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  1. ^ This. All of this. I love your goals and I'm super jealous of your DDR-ing. Totally going to be lurking here.
  2. I don't think there's a "right" way to do it. It's all about what works for you. That said, the only thing I would suggest is maybe making mission 1 more specific/trackable? If all-or-nothing works for you that's cool. Otherwise: what constitutes "junk food?" Can you make a goal of "eat 2 healthy meals a day" or "3 healthy dinners a week" or something? If you can't measure it it's easy to fudge. (Obviously if you're eating cheetos for dinner it's junk food. But if you're having a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and some blueberries or something, some people might call it junk and some would call it great.) I'm completely incapable of giving advice without it turning into a novel. Yikes. Good luck with your challenge though!
  3. Super late wrap-up post: This challenge is officially an epic failure woooooo! c25k: Didn't do one day. Eating produce: Probably did decently well overall, but I stopped tracking it. Going to bed by 10: Hit it a handful of times, came close several times, missed it more often than not. (Ironically, now that the challenge is over, I'm doing better at it.) Grad school: C+ overall. I still have one application left to do, and two are ready but not ready yet. -_____- What I thought was some kind of common application thing through a company that recruits international students to UK universities is actually "give us all your information and we'll plug it into the individual applications for you and then you can approve it." So while I had all my stuff ready for them by the end of the challenge, they're still not ready with 2 of my 4 apps through them. Naturally one of those is my #1 choice program. Ugh. Relatedly: One of my school already accepted me. Ahhhhhh I'm going to grad school! Come hang out in my new thread.
  4. Aw yay I'm glad you guys enjoyed my silliness. @ Whimsica: Yesss, the stretching! I used to be pretty flexible but now I work at a bank and sit on my ass for 8 hours a day. It's a bummer. I def want to start a daily meditation routine so I'm hoping they fall in with each other too. @ mmdills22: Whoops, that's me! I'll eat some really good meals and then when I get lazy I'm like "Hey there bagels, you look good for dinner every day this week..." I've got 80 millions recipes bookmarked I'm just really bad about going shopping (since no one in my family eats anything remotely healthy so I usually don't have ingredients on hand) and actually cooking. I'll definitely post the recipes I try. @ Elk: This one. I may have stolen it from someone else's thread. I DO want to do this for myself! I mean yeah from a numbers perspective, I need to lower my weight, cholesterol, etc. But I do really want to change up my life. I've noticed I feel so much better eating real food vs crap, when I used to go to yoga in college and on the rare occaisions I meditate now I feel so much better during the day, etc. I'm just hoping it all sticks!
  5. Not to be confused with "Baconators," which are atrocious burgers from Wendy's. All of their burgers are atrocious, actually, but still. A+ for mindful snacking and cutting down on sugar. Totally gonna look to you for tips once your challenge is done! I'm almost sorry to break up the Reindeer/Elk back and forth-ing here. Does it count that a Flea is an animal? (I'm reaching. Shhh.)
  6. So my first challenge went down in flames. That's cool. Starting over like a boss. (Also, unintentional phoenix imagery, hayyy.) ANYWAY. I don't think my previous goals were too hard to achieve, in theory. I do think it's the way I went about them that was an issue. I need accountability, but at the same time there's something about telling people my goals that somehow sets me up to fail. So instead of diet and exercise and "omg I NEED to get this stuff done or everyone will think I'm super lame!" kind of goals, we're gonna try general this-is-good-for-me goals and see if anything changes. Ready, set, GO! Main Quest: Be a better Flea! Goal 1: Take a multivitamin or vitamin B12 supplement daily. I saw not one but TWO nutritionists last year before my first attempt at being vegetarian. (One of them was horrible ugh.) I went expressly to make sure I'd be doing everything right and not killing myself. Somehow neither of them thought to warn me of vitamin B12 deficiency. Awesome!I have a multivitamin now but as I improve my diet I want to stop taking it.Goal 2: Try 1 new vegetarian/vegan recipe per week. Because I'm boring right now.I'll have leftovers to take for lunch woo!Goal 3: Complete a 30-day yoga challenge. I like yoga but I don't do it regularly. Now I have to. Calmer, more peaceful Flea is good for the health and safety of everyone. I'll prettify this post later. It's past my bedtime right now but I wanted to make sure I was ready to go on Day One. (Link to challenge of failure.)
  7. Hooray for being able to do stuff again! That's exciting And your goals look awesome. (I totally didn't stalk you here. Nope, not at all.)
  8. Derp. So a week later still counts as later, yeah? Gosh how did you get into so much though? Like I can see how some things might overlap but outwardly there doesn't seem to be a common thread for everything. My life is terribly boring by comparison. All I've done is study a few languages and dick around in ancient ruins in a few countries. Time to go make a new to do list...
  9. Yeah i totally get what you mean. The problem with me and goals is that I think I'm setting goals I can follow through on and also actually want to do. (Like who's going to argue with going to bed at a time that will net me 7.5 hours of sleep? Especially when I all do at night is dick around on the internet anyway?) I know if I make them too small I actually won't do them either, so it's just a question of finding a balance I guess.
  10. This challenge is such a failure omg. I'm not discouraged though, just laughing at myself. Clearly need to figure out a new way of doing things for the next one. I'm eating more produce and snacking on less crap, but I still need to go on a massive grocery shopping trip and scale back on processed carbs. Oh god my coworkers are telling me that every single airline charges you for a second bag even on international flights, all since 2001, and refuse to believe I traveled in 2009-10 with two bags. Dear baby Jesus please let me hit the lottery so I can get out of here.
  11. At least we know you're not a werewolf? That's a good thing! I'm sorry you had a bad day. hope today's going better for you! <3
  12. Oh my god. Half of your done list is my to-do list! *-* where is Tuvan from? I feel the need to add it to my list just because I've never heard of it. I'll be back later when I'm not on my phone. I think we need to be friends.
  13. Yay now I'm more excited about my options haha. I will definitely let you know about the muse thing. That's awesome that you're writing a novel. And wow that's great advice and I'm mad I didn't think of it. Off to write an outline now! Thank you!
  14. Okay so real update time. Short as it is. Monday: 2/3 produce with meals, no exercise, missed bedtime. Tuesday: Same. I've been writing out stuff for my grad applications but I can't wrangle the word vomit into anything usable for an actual personal statement. Can I buy a muse on eBay?
  15. @ Bekah: yes yes! Buckling down and writing my personal statement at work today lol. @ Sunnyful: thank you! Yep, making new opportunities for myself now. @ Rookie: I'm glad I'm not alone! I moved back after college... 3 years ago. I'm going nuts lol
  16. At least it's tomorrow and not next week or something? I believe it though. My last semester of undergrad in Virginia we got maybe half an inch? An inch at most? And pretty much all of Richmond shut down. I'm from Boston so naturally I was unfazed but my friends were seriously concerned when I went out for a walk. It was hilarious.
  17. *hugs back* Thanks! Just got the email. Fuuuuuuuuck. Okay, so I'm not going to Macau next year. Time to throw myself into those grad school applications. >__>
  18. Actual update later I swear but you guys I AM DYING RIGHT NOW. They said we'd find out about the English teaching thing after 5pm eastern. It's 5:06 and I have no email yet and I might single-handedly crash yahoo by refreshing so often. I cannot handle this.
  19. Welcome! I want to second everything Silver said, especially checking with a doctor to see if there's anything else going on. Can you reframe the way you're thinking? "I need to lose X pounds" isn't super motivational. "I'm going to get in shape and eat better so that I can finally _______!" might give you a positive focus. For example, I'd love to do a Tough Mudder/Spartan Race/crazy obstacle course of some kind. But I have like zero upper body strength right now, so I know I need to start working out if I want to be able to drag myself up a wall without my arms turning into spaghetti. There are posts all over the place about people changing the way they eat, starting some workouts, and they're not only losing weight as a result but looking better! (If you haven't seen Staci's story yet, check it out.) Eating fresh foods instead of processed makes you feel so much better too, and in time you may not even want processed/unhealthy stuff anymore. Eating healthier can also help you lose weight without necessarily trying too hard. (Can you not lose weight? Sure. But it's a lot harder to eat way too much broccoli than it is too many cookies. ) This whole thing is a process. It takes time, but it's so worth it in the end. Let us know if we can help you along the way! ETA: Here's a cool blog post from a model who doesn't have a flat belly all day every day
  20. Not fair! No one ever gets that reference when I say it! Too late now (hopefully) but maybe this recovery period would have been a good time to take up meditation or something. @sea.bee omg 445? Getting up that early sounds painful!
  21. Snow camping had better involve igloos. That's all I have to say. Have fun!
  22. I'm applying to several schools in England and one in the Netherlands. I also applied to teach English in Macau and tomorrow night I find out if I made it through the first round so I'm going to be a wreck all day lol
  23. Surprisingly it's not. Both my parents would be lost if I move out. And ugh I've looked but finding an affordable room in metro Boston is a complete joke, especially when you're trying to pay down $65k in student loans. Meh. There's a fucking LOT about my life that I hate right now but I'm trying to change what I can. Hopefully come August/September I will be off to one of three other countries and never return. *hugs back*
  24. I've tried that before with no luck. It's ridiculous. There are probably undiscovered life forms in the back of my fridge older than I am and no one cleans it out. Whenever I have food in there, whether I've made it or bought it or whatever, it mysteriously disappears. Even if I DO get into grad school, I don't know if I can survive living at home until it's time to go. Arrrrrgh. I'll stop being dramatic and pissy soon, I promise. Today has just gone wrong since I woke up. Definitely a Monday.
  25. I am so pissed off right now. I made a huge batch of spaghetti sauce on Saturday and was going to take some to work for lunch. My mother fucking threw it out. I cannot even handle this right now I'm so fucking pissed. I know spaghetti sauce is a stupid thing to be pissed over but seriously? That's eleven fucking dollars literally down the drain, plus however long it took me to cook. Now I have to buy lunch despite trying to save money, then go buy more groceries for dinner after a useless fucking meeting after work. Arrrrrrgh I am so not happy right now. Fuck Mondays. </rant>
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