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  1. Flea Prepares

    Oh yeah no, I’m not trying to protect him, I’m trying to protect myself. Every time I bring up anything to do with money he gets super angry. Like ragey. Because my mother didn’t manage their money right and spent all his money and he doesn’t even know how much money he has now etc etc. He starts yelling and slamming doors and not listening to me. And I don’t want to deal with the fallout when I say “hey guess what you owe a couple hundred bucks from several years ago.” Because it’s not going to be his fault for not paying in the first place, it will be hers for screwing him over, and I’ll get yelled at just for being there. It’s to the point where if I bring up credit card balances he gets pissy and changes the subject, I keep saying “tomorrow we’re gonna sit down and go over your bank account stuff” and when tomorrow comes I get “no I can’t deal with this I get too angry just thinking about it” and he just walks out of the house because “I can’t be here right now, I just need to get out of the house.” So my best case scenario is I tell him and he fucks off for a while. But it’s more likely that I’ll get yelled at and talked over instead.
  2. Flea Prepares

    I just realized that even though I told my father men in the Middle East do in fact wear pants and have pockets, I also should have informed him that not everyone dresses like the Saudis. (There are other countries that wear robes but I’m sure he was thinking of Saudi since they’re the ones we hear about most.) Then again, he’s been making ignorant fucking comments since I went to Morocco in 2009 and nothing I say has changed anything so it would have been a waste of oxygen anyway.
  3. Flea Prepares

    I like this idea, but short of having him write dozens of checks for me to send in, the only way to do it is to get him to call them, go to their websites, or give him the bills that clearly say they’re collections. eta: and even though he doesn’t pay bills on his own and knows I have access to his checking account via my mother’s login, he gets suspicious and asks a million questions when I ask him to make out a check to anyone for anything.
  4. Flea Prepares

    Me too, sometimes. :|
  5. Owlet Conquers All

  6. Flea Prepares

    Because my mother told me she never paid any of them. And we're still getting calls from collection agencies, but no one actually answers the house phone and for some reason the voice mail goes to email and doesn't play through the phone, so he never hears them either.
  7. Flea Prepares

    I need him to go play in traffic. He's complaining about loose change falling out of his pocket so I told him to get a manly change purse like the old italian guys around here use, and they're common in the Middle East too. "Yeah but they wear sheets, they don't have pockets to carry things anyway." Still crossing my fingers that I find my adoption certificate while I'm going through all this paperwork because this is fucking ridiculous. Oh good, now I'm crying.
  8. Flea Prepares

    okay, legit question friends: How do I tell my father that he's got a bunch of shit in collections going back several years? To recap, it's mostly medical copays ranging from $10-30, and there are two collections agencies involved. I think the hospital probably switched companies a few years ago. It's his fault for not paying them in the first place, but my mother was the one who typically paid all the bills that came to the house and she clearly dropped the ball. I've checked two of his credit reports with Credit Karma and there are no collections items listed on them at all but idk if paying them will somehow get them added? I called the hospital to ask if those accounts could be paid directly to them instead of the collections people but they didn't have the records in question anymore? tl;dr my father never pays his copays and my mother didn't pay the bills when they came in and he's going to lose his shit when I tell him so I have no idea how to do it.
  9. WhirldwindShep continues the battle

    Re: brushing your teeth - can you make it a habit by just doing it right before bed or as soon as you get up in the morning? Or idk, if there are pills you take at the same time every day, just tack it on to that habit too?
  10. Flea Prepares

    Now that I'm working on this list, I'm blanking on all the things that he needs to be doing. I know I've brought up a hundred and one things in the past but now... nah. But I'm doing it in google docs so I can email him the link and update it when I feel like it.
  11. Flea Prepares

    Yaaaaay link pls once you do it!
  12. Flea Prepares

    brb moving to New Zealand. ps hiiiii how are yoooou do you have a new challenge?
  13. Flea Prepares

    Wtf who decided today was going to be such a shitty day? I just got a bill from the allergist I saw in March and it has a nice little sticker saying I’m over 90 days past due and if I don’t pay now it’ll be sent to collections. Which is bullshit because they only billed my insurance for it last month and haven’t sent me a single thing in the interim. It’s only $10 and I’m not worried about actually paying it, but don’t be all threatening and shitty about it when it’s your fault in the first place? I am mad at everything and everyone today.
  14. Flea Prepares

    Dammit. The list wont be as freeing as I thought because he’ll still want detailed fucking instructions on how to do everything. Kill me.