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  1. First day of the challenge went well. I didn't run in the morning like I wanted to but I did run right before dinner. I have since then told someone that if I don't go out in the morning to run then just through me outside and make me run. The stitch I had because of running late like that was not fun. With my sleeping I was doing school up until 11:50 do to working on an exam. I was in bed at 11:59. I'm callin' that a win.
  2. I once heard a quote that was something along the lines of "When you're a beginner do it over and over until you get it right. When you're experienced do it over and over until you get it wrong." I thought it was kinda similar.
  3. It could very well be. I'd probably have to actually see a doctor to confirm though.
  4. @NeverThatBored It happens mostly when I go from sitting or lying to standing. It has happened other times but rarely.
  5. For a while I've been getting dizzy, where everything gets kinda white, each time I stand up for a while, but it's been getting worse as of late. So, today I went and had my blood pressure checked at one of those do it yourself chairs with the cuff. Found out that at that moment it was 92/58. I will be checking it periodically over the next few days to see if it remains low on average. If it does then that probably explains the dizziness.
  6. Last challenge didn't go so well for reasons. One of the biggest problems I think was not posting on here. Goals Running: Three times a week, weather pending Workout: Three times a week Sleep: I have to be completely in bed and ready to sleep before midnight Posting: I need to post at minimum twice a week I have a big problem with consistency and I really need to just keep working and do it. And getting to sleep before midnight would probably help a whole lot.
  7. The past two weeks have been difficult with school and sickness. Challenge summary: Running: Yeah, this fell by the wayside Cool Downs: Okay, this didn't happen at all Pullups: Yep, didn't happen School really took it out of me this challenge. With luck the next'll be better.
  8. Wow, I am really bad at updating. I will say that I had a pretty good excuse for several days when I fell sick. General update: Running: except when I got sick I actually did this. I need to pick it back up now that I'm not sick anymore. Cool Downs: Yeah, this one really isn't happening. Even when I did do it I did it hours later, which kinda defeats the purpose in the first place. Pullups: Haven't done a thing. I try negatives but my form is not good enough for it to work properly. What I need to do is actually work on the muscles and get them stronger before attempting it again, maybe. I am going to try doing things like rows and the like. I can't do anything hanging off of the table because the table is so old and could break under the weight and stress. My food intake also has not been the best. It has been worse before but I need to rein it back in a bit. Shouldn't really be too hard. Other than the afternoons I don't have a big issue with it.
  9. Good luck with your lockpicking. I've been trying for about two years now and I still can't get it. Sometimes if I'm lucky it'll work, but I don't know what I keep doing wrong.
  10. I got my workout in yesterday but I completely forgot about the cool down/stretch. I ended up not going on my run this morning for reasons.
  11. I received some discouraging news today. I heard that a family member called my exercising ridiculous. He supposedly said that I was exercising like I would die if I didn't exercise. Now that I heard that he said that a great deal of his behavior makes sense. I'm not going to stop because he said that, but it does hurt a bit. I kinda feel sorry for him. Good news though, I did not throw up in someone's yard. The run went really well. Yesterday I had put my shoes outside because they were muddy and I forgot them there. Well, when I put them on today they were a bit chilly. They warmed up quickly though.
  12. Yesterday I had a pretty good workout and did a small stretch afterwards. I enjoyed the workout greatly. I've got an idea to try for the pullups but haven't gotten around to it yet. This morning I was supposed to run but the weather isn't good for it for me. Later today, weather permitting, I'm going to try and do it. Although, whenever I do physical activity with food in my stomach it makes me feel sick and I almost throw up. So, we'll see if I fertilize anyone's yard today.
  13. Alright, folks, I did a run thing and while I didn't do the cool down/stretch immediately afterwards I did do it. So far today's goin' pretty well.
  14. That is so cool that you found the doggy. I'm glad he was sweet. I'm sorry that things have been making you anxious lately.
  15. Alright folks, seems I'm one month closer to my deadline which is about mid May. Let's get to it shall we. Running: This didn't work out as well as I would have liked last challenge. So I will be challenging it once more. Running three times a week. Cool Downs: I really don't do this... at all. After my workouts and my runs I do need to do a little cool down and some stretching. Pullups: This didn't really happen at all last time. So I need to find a way to work the same muscles but in a way that I will actually do it. Any suggestions would be absolutely amazing! That's my fitness goals for this challenge. In other areas I've got stories I need to finish (have a self-imposed deadline that I'm afraid I will miss), art I have got to finish, art I have got to start and finish, school, other studying stuff for fun, and there is something else but I forgot for right now. Here's to a great challenge!!
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