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  1. Two weeks off is perfect timing for me because it's a week to prep and move, then a week to unpack and settle at home. But I also feel like with the two weeks off I'll lose the excitement of rolling into a new challenge. (Despite doing nothing the past two weeks anyway.) I do hope they get the boards up sooner rather than later but meh.
  2. And I'd be surprised if they did because I'm jaded as hell and have no faith in them. Open to them proving me wrong though.
  3. No, but if I'd been paying attention I would have made it something happy lol
  4. Of course my 8000th post (previous one) is me complaining. Anyway. Booooo, next challenge doesn't start til July 9th. That ruins the quasi-theme I was thinking of. Although I guess it gives me a week at home to get settled before jumping into it.
  5. I slept! I was nervous about it but I found a comfy position. What's funny is that it wasn't all that terrible? Like, it was obnoxious as fuck that it took 7 weeks to deal with this shit and I kept having to go back, etc. And essentially getting 3 root canals on the same tooth wasn't fun. But pain-wise? Not nearly as bad it probably could have been. I was more upset about the lack of resolution than anything. Okay, also the cost. It was like $6400 at the end of the day and that kills me.
  6. Ahh yeah. I meant like, where they'd take it from and how. Which, yeah, no. Glad I did it yesterday because that would suck balls. He did mention that there were synthetic materials but that this way has a higher success rate or something. It was really funny watching him try to convince me when I was only asking questions because I was curious (and possibly to distract myself from being anxious about the actual pulling of the tooth).
  7. So the spot where they pulled the tooth doesn't hurt at all. It's my fucking cheek that hurts like a bitch. And I know from root canal experience it will take several days to go away. Rawr. It's also a bit swollen. But no swelling or bruising on my face from taking the tooth out. Yay. I have therapy in a few hours and talking for that long is going to suck. Yeah, I was totally not concerned. Obviously this is a thing that's been happening for a while and proven to be safe. Also like, when they say you're getting a bone graft but not that it's going to be your own bone, there are only so many options. I wonder if that doesn't occur to people or if they just don't want to think about it. Also morbid curiosity makes me wonder how they'd do the bone graft with my own bone if I hadn't gotten it done yesterday, but it's probably gross and I don't want to know.
  8. Really want to go to bed, but I just finished eating and my acid reflux is angry so I need to wait. T_T also going to be interesting because I usually sleep on the side the tooth was pulled from. While waiting to go to bed, all I want to do is start packing. Which I also can't do. Ugh.
  9. Supposedly they kill all the organic material but i would be down with that. Ha. I asked the guy where it came from and he kind of paused like he didn't want to say. I had a feeling I knew the answer and I was okay with it but it did make me wonder how many people freaked out over it. Keep practicing! =P I'm sure there are plenty of guys on tinder who'd be willing to help.
  10. lmao I'm pretty sure every single time I've been in a dentist chair in the past two months I've thought "yeah fuck blowjobs." Between my gag reflex and being 100% done with reasons to have to open my mouth like that... nah.
  11. Made the mistake of looking at it to make sure it wasn't bleeding. (They said to expect blood-tinged saliva for 24-48 hours, but substantial bleeding requires biting on a gauze pad for a while.) No bleeding, but it looks fucking gnarly and I regret looking at it immensely.
  12. This is smart. When I got my French one, they printed it out on the stencil transfer sheet thing and brought it over and asked me to double check it even though I'd written out what I wanted and gave it to them to copy. One of the words was spelled wrong. Wowww that's special. I have no plans to get more tattoos in the languages I already have. =P Just other languages, maybe. And something watercolor, whenever I finally figure out what I want.
  13. Possibly less cool: notice I didn't say where the bone came from. Any guesses? I think most of the pain I'm feeling right now is actually muscular from having my mouth open super wide for half an hour, so hopefully that goes away. I get to take another painkiller in 15 minutes though, yay. I have issues with dairy, unfortunately. And it triggers the shit out of my acid reflux, which triggers my asthma. And I assume coughing up a lung would be bad for the hole in my mouth. I did get a protein smoothie after the procedure though. And yeah, they said no straws for a while. Which is sad because my water bottle has a straw. Ha, not a thing I was told. I don't have any standalone supplements but I'll be sure to take my multivitamin from now on.
  14. Spoilering in case people have issues with details of medical things. Oh ow. Okay. Now it hurts like a bitch despite painkillers.
  15. I survived! And have done neither. Mostly just laying around trying to figure out what I can eat. The Novocain has just about worn off now so I'm waiting to see how badly it's going to hurt. Bright side, since they did the bone graft (which def hurt my wallet), it shouldn't bleed much and there's practically no risk of a dry socket.