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  1. ugggggh I'm so pissed. I ordered a cheeseburger and tater tots that I was really looking forward to, and the delivery guy gave me someone else's $90 chinese food order instead. It's all kind of shit I don't like and no one else in my house will eat either. I got a refund and have re-ordered what I want, but I hate that so much food is now getting wasted. Obviously not my fault, but it's a ton of food and it makes me feel bad.
  2. Okay computer-savvy friends. BU doesn't put posting dates on their job openings and sometimes leaves them up for months. Is there any way to snoop and figure out when something went up? Like right-click and inspect and find it somewhere? Here is a random post of theirs. In other news, I went out for Pokemon. It started snowing. I may need an intervention. Okay it wasn't the kind of snow that sticks to the ground, but still. also they post the salary code for each position, but instead of a chart on the website you have to sift through their collective bargaining agreements to figure out what a position pays. this is so fucking dumb.
  3. Walgreens is playing Christmas music. I’m gonna go play in traffic.
  4. I managed not to beat him to death with a wooden spoon. Not sure if that’s a good thing. my carpal tunnel is very pissed off right now. Using the fucking hand mixer started it. Wtf. I’ll wear the stupid braces tonight and hope it resolves itself because I wanted to cook (not-thanksgiving food) tomorrow but it seems like a bad idea. I was all proud of myself for remembering the ankle brace to not piss off the tendonitis and then this happens. Fucking womp. we (I) followed all the directions on the brownies but I'm expecting them to turn out like shit for some reason. Yay.
  5. And also charisma. (?) He aced the written portions of the exams but always bombed the interview-ish in person part because untreated social anxiety.
  6. How did this man run a police station when he can’t even follow a basic brownie recipe? HOW?
  7. He plugs the iron in. Turns it on to heat up. fucking leaves it face down on the fucking ironing board. it’s not even weaponized incompetence. It’s just regular fucking incompetence and not paying attention to anything he does.
  8. hey @Athaclena you raved about a steamer in one of your previous threads. Do you mind sharing which one it is? And does it steam clothes or is it just for cleaning purposes? (Trying to convince my father to get a clothing steamer since he can't be trusted with an iron, but cleaning function wouldn't hurt either.)
  9. lmao I thought of this last night too. Also “sorry there’s no reception in hell.” That might be a bit much though. Yeah I typically only answer if it’s someone in my contacts or a medical office (my hospital system has easily identifiable numbers). I was curious about this one thought because I rarely get spam calls, and even more rarely the same number multiple times. I’ll answer one more time if he calls again I think, then he’s getting blocked.
  10. Some number that my phone flagged as spam has been calling me for a while and not leaving messages. Decided to answer it today. “hi is [mother] there?” ”no, she’s dead.” ”thank you, we’ll try again later.” i… what? That’s not going to help you. It sounds like a guy who called a month or two ago fundraising for some pac or something to elect state officials with “common sense” who “support our police and want to keep our families safe” and something about not defunding the police because blah blah scare tactics and “we don’t have you down on our donor list, how much can we count on from you today?” Bite me, dude. Part of me wants to answer again and fuck with him. The smarter part of me just wants to block the number. Decisions, decisions.
  11. I hope the next time my father goes out for a walk he falls through an open manhole cover and drowns in a sewer full of literal shit.
  12. lmao at least he tries. My father just goes “¯\_(ツ)_/¯ heres what I got.”
  13. okay now I'm annoyed. I always spelled it "tendonitis" but last year (?) when I had it in my shin all the paperwork they gave me said "tendinitis" so I figured I'd been spelling it wrong. tried googling it that way just now and all the results are -don- so... fuck me I guess. edit: several dozen results from various searches later, one page does say "(also known as tendinitis)." gdi.
  14. Did not get up to go shopping. I was up early but only because my stomach decided it was angry. My father apparently went back to the store to return the chocolate but they didn't have what we needed. I doubt this, but whatever. I ordered some to pick up at Target, then decided to do a grocery pickup order tonight and ordered some from the store too; this way I should be covered if either store is in fact out of it. (My father: "what are we going to do with twice the amount of chocolate?! can you return some?!" ...yes.) aside from ordering and picking up groceries I've done fuck all today. I have some kind of pain in my ankle/heel area that seems like it might be tendinitis? Doesn't feel like a sprain, although it's in the same place that has hurt in the past, and google tells me it's not Achilles tendinitis at least, because it's not quite in the right place. I don't particularly want to go to urgent care to get it checked out since the wait times are insane. It feels better, but still not great, with an ankle brace on and also while wearing shoes. So annoying. No Pokemon walks for me for a while. I wouldn't be surprised if walking too much caused this. ugh. the urgent care across the street opens at 9 on weekends and 8 on weekdays. maybe I'll head over if I wake up early enough in the next few days. I'm sure they'll just tell me to take some nsaids and stay off it for a bit, and probably also to stop being fat even though that's more of a long-term solution.
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