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  1. Thanks Wildross. I've decided to add extra back work into my programme. I've just switched to Madcow - tbh, my aging 42 y/o body was struggling with the 5 x 5 volume - no stalls, but it was really wiping me out! Moving forward in steps of 1.25kg per week (on everything except deadlift, for now), seems much more manageable. Added pulls and planks onto the end of each session. I'll try to remember to do a form check video so I can get some feedback. I do suffer with "cramping" on my outer thigh/hip, and think this may be warm up related. It can be quite dist
  2. Thanks for the replies. Maybe i'm overthinking this. Latest 2 sets of bench seemed fine. I decided to deload 10% on the press as I wasn't happy with form, and it felt much better than it did. 1.25kg incremental increases on both. Cheers Karl
  3. Hey folks. So in the past I would have described myself as an occasional lifter (the worst sort?). Few months on, get distracted (not bored, but life can get in the way, certainly in the last 2 1/2 years since I found this forum), and lose momentum. Start again. Repeat ad infinitum. Anyway, found my mojo again, and back on with lifting. Currently 8 weeks back. Current stats 95kg bw Squat - 102.5kg - 5 x 5 DL - 130kg - 1 x 5 Row - 67.5kg - 5 x 5 Press - 42.5kg - 5 x 5 Bench 57.5kg - 5 x 5 Following the SL 5 x
  4. Thanks for the replies folks. I'll work on my set up. Cheers Karl
  5. This was the 3rd set of 5 x 110kg at 93kg b/w Reason for wooden platforms? To raise the centre of the bar to 9" off the floor. My plates are only 16" dia, Any comments appreciated. Cheers Karl
  6. As if we needed to prove the man is a beast, has anybody else seen this? Monster! Cheers Karl
  7. Taking on board the comments, I did another 5 x 5 @80kg today. 1) Raised bar height one notch. Seems better for unracking 2) Went barefoot to see if felt more balanced - didn't feel much different to be honest. 3) Tried going lower - not sure that it was deep enough. 4) Tried a narrower stance, but I do have wide shoulders.... Cheers Karl
  8. When pushing up I think I use the whole foot - don't think it's either ball or heel specifically. Cheers Karl
  9. Thanks Wildross. I was a bit surprised at the lack of depth - it felt like I was going lower. I'll work on it with the lower (ie working) weights. But it is below parallel, so i'm not too stressy. Cheers Karl
  10. It hurts when doing certain moves (pull ups, curls etc) so I have removed those from my workout. But my diagnosis was tennis elbow too. I lift stuff all day at work, and it is quite painful at times. I don't have any pain with my current workout. Cheers Karl
  11. Thanks for the feedback SS 1) This is symptomatic of 2 things. First, i'm 6'2", and second, I don't trust the bar racked higher in the squat rack - it's a bit wobbly!!!! I'm getting a new one next month, so will be able to rack the bar a bit higher. 3) Just Adidas thin soled things, but I think the feet movement (before I squat, right?) is me just getting comfortable. 4) I widened my stance a bit recently - I feel a bit more stable and controlled on the decent. Will give it a go with different widths though. Cheers Karl
  12. Edit - sorry, done. Cheers Karl
  13. Hi folks So, I thought it was time I got my form checked out. I have dabbled with lifting on and off for the last 18 months (largely off!). About 4 months ago I decided it was time to get serious. BW 93kg Male (obvs) I wasn't going to do as many on the video, but I thought "what the heck" So we have: 80kg x 5 100kg x 1 110kg x 2 (for some reason.....) 115kg x 1 (which isn't far off my current 1rm I guess) Just wanted to see form break down - I know I got stuck in the hole a bit on the last one, but what else do those wizened eyes out there see??? Cheers Karl
  14. Nothing to offer, but enjoyed the video - great to see. Cheers Karl
  15. Thanks - yes, that makes sense. Perhaps the weight isn't heavy enough yet to make a real difference, but will switch it around. Cheers Karl
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