hours/shifts, will they hate me if I get a real job and have to scale back considerably, what the dress code is (this one I actually asked in my last email and it was ignored). There are other things I don't know that are bothering me too. Of course I'll ask all my questions before I officially sign on but it's driving me crazy. I know it's not realistic to have all the answers to all the things before I do anything in life, but this whole process seems kind of ass backwards and it's throwing me off. There was no interview process, just the sample assignments, and no chance to ask any questions. I could have emailed them already but the guy was very short when answering other questions and straight up ignored the dress code one, so asking in person is probably the best course. On top of all that, either the Craigslist ad had the wrong information about hours or I misinterpreted it (it's expired now so I can't check it) but they're not open on Sundays at all, so there goes my plan of working weekends. I could still do Saturdays, eventually, but there's no supervisor in the office that day so they don't put new people on until you've been there a while and are reasonably comfortable with it and have run into all the usual issues. I'm so close to talking myself out of it because it just seems like a clusterfuck. I'm not going to bail on it right now though. If it doesn't work out in the future I'll quit, but right now it seems like a lot of bullshit for a part-time job paying a dollar above minimum wage. Gotcha. Wasn't sure if it was a quote or something too. So I didn't make it clear but what I was actually complaining about was having to drive so much and start a new job while on my period. Because it's miserable. But yeah despite all the above complaining I know I need to do it if I want money. Boo.
  2. Battle Kitten: Ascension

    I feel like I'm missing a reference here? holy shit. That's terrifying and I feel the need to clean up my diet immediately. (I'm taking my medication but it's not helping 100%.) I wasn't expecting something that extreme but I won't lie and say I'd be surprised if it happened to my brother. Yeah, I passed his car at about the same time I saw all the bus stop signs and just went "shiiiiiiiit." And I couldn't pull out immediately because there was someone at a red light blocking the driveway, so I was pretty sure I was fucked. I'm glad he took pity on me.
  3. Battle Kitten: Ascension

    *now. I have several days of 8+ hours driving ahead. Plus my first shift transcribing at 10am Thursday. Please kill me.
  4. Battle Kitten: Ascension

    Narrowly avoided a $200 ticket. GPS sent me up the bus only road at a train station. Thankfully the transit cop was super nice and just gave me a warning. I would have cried.
  5. Battle Kitten: Ascension

    Oh. I’m getting my period tomorrow. That’ll do it. x_x
  6. Battle Kitten: Ascension

    Made it out. The need to pay for my health insurance won out. I do use the sock trick though! Weirdly enough that’s one of the things I usually do. Socks first, then go from there.
  7. Battle Kitten: Ascension

    Jesus Christ I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve been sitting on my bed for a full hour now, wrapped in a towel post-shower, and made no moves to get up and do anything. The executive dysfunction is strong today. Like I know once I get out and start driving it will suck less. I just have no motivation to do it. If I were more motivated to be productive if I stayed home (job hunting, book reading, etc) then I would consider it, but that’s not the case. I just don’t want to do anything at all, regardless of what or where.
  8. Battle Kitten: Ascension

    UGGGGGGH the woman I emailed last night isn't taking new patients. She recommended several people to me but wtf. Why does this have to be such an obnoxious process? (lulz I just checked them all out and NONE of them are in-network for me. I think I just found someone else who looks decent but she's in a location that's super shitty with no parking. Argh.) I also have to go driving for a while but it's raining and I'm tired. I didn't fall asleep til after 5 (whyyyyy). Also had Jukebox Hero stuck in my head for hours while trying to fall asleep, which was annoying. I need to shower before my brother gets up for work. I just don't want to do anything at all today, but that won't fly because that's exactly what I did yesterday. He went right back to bed when we got back but yeah, I'll be texting him tonight looking for my money if he hasn't already turned it over. I had a thing to say to this but it escaped my brain so I'll just make general noises of agreement in both of your directions. There's a lot of venting here. Not necessarily healthy, but oh well. The rest will come later. Gross. But good to know. Probably why he doesn't care about it either.
  9. Battle Kitten: Ascension

    The universe does not want me to go to therapy. First the waiting on insurance only to find out it won't cover the one I want to go see. I emailed someone on Thursday to ask if she's taking new patients, haven't heard back yet. Trying to email someone else now through Psychology Today and the thing appears to have frozen. I clicked "Send Email" and it's not clickable anymore but it also hasn't done anything for several minutes. I'll close the window and try again but this is a fucking nightmare for someone with anxiety: did it go through? Is she going to think I'm an idiot if I send it again? What if it goes through a dozen times? Yeah she'll think I'm an idiot. Hooray. Okay. Tried again and the captcha keeps timing out so I don't even think it's trying. FUCK. lawl, tried in incognito mode and deleted 12 words even though I was already under the 200-word max and it went through on the first try. The fuck. Anyway speaking of idiots, my brother waited until he was out of Adderall on Friday to try to refill the prescription, and his insurance denied it because it involved too many pills? His doctor has been writing it for 4 10mg pills per day (2 pills twice a day) for years and all of a sudden they won't fill it. So he had to call and ask the guy to write it for 20mg pills but the guy didn't get back to him til after COB today, so he's gone since Friday without it and basically spent the whole time sleeping. (He takes it to wake him up/give him energy. I swear my mother told me he had ADHD and he says he doesn't, but given the source of my information I guess it's not surprising she was wrong.) So he asked me earlier "if I pay you will you drive me over there to pick up the new prescription?" And maybe it's just because of the money issues I'm having but that really hit a nerve for me today? The first time he proposed that after she died he was like "I'd have to pay for an uber anyway so I'd rather just give you the money." Like he's recognizing that he's a pain in the fucking ass when it comes to this. But right now part of me wants to be like "fuck you I don't want your money." But I also don't want to set a precedent of chauffeuring him around like my mother did. It pissed me off enough that the other night when I came home to pee during a night of driving, he was like "hey can you drop me off at CVS?" He walked home, but it's literally less than a 5-minute walk. Also, I'm an asshole: (and also TMI?) But anyway. Now I have to go to bed and get up stupid early to take him to get his stupid prescription.
  10. Battle Kitten: Ascension

    Got that transcription job. I'm not excited about it, I'm not proud of myself for it, I'm not having any kind of proper reaction to it. Just "great, one more thing to keep track of." This is fun.
  11. Battle Kitten: Ascension

    I need to get up early and spend as much time as possible driving because Sundays are slow. So of course I’ve been in bed for hours and it’s 4:38 and I’m still awake. Yaaaaay.
  12. Battle Kitten: Ascension

    This is my nightmare. It’s not worth driving because side roads are currently too shitty and will only get worse. My father is also not going out anywhere. I am trapped in the house with him and apparently also my brother who doesn’t seem to be working today. There is nowhere I can escape to so I’m going to wind up hiding in my room all day with super high anxiety and nothing I can do about it.
  13. Battle Kitten: Ascension

    The two seconds where they made fun of him in Spamalot basically made my life.
  14. Battle Kitten: Ascension

    Dear @Countess D'If and @Severine tonight I had a passenger doing his masters in opera. We talked musicals and I was once again chastised for not liking Colm Wilkinson. Thought you should know.
  15. Battle Kitten: Ascension

    Motherfucking balls. They just upgraded the severity of the storm. :/ And it’s supposed to be at its worst starting around 1pm. I’m gonna have to be out so late tonight to make up for it. Also, guess who doesn’t have snow boots OR a winter jacket?