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  1. So I finished this 4 weeks well. This last check in, I lost: 3.5 lbs on the scale .25in off my bicep .5 in off my waist 1.25 in off my hips .25 in off my thighs .25 in off my calves For the last 4 weeks I lost: Weight: 5.9 lbs bicep: .75 in waist: 2.5 in hips: 2.25 in thighs: 1.25 calves: same started at 17.5, went down to 17, back up to 17.5 I passed!
  2. Hi Will! *waves* Hi Ash! I am hunting you down!
  3. Hi Tank and Rurick! I had weigh in and measurements today Lost: .5 inch off bicep 2 inches off hips .5 inch off thighs .5 inch off calves everything else is the same. Weight is the same as last week. I am going to walk every morning and do complexes 2 x a week. I have been walking everyday but it has been short walks, I do these with my husband so I am adding my own walking in the mornings. Its been a busy week!
  4. It really is Tank.
  5. Hi QRG! I did keto for 8 weeks probably 2 years ago now. Loved the food and not being hungry but at the end of 8 weeks I felt listless and depressed. I lost heaps of weight but didn't care. lol I like your valentines day idea, I might steal it! My grandma used to roll liver in flour and fry with onions, hers was the only liver I liked. I can see bacon improving on it though
  6. Thanks Tank. It really is hard for me to not go all out but I am trying to be smarter. lol So weighed in and measured, weight is the same as last week HOWEVER I have lost 9mm on my skin-folds, and another inch off my waist, 2 inches off my hips, .5 inch off my thighs Next week I'll start posting my training.
  7. Wow Rurick just reading your workout made me tired. You're a BEAST! I must come back and catch up on your story. I am looking forward to it
  8. So this week I have increased the length of my walk to 20 min. I have done well with my eating, hitting my macros and have not had the desire really to eat more then that. I am seeing more definition in my arms which makes me very pleased. Barbell complex is going into the schedule next week. I have been so very tired adapting to training again, so I am glad I didn't try to do anymore but today I am feeling better. Tomorrow I do weight and measurements, I don't expect much on the scale. I weigh in every morning and pretty much know what to expect. I am not worried though as I am seeing progress. I hope everyone is having a good week!
  9. Hiii!!!!!!!!!!!! *waves wildly* :wub:
  10. Looks like a very productive week! I am jealous of all your progress bars
  11. You are doing great Erick! I like the breakdown of your days.
  12. Haha Thanks Erick! I just finished training and went for a 30 min walk with my husband. Macros are on point. I am feeling pretty good! Now I am off to see what you guys are all up to!
  13. Rest day yesterday. Deadlifts today. Its happening . Slowly. Ever so slowly! Lengthening my walks. I wanted to get some barbell complexes in last week, but I felt it would hamper recovery from weights so I chose not to. My mindset is really good. Don't want to speak too soon, but I have been trying to nail my mindset down for 10 months, I hope this time is it.
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